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                  Dr Jide Kenechukwu Danmbaezue


Apr 2, 2015
Permit me to shock you with the real truth that has been hidden from all of us about the subliminal POLITICS OF HIV-AIDS, so you can now rouse from teenage-hood or adolescence to realistic adulthood! Remove the coloured binoculars you have been wearing for decades now like a horse forced to wear blinkers so the rider can manipulate it any time, any how and any where. Put on your rational cap as a Homo sapiens and let us reason like academics.


28 January 2014, 14:45
“For the dead and the living, we must bear witness.”? Elie Wiesel

Beyrer C et al; said that the increase in global HIV epidemics in MSM, November 13th 2013 published in the AIDS journal, explains that HIV can be transmitted through large MSM networks at great speed and that molecular epidemiologic data showed marked clustering of HIV in MSM networks.

Dr. Chris Beyrer, who is an academician from Johns Hopkins, at the “20th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections,” held in 2013 in Atlanta, informed the audience that for MSM (Males Sex Males) the burden and prevalence of HIV was extremely higher than in all other reproductive aged adults in every region of the world, including sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean, which has the highest HIV prevalence rate among MSM.

Ignoring this epidemic among all MSM and particularly Black race MSM, amounts to direct or reckless negligent genocide, homophobia and specifically, black-race phobia and ethnic targeting.

For reasons yet unexplained fully by epidemiologists and social scientists, Blacks are disproportionally at greater risk of infection with HIV, AIDS and death. The numbers are simply depressing.

In the US, MSM consistently account for up to 70% of new HIV infections.This small population of about 2%, are practically abandoned to greater risk of infection and death.

This continuous trend can be attributed to an immature and reckless attempt not to ‘stigmatize,’ certain populations, which has led to neglect and a deadly epidemic among the very populations, in what can be regarded as ‘policy homophobia.’
As a human race, we must learn to love all peoples and protect the weakest and most vulnerable minorities. We mustn’t abandon our fellow beings to their woes because they are ‘different.’

Black MSM Have 580 Times the Odds of Getting HIV: According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), black MSM accounted for 10,600 or 36% of the new cases in 2010. The highest rates were in black male homosexuals aged 13-24.

Between 2008 and 2010, there was actually an increase of 20% infection rate in this at-risk young black men age group, though white MSM had 11,200 new cases in the same period, when the population of blacks is compared to whites—blacks are just 12% of the US population—this exposes a 7 times greater odds of black MSM getting infected than white MSM.

When compared to non MSM, homosexual males in the US have 83 times the odds of getting infected with HIV. The MSM 2% of the population had 52% of all AIDS diagnosis in 2011. MSM are on average, half of about 800,000

Americans living with HIV. As at 2010, 300,000 MSM have died of AIDS; that’s 100xs the number of Americans that died from the 9/11 attacks. Black MSM at 7xs greater odds than white MSM, are a staggering 580 times more likely to get infected with HIV than the average American adult, and the rate of death from AIDS in at risk populations is higher in developing nations.
The implication of this is clear. The black race in the US is disproportionally at risk of extermination, thanks to our policies as a society and neglect as individuals.

We have abandoned our own and as the US government continues to funnel more resource on global preoccupations, including wars all over the world which result in the investment of the greatest block of the US budget in the military industrial complex; investment in health care and outreach, behavioral modification and disease control by the health sector is being undermined and the Black society crumbles.

The recent US budget treads a path to reduce health care spending by 401 billion dollars over 10 years. Things are not going to get better for Black males and the general Black population and we as a people must take it upon ourselves to encourage safe behavior and sex.

Not surprisingly, black females are the second highest group after black, white and hispanic MSM at risk for new HIV infections. From the same 2010 report, Black heterosexual females in the US accounted for 6,800 new infections of the total 55,000 for the year.

This result is self explanatory. You cannot have such a high level, sexually active reservoir of Black MSM HIV within the tiny Black society and not have a significant spillover to all groups within the community.

Blacks are known to have the highest proportion of ‘down low,’ hidden homosexuals and bisexual males among all ethnic/racial groups in America. Stigmatization of being homosexual in Black communities, contributes to Black males practicing bisexuality and being down low.

This active interaction from the unfortunate epidemic of HIV among Black MSM is one of the significant factors that ensure a high level of HIV and AIDS among all Black groups.

These rates and these problems are replicated across the world. Studies have found a 9-fold higher prevalence of HIV in MSM across low income countries in the Americas, Asia and Africa. [Baras et al, PLoS Med, Dec. 4, 2007] The HIV epidemic among homosexuals and bisexuals is killing more Black in African, Caribbean and other third world societies than in the US where there is better anti-viral therapy.

But the societal abandonment of these vulnerable of us is most inappropriate considering other limitations to prevention and therapy of HIV by the MSM. MSM have also been found to be more prone to mental illness than the average person.
Steven A. Safren et al; in “Promoting the Sexual Health of MSM in the Context of Comorbid Mental Health Problems,” published in “AIDS Behavior,” 2011:

“We consider the following observations critical to identifying priorities for HIV prevention among MSM: (1) gay, bisexual and other MSM have higher rates of mental health problems than general population estimates; (2) these mental health problems co-occur with each other and interact synergistically to increase HIV risk; and (3) comorbid mental health problems may compromise the impact of prevention programs, and integrating treatment of mental health issues into prevention programs may improve program efficacy.”

The question is—where is the outreach? Where is David Cameron, the Prime minister of Great Britain when it comes to this epic crisis that is disproportionately affecting our men and most especially Black males?

In his 2013 world AIDS day broadcast, Cameron took it upon himself to single out the ‘developing world,’ as benefactors of AIDS interventions, but ignored mentioning the globally distributed MSM and particularly black MSM’s at highest risk even in places like the ‘developed’ UK and America. Black is a race and not a country or continent.

Where is the US President, actively approaching and engaging in this matter of drastic global proportions of our century?
Why is there so much silence on this real and present problem that is not in check, but actually growing, while the global general HIV infection rate is steadying out and falling in contrast?

“The government lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color. The government lied.” –Jeremiah Wright

We can conclude by saying that HIV and AIDS is largely a problem of Blacks and the poor. We cannot wait for the world Superpowers to invest in addressing this problem, including in research and in health education and policy intervention. Researchers late last year, discovered an even more aggressive strain of HIV, A3/02, in West Africa.

To properly tackle this Black epidemic, we as a community must come together and engage actively in research, in health information production and dissemination and policies for our societies and nations.

Recently, a Professor in a Nigerian University announced that his team was successfully testing an AIDS cure. He gave positive preliminary results of his remedy, Deconcuction-X-liquid.

Prof. Isaiah Ibeh, the Dean of the School of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Benin, whose related immunology research has been presented at international Toxicology summits, announced that of five patients, seven months after therapy, five were sero-negative for HIV, while 2 were still faintly positive.

As much as we may wish to discredit the preliminary results of our own, regardless of their being heads of our best university departments, we have no choice but to deal with this crises by ourselves and through our own interventions. We must fund and support Dr Ibeh’s work. Natural boosts of immune systems to recognize and eliminate viruses are not only practical, but preferable over toxic costly medications.

Circumcision is one simple measure that is traditional, apart from being Judeo-Christian and Islamic and that reduces HIV infection rates by up to 60% ?therapeutic excellence! History shows that circumcision was practiced in ancient Africa, and Kemetic hieroglyphics display this. Un-cut epithelium in the uncircumsized carries high transmission risks as does the anal epithelium when used for sex.

HIV and AIDS is our problem. We must evaluate all the risks associated with HIV transmission and based upon this, prepare our research, behavioral and policy interventional methods to address this for the Black race. After all, the Commandments came to Moses in Africa; and Africa is the cradle of civilization.




Dr Jideofo Kenechukwu Danmbaezue, 

B.Phil., B.Sc., pjsc, M.Sc., D.Psych.
The International Animator of HAFANI RESEARCH CONSORTIUM


The whole world has been fed with the balderdash that the pandemic HIV-AIDS has no cure! This is partially true for it is not purely a physical ailment! Besides, there is now a subliminal politics of HIV discernable by only a few wise men as was revealed to enlightened minds at the 2006 International Conference at Canada. A few intellectuals read between the lines regarding the depositions made by both Bill Gates and Bill Clinton.

The former, who is undoubtedly the greatest financier of the programmes aimed at finding worldwide solutions for the pandemic indicted the scientific community for not providing an effective alternative to the palliative regimen they are busy proliferating worldwide;
“While there is promising research to report, the world, in my view, has not done nearly enough to discover these new tools,…All of us who care about this issue should have focused more attention on these tools, funded more research, and worked harder to overcome the obstacles that make it difficult to run clinical trials. Now we need to make up for lost time.”

Bill Gates (2006) @ the 16th International Conference at Toronto, Canada.

The latter, who equally is the greatest advocate of efficient management stratagem for halting the pandemic, has been busy galvanising political support for eradicating it asked this pertinent question:
“Why is it that Americans who take the retro-viral drugs these companies produce survive whereas their counterparts suffering from the same illness in Africa and other developing countries die despite taking the drugs?”

Bill Clinton (2006) @ the 16th International Conference at Toronto, Canada.

Could both of them be wrong in accusing the international scientific community of not doing enough to find a more therapeutic regimen for the disease or a permanent cure? This Senior Research Fellow that has led a team of professionals at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu in an alternative search for therapeutic remedies sourced from the tropics agrees completely with the two world-renowned figures thus;
“Enough has neither been done in terms of objective scientific research nor a free-for–all leverage given for divergent views on research methodology. Equally, there has never been a liberal acceptance of research findings emanating from the developing countries of the world because the western press and pharmaceutical companies involved in the lucrative business of marketing condoms and their own brand of retroviral drugs is fleecing the entire world of its scarce resources. They have combined forces and also contrived a secret agenda aimed at hiding the truth from humanity so as to enrich their multinational industries that are producing the condoms and other allied accessories for holding everyone to ransom. Therefore, we now need alternative management strategies in Africa and other developing countries!”
Dr J. K. Danmbaezue (2007) @, a Symposium on Hafani Research Project 007, UNTH, Enugu.


The other dimension to the shameful saga is that it is now being used as a biological weapon to balance the population ratio of blacks to whites worldwide! This ulterior motive was very evident in the falsehood some western scientists propagated that the reason why blacks die despite taking their retroviral drugs is because they do not adhere to the dosages prescribed. Bill Clinton declared the findings of a research study he sponsored that debunked the malicious theory at the same International Conference on HIV-AIDS held in Canada!

He emphasised that contrary to the propaganda rural communities took the drug regimen more seriously that urban dwellers and he went on to ask this pertinent question:
Why is it that Americans who take the retroviral drugs these companies produce survive whereas their counterparts suffering from the same illness in Africa and other developing countries die despite taking the drugs? Bill Clinton further pleaded that the western world must show evidence that the drugs shipped to the developing countries are of the same quality, same chemistry and similar milligram dosages as the ones shipped to Europe and North America!

Coming from a former President of the most powerful nation of the world in this twentieth century, could he be speaking with his tongue in his cheek? Whoever can not comprehend the diplomatic undertones in his depositions or expatiate on their political meaning is not qualified to read this script. Such a person is neither a scientist nor a humanitarian! He/she is definitely a racist and can never be relied upon to tell the truth nor decipher a camouflaged reprimand!

Analyse this excerpt from the keynote address also presented by Mrs Melinda Gates as a statement of the facts on the behaviour of the African political class which underscores the wastage they make of the funds humanitarians laboured so hard to earn and donate to charity;
“When Bill and I visit other countries, we are enthusiastically accompanied by government officials on all our stops – until we go to meet with sex workers,” “At that point, it can become too politically difficult to stay with us, and our official hosts often leave.” “That is senseless,” “People involved in sex work are crucial allies in the fight to end AIDS. We should be reaching out to them, enlisting them in our efforts, helping them protect themselves from infection, and keeping them from passing the virus along to others.”
Melinda Gates (2006) @ the same International Conference on HIV, Toronto, Canada.

It is in the light of this neo-colonial mentality that we opted to seek alternative remedies from the natural resources in the tropics. Our fore runners in this search in the natural environment for solutions to the pandemic are the colleagues of Dr Conrato S. Dayrit, an Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Philippines who discovered that the chemical ingredients in Virgin Coconut Oil retarded the progression of HI-virus.

We have corroborated their research findings, improved on them and added our unique regimen that prevents action of the HIV and gradually halts the spread of AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. The members of HAFANI RESEARCH CONSORTIUM have devoted six years to this indigenous and prophylactic approach. We seem to have anticipated the indictments made in the dual keynote addresses of the duo of Bill Gates and his namesake Bill Clinton at the recently concluded 16th HIV conference at Toronto, Canada.

That HIV-AIDS is not a physical disease can be glimpsed at from its ability to circumvent the normal biology of DNA & RNA synthesis. Whereas other terminal diseases obey the Mendelian Laws, while replicating, HI-Virus defies all known laws in Genetics. This translates into an ailment above the natural laws in creation, and so it must be supernatural. Another way to describe it is that it above the physical laws i.e. METAPHYSICAL! It is this observation that lends credence to our proposition: HIV IS NOT MERELY A PHYSICAL AILMENT!
Dr J. K. Danmbaezue (2007) @, the Public Presentation of Hafani Research Findings, Rotary Hall, UNTH, Enugu.

“That born of the flesh is flesh, but that born of the spirit is spiritual.”

All known diseases that are consequences of transgressing / defying the laws of the physical environment have been studied for centuries and solutions have been found for most of them. The sciences of taxonomy, pharmacognosy, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology and pharmacy have assisted humanity in finding the right diagnosis, treatment and prevention of most diseases. If the international scientific community boldly states; there is no cure for HIV or AIDS for now, and there is no drug discovered to halt the spread of the virus, it boils down to the fact that the disease is not from the physical environment and any discerning adult would look elsewhere for its origin! Could it be a mutant of an already existing virus?

Man is a composite being made up of body, mind and spirit! Only humans communicate by speaking verbal languages that are intelligible to others. Human beings can think or reason and/or discuss! Man can agree or disagree with others in the same genus and family! Of all the other species in creation, only men take decisions at both the individual level and at the group level, thus they arrive at legislation; they make laws, impose rewards and sanctions. This is how most communities; primitive, civilised, religious, military, political and social arrive at constitutions, internationals conventions and human rights. All these, other hominoids do not and can not! That is why zoologists classified man as; Homo sapiens.

Our team affirms that the international scientific community has not done enough to halt the HIV-AIDS pandemic, for I have discovered that there are certain technologies that have been hidden from the entire human race regarding superior therapeutics that can halt the dreaded pandemic. I invite you to sample some of these areas that have not been maximally exploited;

Interferon is any of a group of antiviral proteins produced by animals, including humans, in response to infection by viruses. First recognised in chick embryo cells by British virologist Alick Isaacs and his Swiss colleague Jean Lindenmann in 1957, interferons were found to block further viral infection of body cells. The active antiviral substance is not the interferons themselves, but proteins that interferons cause other cells to produce. Some of these proteins have been identified, but their manner of operation is not yet well understood. It is clear, however, that interferons play a role in the body’s most important defences against viruses, and that they help fight bacteria and other disease-causing agents.
Interferons may be grouped into three categories;
1. Alpha (leukocyte) interferons are made by white blood cells,
2. Beta (fibroblast) interferons by skin cells, and
3. Gamma (immune) interferons by lymphocytes after stimulation by antigens.
During the 1960s physicians attempted to use interferons to treat virus-caused human diseases, especially colds, but the therapy was determined impractical due to the enormous cost of obtaining minute quantities of interferons from human white blood cells. Researchers then tried to stimulate the body to make its own interferons with inducers such as synthetic nucleic acids. These chemicals worked, but the body quickly became tolerant of them, and they lost their effect. In 1980, however, interferons were made available in sufficient quantities through genetic engineering techniques, and trials testing dosage levels and side effects were begun the following year. Thus far only some alpha interferons have been tested, but they have shown promise against a host of viral diseases. The use of interferons against such cancers as malignant melanoma and renal cell cancer has produced mixed results. The side effects accompanying interferons can range from mild to life-threatening. Beta and gamma interferons have not yet been tested in quantity, but may prove more useful than alpha interferons.

Microsoft ® Encarta ® Encyclopaedia 2004. © 1993-2003 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Our Hafani Research Team has simply concentrated efforts at rejuvenating these interferons to perform optimally by employing the divine potentials inherent in plants found in the tropics!

If mankind can not find a cure for the HI-virus in the environment, then it must move up the ladder and explore the next level of his exalted tripartite composition of body, mind and spirit! Solutions not found at the lowest rung of the ladder may be waiting for some wise humans who can decipher the other two levels. The pandemic is an entirely new virus. It has never been in any medical books nor known in history. Therefore, it is an entirely a new being, a novel creation, the latest created virus. Who else can create? And he had made a divine promise that he would never again destroy the world with water or fire as He did in the Old Testament narratives!

This marked the starting block of the race against world opinion, divergent rationalisations and the genesis of the Kenezian Approach to seeking Alternative Management Strategies for HIV-AIDS. After half a decade of intensive meditative theosophy and existential philosophical disputations with enlightened minds, a light was seen at the end of the dark tunnel when two HIV patients responded to a dual therapeutic regimen rather than the monotherapy that has been popularised internationally! We discovered the missing link!



Permit me to refer you relevant quotations from the world acclaimed BIBLE. Do not crucify me or think I have compromised my stance as a medical scientists. Most of my patients and family therapy clients are fanatical Christians and only quotations from their familiar WORD OF GOD will be effective in psychotherapeutics.

The current thesis that there is a metaphysical dimension to the pandemic did not come easy! It cost the leader of Hafani Researchers physical seclusion, emotional pain, psychosocial denials and months of fasting and prayers before the revelations started tumbling down from above. At this point we enjoin those who are familiar with the Bible to consult; John 3: 5-8, John 4:13 -14 and finally meditate on 1st Corinthians 2: 8-16, before reading further. Find equivalents in other scriptures you are familiar with.

“5 Jesus answered, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.
6 That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.
7 Do not marvel that I said to you, 'You must be born anew.'
8 The wind blows where it wills and you hear the sound of it, but you do not know whence it comes or whither it goes; so it is with every one who is born of the Spirit."
13 Jesus said to her, "Every one who drinks of this water will thirst again,
14 but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst; the water I shall give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”
“8 None of the rulers of this age understood this; for if they had, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.
9 But, as it is written, "What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived, what God has prepared for those who love him,"
10 God has revealed to us through the Spirit. For the Spirit searches everything, even the depths of God.
11 For what person knows a man's thoughts except the spirit of the man which is in him? So also no one comprehends the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God.
12 Now we have received not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit which is from God, that we might understand the gifts bestowed on us by God.
13 And we impart this in words not taught by human wisdom but taught by the Spirit, interpreting spiritual truths to those who possess the Spirit.
14 The un-spiritual man does not receive the gifts of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned.
15 The spiritual man judges all things, but is himself to be judged by no one.
16 "For who has known the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?" But we have the mind of Christ.”
(From the Revised Standard Version of the Holy Bible)


John 3:5
Verse 5. Of water and of the Spirit] To the baptism of water a man was admitted when he became a proselyte to the Jewish religion; and, in this baptism, he promised in the most solemn manner to renounce idolatry, to take the God of Israel for his God, and to have his life conformed to the precepts of the Divine law. But the water which was used on the occasion was only an emblem of the Holy Spirit. The soul was considered as in a state of defilement, because of past sin: now, as by that water the body was washed, cleansed, and refreshed, so, by the influences of the Holy Spirit, the soul was to be purified from its defilement, and strengthened to walk in the way of truth and holiness.

When John came baptizing with water, he gave the Jews the plainest intimations that this would not suffice; that it was only typical of that baptism of the Holy Ghost, under the similitude of fire, which they must all receive from Jesus Christ: see Mt 3:11. Therefore, our Lord asserts that a man must be born of water and the Spirit, i.e. of the Holy Ghost, which, represented under the similitude of water, cleanses, refreshes, and purifies the soul. Reader, hast thou never had any other baptism than that of water? If thou hast not had any other, take Jesus Christ's word for it, thou canst not, in thy present state, enter into the kingdom of God. I would not say to thee merely, read what it is to be born of the Spirit: but pray, O pray to God incessantly, till he gives thee to feel what is implied in it! Remember, it is Jesus only who baptizes with the Holy Ghost: see Joh 1:33. He who receives not this baptism has neither right nor title to the kingdom of God; nor can he with any propriety be termed a Christian, because that which essentially distinguished the Christian dispensation from that of the Jews was, that its author baptized all his followers with the Holy Ghost.

Though baptism by water, into the Christian faith, was necessary to every Jew and Gentile that entered into the kingdom of the Messiah, it is not necessary that by water and the Spirit (in this place) we should understand two different things: it is probably only an elliptical form of speech, for the Holy Spirit under the similitude of water; as, in Mt 3:3, the Holy Ghost and fire, do not mean two things, but one, viz. the Holy Ghost under the similitude of fire-pervading every part, refining and purifying the whole.

John 3:6
Verse 6. That which is born of the flesh is flesh] this is the answer to the objection made by Nicodemus in Joh 3:4. Can a man enter the second time into his mother's womb and be born? Our Lord here intimates that, were even this possible, it would not answer the end; for the plant will ever be of the nature of the seed that produces it-like will beget its like. The kingdom of God is spiritual and holy; and that which is born of the Spirit resembles the Spirit; for as he is who begat, so is he who is begotten of him. Therefore, the spiritual regeneration is essentially necessary, to prepare the soul for a holy and spiritual kingdom.

John 3:8
Verse 8. The wind bloweth] though the manner in which this new birth is effected by the Divine Spirit, be incomprehensible to us, yet we must not, on this ground, suppose it to be impossible. The wind blows in a variety of directions-we hear its sound, perceive its operation in the motion of the trees, &c., and feel it on ourselves-but we cannot discern the air itself; we only know that it exists by the effects which it produces: so is every one who is born of the Spirit: the effects are as discernible and as sensible as those of the wind; but itself we cannot see. But he who is born of God knows that he is thus born: the Spirit itself, the grand agent in this new birth, beareth witness with his spirit, that he is born of God, Ro 8:16; for, he that believeth hath the witness in himself, 1Jo 4:13; 5:10; Ga 4:6. And so does this Spirit work in and by him that others, though they see not the principle, can easily discern the change produced; for whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world, 1Jo 5:4.

Adam Clarke’s Commentary, from my electronic version of the Power Bible CD


3:6 That which is born of the flesh is (g) flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.
(g) That is, fleshly, namely, wholly unclean and under the wrath of God: and therefore this word "flesh" signifies the corrupt nature of man: contrary to which is the Spirit, that is, the man engrafted into Christ through the grace of the Holy Spirit, whose nature is everlasting and immortal, though the strife of the flesh remains.


For Use by Bona-fide Members of Happy Family Network International Research Consortium


Just type into Google Search: kenezhealthklinik
then scroll down till you enter the subheadings


This involves: i. Proper Screening of all Blood samples before Storage.

ii. The proper use of Autologous Blood Transfusion &

iii. Sterile Disposable Syringes / Needles / Hand gloves and Facemasks.

Many health workers, cutting across various professional and allied medical cadres are at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS in the course of their routine duties. Surgical procedures, dressing of wounds, routine injections, setting up intravenous fluids, infant circumcisions and child deliveries are all critical exposures to the virus. They all involve very close contact with blood and so put all health personnel so involved at greater risks than some other medical workers do not perform such duties.

Moreover, the window period camouflages immediate awareness of incidental infection that could arise in such a subtle manner that a health worker may even be a transmitter of the virus without being aware of doing so! To reduce these risks and the incidence of iatrogenic infections among health providers, the following measures should be observed:
• Every patient being attended to should be assumed to be HIV-positive until proven otherwise and so should be handled with caution.
• Vaginal examinations, drawing samples of blood for laboratory tests, intravenous transfusions and any such medical procedures must be performed with sterilised hand gloves and face masks.
• Avoidance of needle pricks, scalpel cuts or incisions since all may be modes of contamination.
• Sores, bruises, fractures, the stitching of cuts in accident cases and other minor abrasions should be cleaned with methylated spirits or strong disinfectants and subsequently covered with air-tight and/or water proof plasters if the need arises.
• If infected blood, semen or vaginal fluid comes in contact with exposed skins, immediate washing off with medicated soap and water treated with disinfectant destroys HIV-virus.
• Gloved hands are strongly recommended when examining each patient, whether in the wards or at any of the outpatients’ clinics. If however your hands are not in gloves, they can be washed as described above in between routine examinations.
• Every sharp instrument used should be disposed of immediately by discarding them into special containers with hygienic covers and subsequently incinerated properly.
• Needles should not be uncapped from their syringes or their protective plastic covers until they are needed for immediate use, if uncapped in error they must be disposed of at once.
• Re-usable instruments should be decontaminated by submerging them into a 5% solution of sodium hypochlorate for ten minutes, then washed and sterilised by vacuum pressure heater or in boiling water for twenty minutes.
• Surgery should be performed using double gloves, protective masking, gowning or goggles where affordable.
• Contaminated theatre floor should be washed with Jik bleach, Strong Izal or Dettol, and then mopped. To ensure thoroughness, this procedure could be done twice if the resources are available.
• Hospital and clinic rubbish should be collected in a container with a cover, and disposal done by burial or incineration at least a hundred metres away from where people often mill around.
• All linen soaked with blood or other stains must be soaked in 5% solution of sodium hypochlorate for thirty minutes then boiled for ten minutes, properly washed and dried in the sun.
• If pricked by a needle or cut by any sharp object within the vicinity of any hospital or clinic, immediate washing with 5% solution of Jik bleach is highly recommended before any drug treatment. This is also applicable to being exposed to any contaminated fluid from any and every patient.

Further reading by every health provider is highly recommended here, since no one can ever be over meticulous in a delicate matter of the magnitude, as no curative drug for HIV/AIDS has so far been found. Patient to medical staff infection has been widely reported in international journals, so be on the alert and save your loved ones / yourself from the embarrassment of becoming a victim.

• “People living with HIV-AIDS, (PLWHA), despite their predicament are still useful and responsible members of the society. They deserve our empathy, encouragement, quality care and optimal management strategies for prolonged existence, so that their professional skills can still be utilized to develop their communities. Together, a team of dedicated medical experts can make a difference. This is what our multidisciplinary team, HAFANI RESEARCH CONSORTIUM is really championing. Join us today!”
Excerpt from the Inaugural Speech of Dr J. K. Danmbaezue on the Foundation Day, 11th March 2001; (53rd Birthday).

2003 Members of the Hafani Research Consortium @ UNTH, Enugu include:

Our Administrative assistants;
And our Internet collaborating colleagues resident in the USA

This is the opening slides of what to look for at " kenezhealthklinik" website



That is why we cannot find its treatment in physical medicine but in a metaphysical one”


Dr J. K. Danmbaezue,

B.Phil., B.Sc., Pjsc, M.Sc., D.Psych.

The International Animator Of Hafani Research Consortium


Telephone: 0803-9097614 or 0810-4414689


Today, the 4th day of April 2007 marks another landmark in the traditional initiation of laudable and people-oriented programmes in this ancient community that is the first among equal sons of the lineage and dynasty of all the peoples of Enugu-Nike. I have lived and practised my simplified clinic in this community for more than thirty years since my honourable retirement from the Eastern Nigeria Medical Services. I can state unequivocally that this is the first project that is out of the ordinary routine consultations a physician conducts daily in any clinic. Times have changed and new diseases have surfaced. Since the invisible drummers have changed the music, we have also changed our dance steps accordingly as I stated in my Foreword to the Book (in press) containing the full research results;


It is not often that scientists make claims. However, having followed the three-year painstaking research efforts of this team of Hafani professionals at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, ENUGU, from 2003 to 2006, I have no doubt in my mind that they have broken new grounds. The contents of this well-researched document reveal that the team is not making any claims to the originality of the newly found remedy that prevents the spread of HIV-AIDS. Rather they are only furthering one of the objectives of scientific research worldwide by confirming it. Replicating the results from the University of Philippines remains their sole objective. They paid tribute to Dr. Conrato S. Dayrit and his team who initiated the research into the derivatives of virgin coconut oil! The emphasis is fundamentally reminding everyone who cares to listen that “prevention is better than cure!”
            The whole book harps on the prophylactic rather than the therapeutic regimen for providing insurance cover for any and every anxious citizen who desires to live an ethical lifestyle devoid of promiscuous behaviour! Everyone is counselled, “To be in-charge of his/her emotions” for there lies the real insurance to fight the pandemic scourge! The name of this insurance game is your will power to say no to illicit-sex! Their alternative herbal medicine are the natural derivatives of the Coconut Palm tree, Aloe Vera shrub, Ginger roots, Lime oranges, Garlic onions and other such tubers, which are easily available in the tropics. The mainstay of this bold attempt is to provide cost-efficient modalities that the less privileged in the tropical communities can obtain and utilise in the global fight against the spread of the pandemic: HIV and its Siamese twin; AIDS. Since they can plant as well as have easy access to these vegetable plants, they could be their own pharmacologists, chemists, pharmacists and nurses! The essence of this humanitarian research effort comes to the fore once you realise that the few retroactive drugs now in the world market are definitely priced beyond the reach of the average family income per annum, as well as most patients world-wide. However, this is truer for the generality of the poor masses in Africa!
         I am not ignorant of the capitalist orientations of the west regarding results of medical researches emanating from this part of the world. It is all based on profit and loss calculations! Who said that colonial mentality and autocratic imperialism have been overtaken by democratic principles? The truth is that they are very much alive, but are now re-packaged in other subtle ways that only discerning members of the international community can recognise. Let orthodox doctors come down from their deceptive pinnacles of ‘we-know-it-all’ or their ivory towers in teaching hospitals. Let them engage in creative research efforts like this consortium has done and so provide succour to the needy in their immediate community by seeking for remedies in their rural environment! For how long must we wait for the west to provide drugs and cures for some native ailments we could manage with our God-given herbs and roots? These enthusiastic innovators of the HAFANI RESEARCH CONSORTIUM have set the pace! Let other scientists follow their example and so blaze new trails in African Research Projects! We ought to leave an enviable legacy for medical professionals coming after us. I recommend that you read chapter twenty-one, before perusing any other chapters of this magnificent book!

In line with the Hippocratic Oath we took at admission into the Medical Profession, this research effort is aimed at providing an alternative to the retroviral drugs being shipped to us from developed countries. Not only are they too expensive for the ordinary man and woman in our impoverished communities, but the processes of getting at them at the federal government designated teaching hospitals are equally difficult for the rural dweller. This is our answer to the problem. Tell your parents, friends and family members that a team of research scientists have discovered purely African solutions to the pandemic. To benefit from this programme, one must register and attend our simplified lecture series on the preventive methods of managing HIV-AIDS here at 10.00 a.m. every first Wednesday of every month. Details of what you will contribute and what you will take away as benefits are for only bona-fide registered members. Telephone 042-557268 or 0803-4093022 for more details. You can also reach our collaborating research fellows; Dr N. A. Ozumba @ 0802-3239056 and Dr J. K. Danmbaezue@ 0805-1764999.  We are at your service 24 hours of the day!
I wish you the best in health, success and happiness as you attend regularly.
Happy Easter in Advance. God Bless!
Onowu Dr C. A. Ezike, FRCS, FICS, FWACS.
Medical Director, St Christopher’s Clinic,
President General, Happy Family Network International
The Unique Regimen Introduced by the Hafani Research Consortium at UNTH, in 2003

This country is in the tropics and therefore can boast of a steady supply of fresh coconuts from both the rural and urban communities. The Team Leader of this research project has at least two coconut trees in his personal residence in the city and more than fifteen others in the immediate neighbourhood. “Since the raw materials are easily available, why can’t we replicate what the University of Philippines’ Emeritus professor of pharmacology, Dr. Conrato S Dayrit proposed as a monotherapy using an anti-viral agent ‘monolaurin’ obtained from virgin coconut oil?”


2.1.1 Virgin Coconut Oil/Syrup Therapy:

This research team felt that it could reduce the cost of treatment for the masses by replicating the virgin coconut oil experiment in the Philippines. This, in essence, is the truth about this experiment, which we have proven to be, not only significantly effective, but will have cost benefits that are within the reach of the poor in most developing countries in Africa! We added the term ‘syrup’ to differentiate the greasy oil from the alkaloid version that looks like ordinary milk. We lay no claims to this discovery, as we are dedicated and altruistic professionals at our posts as the founding officers of HAFANI. Our recipe is code-named: HAT/2003/VCO.


2.1.2 The Role of Nutrition in HIV/AIDS Management:

On July 19, 1995, Dr. Mary Enig, a well-known biochemist and nutritionist, agreed with the anti-viral properties of the fatty acid ‘monolaurin’ as a staff reporter with ‘THE HINDU’, India’s National Newspaper caused to be published. “Monolaurin helped in inactivating other viruses such as measles, herpes, vesicular stomatitis and Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and that research undertaken so far on coconut oil also indicated that it offered a certain measure of protection against cancer-inducing substances.”



In our own experiment at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu, we have enough empirical evidence to affirm that it is so. We must however, confess that we were not interested in the action of coconut oil on other variants of endemic diseases as was reported in India. Ours has only focused on the therapeutic effects of using virgin coconut extracts to alleviate the opportunistic infections associated with HIV-AIDS prognosis. Our results so far are significantly positive, for we have received ‘thank you’ cards and profound messages from relations of patients who have benefited from our initial trials. We could not have asked for more. The joy they radiate after three weeks on our novel therapeutic regimen gives hope that soon we may have a patented medicine for the control of HIV spread in Nigeria. Out of one hundred and fifty beneficiaries of our clinical trials with coconut oil alternative management regimen, HAT/2003/VCO, only twenty-one patients are still attending regularly. This is because we teach them how to prepare the recipe by themselves whenever they cannot attend clinics regularly. Of importance is the instruction “No matter what you do, there is NO EXCEEDING THE DOSAGE WE PRESCRIBE”.



Following in the footsteps of the first experiment, virgin coconut fruits recently harvested are crushed like our womenfolk do when preparing coconut oil stew. The only modification we make is that of high-tech hygiene in the processing procedure. Some patients prefer the whitish milky drink rather than the refined oil. These patients naturally dislike fatty foods, while others are those who cannot withstand the aroma and grease associated with the oil version. Whichever it is, our patients’ comfort is always the deciding factor. There is an addition to our treatment that appeals to everyone. It has honey as its base. We also find it simpler to administer the milky version. It is easier to wash off. It stains fabrics a lot lesser than the oily version. “Whichever one una - give me, the important thing be-say make the thing run down my throat je - je” one enthusiastic patient quipped. Not less than twenty others joined her in the joke as they giggled and applauded her comical remark! 



The dosage for newly diagnosed patients was initially set at 0.5ml per kg of body weight twice daily (twelve hourly i.e. bd.), which was reduced after the first thirty days to 0.25ml for those with ectomorphic anatomy. Some insisted on taking the full dose after a month despite our instructions to reduce. So long as they did not have running stomachs, which incidentally were the only side effects we have noted so far, can one really be the arbiter in a life saving competition of this magnitude? We have cardiologists, biochemists, nutritionists and dieticians in our team and they counsel patients appropriately. We are not unaware of the effects of fatty acids on patients with heart problems. In addition, our consultants in pharmacology and clinical pharmacy are at hand to lend a helping hand when, and if the need arises.



This is a novel herbal addition to our pharmacopoeia. It is unique to this experiment. The ingredients consist of Aloe Vera gel, garlic, ginger, honey, potash and gin. The last item is optional, as some patients dislike alcohol. In such cases, it is replaced with limejuice. The formula we shall keep under our sleeves for now. We hope to patent it before letting the scientific community know of the details. For chronic patients of more than three months before joining our experimental group, the dosage for the milky coconut syrup is doubled. In addition, they now receive this ALOE VERA ANTIBIOTIC code-named: HAT/2003/AVA, only during the middle of the day. Dosage this time around is only 25mls pro rata. For severe cases, like those who have started losing weight tremendously, an additional midnight dose is recommended, but this is optional.

By 2005, we invited Ozumba N.A. and his team who have worked on the derivatives of Moringa oleifera; ‘The Miracle Tree’ which literally boosts the immune system of every animal that consumes large quantities of it leaves, flowers, barks and roots. Labelled “DOM-MOOVITAMIN”, it completes the tripartite insurance against the contraction of the HI-virus. It is the latest and most cost efficient addition to our pharmacopoeia. 


A team with formidable strikers, a reinforced defence and a reliable goalkeeper can win any match at the World Cup! Hafani Research Consortium is one such team. We shall wallop HIV and its twin AIDS with their fans; the opportunistic diseases. The experiment is on going.  

We expect your contributions to validate it as a regimen for our unfortunate brothers and sisters going through this pandemic trauma. You can join in this humanitarian crusade to lighten their burdens!


In other words, what we have tried to do is to simplify dosages to meet with our patients’ request that we avoid ‘tds’ i.e. three times daily prescriptions, as they and their care providers find that time interval difficult to maintain. From experience from working with rural people who may not have wristwatches to keep track of hours, we know that ‘bd’ is always a better option. This regimen is easier for them to follow. Try it out! The life span of this project will be determined by the constructive responses we garner from the reading public and the success rate of our patients. We value every brand of constructive criticism.


You are welcome!

Dr Jideofo Kenechukwu Danmbaezue, 
D.Sc. (Psychometrics), FACRS,
Consultant Clinical Psychologist / Existential Family Therapist / Research Psychometrician
The Research Team Leader for HAFANI PROJECT 007; HIV- MANAVEN 2001 – 2006
Phone: 0803-9097614, 0810-4414689 or E-mail:

•          “PLWHA, despite their predicament are still useful and responsible members of the society and deserve our empathy, encouragement, quality care and optimal management strategies for prolonged existence, so that their professional skills can be utilized to develop their communities for as long as possible. This is what our multidisciplinary team, HAFANI RESEARCH CONSORTIUM is really championing. Join us today!”

Excerpt from the Inaugural Speech of 
Dr J. K. Danmbaezue on the Foundation Day, 
11th March 2001; (53rd Birthday).



  • Dr Jide Kenechukwu DANMBAEZUE, D.Sc.
Written by

Dr Jide Kenechukwu DANMBAEZUE, D.Sc.

Dr J. Kenechukwu Danmbaezue
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  • Dr Jide Kenechukwu DANMBAEZUE, D.Sc.
We shall utilise the theories and practices learnt from the West to update ours as I am now a Research Psychometrician.
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A team with formidable strikers, a reinforced defence and a reliable goalkeeper can win any match at the World Cup! Hafani Research Consortium is one such team. We shall wallop HIV and its twin AIDS with their fans; the opportunistic diseases. The experiment is on going. We expect your contributions to validate it as a regimen for our unfortunate brothers and sisters going through this pandemic trauma. You can join in this humanitarian crusade to lighten their burdens!


In other words, what we have tried to do is to simplify dosages to meet with our patients’ request that we avoid ‘tds’ i.e. three times daily prescriptions, as they and their care providers find that time interval difficult to maintain. From experience from working with rural people who may not have wristwatches to keep track of hours, we know that ‘bd’ is always a better option. This regimen is easier for them to follow. Try it out! The life span of this project will be determined by the constructive responses we garner from the reading public and the success rate of our patients. We value every brand of constructive criticism.


You are welcome!

Dr Jideofo Kenechukwu Danmbaezue, D.Sc. (Psychometrics), FACRS,
Consultant Clinical Psychologist / Existential Family Therapist / Research Psychometrician
The Research Team Leader for HAFANI PROJECT 007; HIV- MANAVEN 2001 – 2006
Phone: 0803-9097614, 0805-1764999 or E-mail:

•          “PLWHA, despite their predicament are still useful and responsible members of the society and deserve our empathy, encouragement, quality care and optimal management strategies for prolonged existence, so that their professional skills can be utilized to develop their communities for as long as possible. This is what our multidisciplinary team, HAFANI RESEARCH CONSORTIUM is really championing. Join us today!”

Excerpt from the Inaugural Speech of Dr J. K. Danmbaezue on the Foundation Day, 11th March 2001; (53rd Birthday).

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