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Allow me to start this dissertation with what is already known about this heterogenous ensemble of cultural natives in a competitive crucible of foreign religions and western education! The conflict between imported religions and the traditional way of holy living of our natives is best mirrored in this diatribe by one of its prodigy in modern theosophy:
Double-faced Christians and Muslims now abound everywhere; they worship Satan at night and come to church/mosque on Fridays/Sundays! This lifestyle has eroded the credentials of our forebears! There is now, an urgent need to redeem our children from these nefarious practices! We must revert to the legacies of our renowned grandfathers, improve on it and bequeath the next generation a better religious legacy than we had! 


The music I am about to play is not for every human being to dance! It is only for those matured humans with sturdy legs and pliable pelvic girdles. Only those who are prepared to stand out of the crowd are qualified to read this controversial dissertation. For my local lyrics for the brave warriors of old counsels; “If you have strengthened your heart for real challenges, then put your hands!” This is purely a literal rendition. Its true import is this: “Unless you are fortified as a lion-hearted warrior, do not join in this war dance!”

All over the world, the supposedly rational animal that prides itself with being the only one with language and reason has been manipulated into swallowing toxic wastes in the name of faith! From birth, one is conditioned to swallow the community’s or parents’ religious practices without questions! The general mass hysteria is that doctrines, dogmas and rituals were handed down through some prophets and priests and therefore no one dares challenge their real worth; neither their veracity, their utilitarian values nor their mutual benefits! That is now history for intelligent humans who will read and understand this book! That has been the remote cause of racism, religious intolerance and the production of majority and minority races.

In the thick rainforests of Biafra, before the arrival of the first white man on the African continent, bond-fide male indigenes in Eze Awara’s kingdom of IHIALA LOCAL GOVERNMENT were warriors reputed for swallowing razor-sharp cutlasses or swords and thereafter excreting them at will or whenever they wanted. They solved the ‘impossibles’ by removing the ‘im’ to convert them to the ‘possibles”. “If you have strengthened your heart for real challenges, then put forward your hands!” You, too, can vomit the toxic cutlass of dogmas today! This book puts an end to myopic crusades and jihads! 

The religious tradition of our forefathers has been overthrown by imported versions that our youths disregard or pay lip service to. It is the adult population that is corrupting the youth. There are no role models for the youth; neither among the fake pastors and money seeking evangelists nor among the inept public servants and the corrupt political class. That is the genesis of youth restiveness, social malaise and adult/juvenile delinquency that has escalated to unmanageable proportions in Nigeria. For too long, our people have been wearing masks; the commercial mask worn by traders from Mondays to Fridays when they extort and cheat their customers. Civil service mask of pretences is a corollary! Then religiosity mask is worn by all for funeral ceremonies and condolence visits on Saturdays and finally, the Christian mask worn on Sundays!

The Computer-Age Spiritual Fellowship for Citizens of Our Global Village

Many people are mere conformists. They are those personalities that are satisfied with ‘going through the motions’; doing what everyone else is doing to make a living and waiting for the final ‘call to glory’ as they brand death! Many of us are born and live an inconsequential life; bland, uneventful and without anything particular to be remembered for after our exit from this mundane world, a temporal habitation for the soul. There are some others, whose lives and contributions to the society made a difference! They changed the ‘status quo’ by either extending the frontiers of knowledge or developing their immediate communities. They improved the understanding of human nature and taught others the values of humanitarianism. These heroes and heroines touched the lives of many both inter-racially and internationally.

They added colour to the doldrums of routine existence on planet earth!
A few had tall dreams and went ahead to transform them into reality despite all odds. This group devised methods of changing the deplorable situations and the deprived circumstances of the lifestyle they met on becoming adults. Some adolescents dream of the courage to better their social status, but often take off on the wrong foot of seeking for titles, money, fame and crowning it all with indulging in romantic relationships.

Others dared to pursue the unknown, to break new grounds and blaze trails for followers to tread on. Their zeal, inquisitiveness, passion, persistence, desire, motivations and prayers were fully rewarded if they paid the prize for success; optimism, dedication and the refusal to quit. Their philosophy of life was ‘When the task gets tough, the tough get it going!’, ‘Never say, never again!’ or ‘All that it takes to make the impossible possible is the power to remove the ‘im’ in front of the possible!’

They eventually became geniuses, inventors, explorers, leaders or discoverers! They evolved into the innovators and pioneers who helped to enlarge the frontiers of human civilisations and removed the age-old boundaries of the unknown. Joining this select group of animators or league of achievers is usually not by accident or by mere wishful thinking. Beyond desire and hard work is a divine factor that must be recognised, respected and appropriated in unveiling the unknown that the Divine Architect had hidden there for ages waiting for a brave soul to convert it from obscure dormancy to utilitarian vibrancy. This author, Dr Kenez wants to know where you belong in this universal continuum. Or, are you waiting for ‘manna from heaven’?

Historians inform us that Christopher Columbus actually set out to discover another route to India when he stumbled at the Americas and thus opened up humanity to a large continent partitioned into northern and southern halves but connected by a strip of islands. Today, the Panama Canal has made it possible to access the Eastern Regions of the World while travelling continuously to the west! Inventors, Discoverers and occasionally, religious leaders emerge from obscure communities of despised nations to beam supernatural light and divine wisdom of the Creator!

Those who search will eventually discover something unique. Those who ask penetrating questions may one day obtain answers from above rather than human palliatives that rarely satisfy the saintly soul. Those who ardently knock on the doors of heavenly wisdom, sooner than later gain divine inspirations from the Holy Spirit of the Original Architect and Ultimate Engineer of the earth we inhabit! He alone has all the answers to all physical, social, mental, spiritual and the personal and socio-political problems of our mundane world, if only we humble ourselves and honestly ask for his wisdom and guidance. But, do we?

The Creator has hidden so much from our intellectual faculties that to date we are still unravelling those He is allowing humanity to glimpse at through divine dreams, intuitions, inspirations and revelations to devout souls! Do you want to have supernatural knowledge mediated by spiritual faculties of seeing, feeling, sensing and caring for others? Look inwards, for the kingdom of God is inside you, not outside as many preachers tell you. No one ever got eternal bliss by keeping the commandments of men. It is given to altruistic seekers of that Divine Guidance in the affairs of mankind, which many yearn for but do not know where, when and how to find it. Search for it in this book!  

The creator gave humans some of his powers and knowledge for recreating the material universe for the mutual benefits of all his created beings but today many use his gifts to perpetrate evil. Either by design or demonic manipulation, the obverse is the case; the first datum that every living thing recognises is that someone put it here and caters for its welfare. Dogs respect and fight in defence of their owners. Every pet realises that it is loved and taken care of by someone who has value for its existence. It is human who pride themselves of being rational beings that do not recognise, respect or realise that all of us have a single owner. It is absurd! Some believe there is an Almighty Creator who provides for each creature on daily basis, some assert that he has turned his back on us due to our congenital wickedness and cruel ways, while others simply deny his existence! 

This is my summation of the problem; “Religion was/is a superstitious search by humanity for its origin, existence, meaning and relevance before the scientific era. The search was led by acclaimed sages among the elders of a community who defined its theories and practices. It is later ratified and recommended for legislation and implementation by state apparatus by convincing stratagem or coercion by politico-religious leaders. Thereafter, it is fine tuned and administered by ordained priests and priestesses who hand it down along ancestral lineages from one generation of lukewarm adherents, fanatics and mystics to another. Gradually, strong personalities emerge claiming divine appointment and so pull strong followers who idolise them as role models with supernatural powers. This obsession confirms them as beacons of adulation and finally leads to full scale idolatry.

Religion, which is superstition sanctioned by the state, is actually an addiction to man-made doctrines and dogmas invented, patented and copyrighted by a few demagogues.
  • It enslaves the mind more than psychoactive drugs,
  • Benumbs human creativity and resourcefulness thereby
  • Restricting the development of the human potential and capital.
It is the main cause of poverty of the mind and underdevelopment of third world countries as its side-effects are indolence, redundancy, laziness and dependence of finished products and services. In the final analysis, it is the predisposing factor to lack of initiative, debilitating ignorance, fetish belief-systems, abject poverty and perennial ill-health.

Perhaps its only advantage is that it makes the polity docile and amenable to the whims and caprices of their oppressive leaders. Often, it hoodwinks its adherents into believing that ‘The God’ or ‘the gods’ they worship speak to them through the voices of their egocentric clerics who therefore can conveniently exploit them to satisfy their demonic desires of sensual pleasure and inordinate ambitions of amassing wealth. Their wanton indulgence in gluttony, wine and women is seen in every action and definitely this is the foolproof evidence of their demonic genealogy.

To rescue humanity from the demonic stranglehold of idolatry that now predominates worldwide, you are invited to reason along with us and see that we provide an everlasting cure for sensual lust for food, wine, sex, wealth and power that are the trademarks of society heading for damnation! Are you going to sit on the fence and wait for another failed experiment in Messiahship that was riddled with myopic and ethnocentric bias? Who knows the Creator well enough to declare that he has ‘a chosen people’? Where is the evidence that Moses actually led the so-called people out of any oppressive regime? The history books and modern encyclopaedia did not record the enslavement of the Jewish race except as ‘they were believed as revealed truths’.

Then he went on to introduce the first and most heinous dichotomy in racism; JEWS and GENTILES! The negative impact of that first categorisation of humanity gave birth to all the nepotic, apartheid and racist policies in the entire world. If you care to join us in a sanitation exercise that will guarantee a better future for your children, the come and witness the development of religion from time immemorial to evaluate it subjugation to man-made doctrines, dogmas and modes of worship that are irreligious. Thereafter, we can seek for solutions as proposed by the computer-age Integrational fellowship; I S M.



The Genesis of Immorality in Biafra Was the Assimilation of Westernisation

The desecration of our pre-colonial high moral values started with the arrival of the first white missionaries in West Africa. What the natives called “NSO-ANI” was re-branded FORGIVEABLE SINS and so watered down the sanctity of religious values in Biafra. Its partner, WESTERN EDUCATION neatly completed the ‘coup de grace’ as the foreign concepts and social values of the colonialists destroyed the social ethics of the natives and rendered our pristine mores and norms ineffective. In some communities; “aping the white man’s dress code and mannerisms became fashionable and ignoring the customs and traditions of the community was seen as the criterion of being EDUCATED and MORE CIVILISED than the illiterate folks in the villages!

@ 30/06/2013 04:14:32 HRS GMT.


Double-faced Christians and Muslims now abound everywhere; they worship Satan at night and come to church/mosque on Fridays/Sundays! This lifestyle has eroded the credentials of our forebears! There is now, an urgent need to redeem our children from these nefarious practices! We must revert to the legacies of our renowned grandfathers, improve on it and bequeath the next generation a better religious legacy than we had!

If you are concerned that our children need fresh religious air that suits this global village and that posterity deserves a better lifestyle devoid of wearing masks of deceit, pretences, subterfuges, ‘holier-than-thou’ attitudes, then join us in the sanitation exercise. Your offspring will remain forever grateful that a select group of enlightened ‘Homo sapiens sapientis’ took the bull by the horns to avert the perilous moral decadence that is steadily turning all of us into unabashed hypocrites, unrepentant fanatics and deluded mystics. You are welcome!
Culture is a summation of ethnocentric survival strategies that each sub-unit of humanity had developed over the centuries, institutionalized and passed on to their descendants. The sons and daughters of the Almighty Creator have ignored their ONE CULTURE; which is OBEDIENCE TO ALL THE NATURAL LAWS as ONE WORLD RELIGION. That is what we desperately need today just we use cellular phones and the Internet without killing anyone. Respect for and obedience to all the laws of nature is the key for a peaceful world with beautiful people living, loving and sharing the Creator's benefits as equal heirs to his blissful global world that we now share amicably thanks to scientists who have uncovered his designs for our mutual existence. LET US LIVE IN PEACE! This is the ‘One Global Religion’ that humanity needs now for ‘One Peaceful Global Village! Here I rest my case/pen!

You are welcome to “Let us reason together” as Isaiah, the prophet invited his kinsmen many centuries ago or sit on the fence and die unenlightened by genuine Aristotelian-Kantian combine of deductive and inductive logic, aided by current fund of science knowledge and enquiry to unravel the fables and legends that are now labelled as theology! There is nothing theological about an accumulation of guesswork done by primitive men! They are simply a collection of puerile belief in man-made doctrines, dogmas and rituals that is steadily pushing the humane race to annihilation. Here, I rest my objective of penning this protracted but comprehensive diatribe. Call it heresy, if you like. I do not care a dime. Truth is supreme! Truth is Life, my people declare!

Are Parading As Indigenous Priests Whereas They Are Foreign Stooges

There has been a retinue of charlatans in every profession in the world since the agricultural perspectives that Cain, the farmer and Abel, the shepherd introduced to the rest of humanity if the biblical legends and/or religious fables are worth their whiles! What is indigenous in a half-baked cleric who does not realise that he is only a pawn in the chessboard of Roman Sacerdotal Nationals that have dominated the scene in Christendom since the Constantinian misadventure of bastardising the true ‘Good News of the Lord Jesus’ with the Mithraism era of Roman idolatry?

For 500 years the baton of Papacy had always been handed over to only Roman citizens until lately, when Pope John Paul I was poisoned to death by fellow cardinals contesting for the throne of the Roman Catholic Papacy! Pope John Paul II surfaced as a belated consensus candidate. To date the reconciliatory position of the late Pope has not been accepted by hardcore Roman Theologians who see the throne as their birthright! When can other nations produce Popes as in past centuries? Was Jesus a native of Rome?

Why has the Papacy continued to operate from Rome, whereas the birthplace of Jesus was/is Nazareth or Bethlehem? Why Muslims go to Mecca and Medina is obvious! When, therefore, shall Christians all over the world, especially Roman Catholics, become as reasonable as Muslims? 
Take a cue from the Roman Catholic Priests of African descent who, to date , do not realise that the elite members of their congregations see them merely as the ‘Matthews’ and ‘Zaccheaeus’ of our times. To date, without being conscious of their neo-colonial roles in destroying our authentic cultural heritage; they are the errand boys of Roman Christian Imperialism and gradually events they stage-manage in the name of the Papacy reveal they are nothing but saboteurs in the overall panorama of genuine religiosity in the land of our birth!

The desecration of our ancient taboos (nso ala) and bastardisation of the authentic norms and mores of our pristine holy ancestors is the remote cause of religious apathy among the politicians and youths of today! Some of our ‘been-to’ clerics revel in the moral decadence they learnt at the various European countries they are sent to study and only return to corrupt the few upright clerics who they consider naive and inexperienced because they hold on to the sacred vows they took at their ordinations!

These nonchalant ‘tax collectors’ or AMC for Roman Theologians and their Religious Imperialists should be halted. It is better we have a few priests who can sanctify our parishes than a long retinue of Satan’s disciples hiding under the cloak of Roman Catholic Clergy while leading the whole congregation to hell. The time to call a spade by its real name is now! I am only blowing the whistle early enough so that our lovely children and generations yet unborn will not end up as demons in hellfire, if what we are brainwashed to believe as doctrines and dogmas really exist!  

Dr Jideofo Kenechukwu Danmbaezue,

This is an up-date on the original diatribe entitled
that the enthusiastic or avid reader can find at my other websites: 


A literal ‘word-for-word’ translation of the concept is ‘reverence earth’, whose real import implies 

Total Reverence for the Prescriptions of the Sacred Earth Goddess and Avoidance of her Proscriptions” is the sum total of all the religiosity in Igbo land.

Although the pre-scientific metaphysics of the people of Biafra will definitely need updating, their Pristine Social Ethics will never need any existential change despite the whirlwind of foreign religions raging all around them! This is not only the opinion of this author but that of many intellectuals who affirm that the corrupting influence of both Westernisation and Imported Religions will never erase the respect, adoration and loyalty NSO ANI enjoys in the hearts of liberated and self-actualised indigenes of the Igbo land! Authentic natives still live by NSO ANI in their private lives, whether at home or in the Diaspora, and transmit its mores and norms to their children by words and deeds!

To date, when all other religious abracadabra fail to heal an erring son or daughter of Biafra, resort is made to the pristine modes of cleansing the individual of the guilt he or she had earned by desecrating the natural laws of the Earth Goddess. No amount of religious imperialism or psychosocial politicisation of Igbo traditional religion can ever successfully replace the respect that NSO ANI enjoys in Biafra


In one phrase, it is TOTAL OBEDIENCE TO NATURAL LAWS. This was, has been and will ever remain the authentic religion of past, present and future generations of true children of CHI-NEKE, CHI-UKWU, OBASI-BI-N’ELU!

To date, AMADIOHA, the disciplinarian god of THUNDER & LIGHTNING still carries out the punishment of grave violations of NSO ANI in the entire length and width of the thick tropical Igbo land of Biafra, whether Christianised or Islamised!


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