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Dr Kenez First Trilogy on 

A N G E L I C    V E R S E S

T h e   W o r l d’ s    H o t e s t    C a k e   for   Now !
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Baked By:
Another KIHOL Publication

THE INTEGRATIONAL SPIRITAN MOVEMENT founded in 1990 is an interdisciplinary socio-cultural organisation for modern scientists who desire a self- fulfilled life spiced
 with spiritual devotion, wisdom and happiness.

Our motto speaks volumes for itself;

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© 2001 Chefs JUDE, JIDEOFO & KENEZ



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Chapter One: The Six Days Creation Story….
Chapter Two: The First Hypnotic Surgery…
Chapter Three: Laying Foundations for Adam’s fall…
Chapter Four: Human Frailty, God’s Engineering.
Chapter Five: The Genesis of Human Frailty.
Chapter Six: Cain’s Paternity In Dispute…………
Chapter Six (a) A Continuation of Cain’s Paternity….
Chapter Seven: The Doctrine of Original Sin…
Chapter Eight: The First Sanitation Exercise Fails.
Chapter Nine: The Conclusion of the Discourse
The Angelic Verses: Wonders in Creation
Epilogue: Rascals Could Be Masked Geniuses

Appendix 1: King James Version, Genesis 1-10

Appendix 2: Answer These Questions & Win $1,000

In Igboland, my people say “He who eventually succeeds
in climbing to the top of the Iroko tree (oak), should collect all the firewood he can, for he may never again perform that feat.” Again, our sages say Anyone lucky to see an eagle should admire its royal beauty, for one does not see an eagle frequently!” We do not, as a matter of tradition, explain idioms! Only the wise can! So it is with this hot cake baked by three young chefs, who throughout their productive years applied their God-given intellect to decipher the puzzle, we call the Book of Genesis in the Bible.

Many priests, pastors and bishops use the contents of the bible without ever bordering to unravel its true implications. Many do not know how to read between the lines. Many do not apply inductive or deductive reasoning when it comes to matters of faith, doctrine and dogma. Often they end up becoming recalcitrant fanatics or mystics!

However, the three young chefs have not allowed these follies to becloud their rational powers. This is the best spiritual cake I have ever been served in decades. Taste it and declare your own result or finding! It is bitter and sweet, as well as aromatic and spicy. Religious fanatics and/or mystics may not find it easy to chew or swallow. Nevertheless, if they do, they will sooner that later wake up and realise that they have been hypnotised for too long.

I must emphasise here, however, that they have only served us an appetiser! We demand that a full course meal be served in subsequent years, since pastries are best served as desserts! They have promised to do so, IF AND ONLY IF, they get one million replies to the questionnaire at the appendix section of this booklet. You stand a chance of winning up to $1,000 or its equivalent in your own currency, if you can answer the ten questions they posed there. Your ability to score highly in those questions will determine whether they will bake another hot cake. So, I urge everyone who has been privileged to thumb through the pages of this wonderful book to oblige us by responding to all of them. Contact us through our e-mail addresses. Moreover, it will assist them evaluate the receptiveness of the reading audience. Encourage your friends to buy their own copies, as only the original forms excised from this booklet are recognised entry forms for the prize!

It is worthy of note here, to let everyone know that the simple sentences as found in the Christian Bible is the only authority recognised by the chefs who baked this cake! Theologians are not needed when the Holy Spirit inspires anyone! For this reason, the first eleven pages of the King James Version, is reprinted verbatim in Appendix 1. It is presumed that readers can easily have access to the Good News Bible edition hence it is not reprinted! One needs to read each reference in the Bible quoted, to appreciate the veracity of each line of argument, syllogism and/or premise!

In one short sentence: if you want to be the second wisest man after King Solomon of the Bible, you must read this concise booklet and apply the principles enunciated therein. You can also request the registration forms to join as a member of our inter-ethnic social organisation christened: “INTEGRATIONAL SPIRITAN MOVEMENT,” that recognises fellowship of all humanity. Our motto, which is One Almighty Creator, One Created Universe, One Human Family, succinctly summarises the aim and objectives of the movement. Put on your thinking cap! Do not sit on the fence. Take a decisive step today. Stand out of the crowd. Join us and live happily ever after. 

Mazi Okolie Animba, FCASSON
                           Secretary General
 INTEGRATIONAL SPIRITAN MOVEMENT                       (One Human Family)


This diminutive booklet which is a miniature compendium of practical wisdom based on the inspired contents of the first ten chapters of the Book of Genesis found in the Christian Bible is

Dedicated to GENUINE SEEKERS OF THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH, who in their individual lives are determined to uphold the truth at all times, defend and propagate the truth at all costs, and are ready to die for the TRUTH, if the need arises!
We hereby pay homage to all the authors we read during our schooling years, our lecturers and most importantly the publishers of the books we consulted in our short span of earthly existence! However, in a special way we thank the under-listed companies for their colour plates, which we have used to enhance the appetite of our dearly cherished audience!

1. PAGES 1 – 11 OF KING JAMES VERSION (KJV)      … from “New Marked Reference Bible”(1928 & 1956) Zondervan Bible Publishers, Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A.

2.  PLATES FROM THE GARDEN OF EDEN; …from “The Children’s Bible in Colour” ( 1962 )The Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited, London, New York, Sydney, Toronto.

3.   PLATE OF THE HUMAN BRAIN-“Unsolved Mystery”
…from “Life – How Did It Get Here? By Evolution or By Creation?” (1985) Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of New York Inc. Brooklyn, U.S.A.

…from “ Psychology Today “- An Introduction, (1972 ) 2nd Edition, CRM  BOOKS; Del  Mar, California.

Without standing on their shoulders, we may not have seen clearly enough to discuss so creatively. This is the eternal desire of all loyal students and the satisfaction all publishers and teachers derive from their labours. We hope we have not disappointed any of you! Finally, we owe our Christian world-view to our zealous parents who nurtured us and imprinted on our youthful minds that golden reverence for fair play, truthfulness and love that only the Almighty Father can bestow!
For that privilege, we remain your grateful sons! May our youthful exuberance not be misinterpreted!
Chefs Jude, Chef Jideofo, & Chef Kenez
**This 11th day of March 2001 **
Wisdom was given to Solomon just for the asking. To date God gives wisdom to those who sincerely kneel down and truly beg to be given some. It may take fifty years to get an answer, nevertheless insist and persevere, for a thing of value does not come easily. You must pay something to get a valuable treasure. No sacrifice, no satisfaction! No cross, no crown! In addition, no sorrow, no joy!
            The Book of Proverbs opens the very first chapter, with these eternal words in verses 20 – 33, which epitomises what we want our readers to think about. Since many editions exist, we want to reprint what we have from the most current copy of the Good News Bible edition:


20. Listen! Wisdom is calling out in the streets and market places.
21. Calling loudly at the city gates and wherever people come together.
22. “Foolish people! How long do you want to be foolish?  How long will you enjoy pouring scorn on knowledge? Will you never learn?
23. Listen when I reprimand you; I will give you good advice and share my knowledge with you.
24. I have been calling you, inviting you to come but you would not listen. You paid no attention to me.
25. You have ignored all my advice and have not been willing to let me correct you.
26. So when you get into trouble, I will laugh at you.  I will mock you when terror strikes.
27. When it comes on you like a storm, bringing fierce winds of trouble, and you are in pain and misery.
28. Then you will call for wisdom, but I will not answer.  You may look for me everywhere, but you will not find me.
29. You have never had any use for knowledge and have always refused to obey the Lord.
30. You have never wanted my advice or paid any attention when I corrected you.
31. So then, you will get what you deserve and your own actions will make you sick.
32. Inexperienced people die because they reject wisdom. Stupid people are destroyed by their own lack of concern.
33.  But whoever listens to me will have security. He will be safe with no reason to be afraid.”

This is our prologue to this trilogy. You will note who is ignorant, who is knowledgeable and who is wise. Make no mistakes about it; knowledge, learning and wisdom are three separate entities! Please read the Wisdom of Solomon – Chapters 6, 7, 8 and 9 for more elucidation of this principle. One of the oldest books on spirituality “UNTO THEE I GRANT” says on page 27, BOOK FIVE: Chapter 1:

1. “Joys of the understanding are the treasures of God;
And He appointeth to everyone his portion; in what measure seemeth good unto Himself.
2. “Hath He endued thee with wisdom?
Hath He enlightened they mind with the knowledge of truth? Communicate it to the ignorant, for their instruction; communicate it to the wise, for thine own improvement.
3. “True wisdom is less presuming than folly;
The wise man doubteth often, and changeth his mind;           the fool is obstinate, and doubteth not; He knoweth all things but his own ignorance.
4. “The pride of emptiness is an abomination;
And much talk is the foolishness of folly; nevertheless it is part of wisdom to bear with patience their impertinence, And to pity their absurdity.
5. ”Yet be not puffed up in thine own conceit,
Neither boast of superior understanding;
The clearest human knowledge is but blindness and folly.
6. “The wise man feeleth his imperfections and is humble;
            He laboureth in vain for his own approbation;
But the fool peepeth in the shallow stream of his own mind, And is pleased with the pebbles which he seeth at the bottom; He bringeth them up, and sheweth them as pearls;
And with applause of his brethren, delighteth he himself.
7. “He boasteth of attainments in things that are of no worth; But where it is a shame to be ignorant,
There he hath no understanding. Even in the paths of wisdom, he toileth after folly;
And shame and disappointment are the reward of his labour.
8. ”But the wise man cultivates his mind with knowledge;
The improvement of arts is his delight; and their utility to the public crowneth him with honour.
9. “Nevertheless, the attainment of virtue
            He accounteth as the highest learning,
            And the science of happiness,
            Is the study of his life.”

Our interest and motivation come from the ninth and second verses respectively. This version of “UNTO THEE I GRANT” was revised by Sri Ramatherio and has private and limited edition copies. We stumbled on this copy through a maternal cousin sometime in 1979 at my GRA Quarters, Nigerian Air Force Base, GTG, Kawo, in Kaduna, Nigeria. The book fascinated and fired our youthful minds at the time but we never read it in full. Even to date, we cannot claim we have read it from cover to cover.

Other books we have read that can compare with it are those of King Solomon-the Wise, Joshua-Son of Sirach, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and that of Job! If you desire wisdom, you need to read all of them! You may have other wisdom books from your religious faiths, such as Zorastrianism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other that has gained world acclaim. The same Holy Spirit of Almighty Creator is responsible for all the inspiration. Study them and pick the morals in them, integrate them into your lifestyle and teach them to your offspring. That is our position in Kenezianism. Now read the whole of Chapter 12 in the Book of Daniel in the Bible and you will be surprised by the divine truths contained therein! This is our Birthday cake to all rational human beings irrespective of your sex, race, class, creed and culture! Wisdom is hard to acquire! Having a consensus on it can save humanity! I.S.M. is one such symbiosis!

Chefs Jude, Jideofo, Kenez.


– The Meeting Point of Philosophy and Theology
A Christian student named Jude – once had as roommate a philosophy student named Jideofo who kept sharpening his wits as they argued on some theosophical issues raised in their institution in the early 1970s. Both graduated with “ magna cum laude” degrees! Some thirty years later, they were together again to rekindle the youthful arguments courtesy of a clinical psychologist named Kenez, who had earlier convinced Jideofo that the creation “days” might have been “6 million years” for each day as well as 60 billion years. This was because of an argument raised by Jideofo, which had set off a tirade of lectures on the scientific basis for some theological truths.
“God is ageless. ‘Time’ is human language. Anything human might acquire new connotations over the centuries. The translators of the bible story could also have erred in their interpretations. “God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh” … could have been a misrepresentation of the original manuscript concepts! “What, if one day was equivalent to 10 billion years or even one million light years … and we human beings arrived only on the 70th billion year or the seventh million light year … and since then the “old man” has been having his siesta – hence all the calamities present in the world today … May be when He wakes up – He will re-order the world …  as at now let us mind our business –jo–ooh! Let’s solve our problems!”

Jideofo quickly found Jude’s e-mail address and invited him to join them in a discussion that would be beneficial to the whole human race! The following discussion sessions are the results of those our youthful exuberance or call it innocent adventurism!  You will note that there is no bibliography at the end of this book! The reason for this is simple; no one else was referred to except the Holy Spirit of the almighty creator of our universe! To Him we owe all the youthful vituperations you are about to read from here onwards.

May all honour, adoration, praise and thanksgiving be to the Creator of the universe. Happy reading!


Jideofo:           My colleague Kenez – “here you meet my room mate in 1970 – 1975 – who delighted in teasing me with his immature theological insights – he often described as “truths” – “dogmas” or “doctrines”.
Kenez:            “Hello” Jude – how are you? I have heard a lot about you from this admirer of yours – Jideofo – Hehas related some of the arguments you had as students.   Now that both of you are more mature and fully established in the ways of this world – do you mind re-opening the “can of worms” ; both of you partially closedsome thirty years ago?
Jude:   Thanks my dear Kenez – it is a pleasure meeting you – hope you will resolve some of our discourses; that’s what I called them – although my friend Jideofo – insisted they were arguments. An example is the Christian Bible Story of Creation – Genesis Chapters
I and 2.
Jideofo:          My friends – as a student of philosophy – Let me remind you that your quotation is out of context – Which version of the Christian bible are you quoting –? When you say chapters and verses – do you realise that the original papyrus accounts were in prose – someone re-organised the contents into verses – and muddled up some paragraphs, headings, contents and narratives. So
my dear – don’t ever take us for a ride.  One – which version are you talking about:- Duoay,, King James Knox, RSV, Jerusalem, GNB, NIV, Living or Revised International versions, Two – what edition and year of publication? Quote correctly, my friend!
Jude:   Thanks for reminding me. I forgot that a pagan philosopher was around. Shall we use the King James Version?
Kenez:            No – a thousand times no! – The Anglo-Saxon English there is horrible – unintelligible to modern Man and truly parochial and ethnocentric – Quote from a modern English version – never King James or Duoay version.
Jideofo:          Thanks – a Daniel has come to judgement!
Kenez:            No – that is not the spirit – nor my motivation; rather it’s for clarity of thought – comprehension and the establishment of unambiguous premises – these were and are my reasons for preferring a modern English version – readable and meaningful.
Jude:   Then let’s use the bible that states in clear terms that it is “Today’s English Version” – by that I mean THE GOOD NEWS BIBLE…
Jideofo:          Which of the Good News are you talking about – the Catholic or Protestant version – or is it the United Bibles Societies or the American Bible Society or the British or Foreign Bible Society version- which – what is the year of publication and copyright – my friend?
Jude:   Let us leave out these minor details – shall we – I’m quoting from the Second Edition of THE GOOD NEWS BIBLE WITH THE DEUTEROCANONICAL BOOKS – copyrighted in 1994 – coded GNBDC 053p, ISBN 9966 – 40 – 830 – 4.
Jideofo:          That’s better – let me sheath my dagger for the time being – however – it might interest you to note that, the version before that publication personalised most statements – prose and narratives – whereas the latter, you have just quoted – generalises statements. By that I mean; it makes some statements on behalf of the group rather than on behalf of an individual.
Kenez:            What do you mean by that Jideofo – I thought your friend, my acquaintance today Jude – says you are a pagan – why does a pagan know all these. Jude – did you ever notice these minute differences, both in versions, quality of English, personification of
statements or generalisations as our learned Jideofo has
Jude:   Honestly my dear friends – I have not – nor has my Christian brothers and sisters – We always took our pastors, priests and bishops quotations as final – no rhetoric during a homily – you remember?
Kenez:            Well, I am open to new information – I am still a student of life, of words, of science – our dear Jideofo – needs to substantiate his claims.
Jideofo:          A simple demonstration of translations that vary can be glimpsed at MARK – chapter 16 – verses 17 and 18. KJV varies from RSV – which also varies from GNB. Check it out at your private meditation/readings. Or simply compare the very first sentence in the Bible in about six different versions of the Bible, you will find that only RSV agrees with KJV! Again – even within the same
Good News Bible Version, editions vary in generalisations or personifications of statements that are noticeable to the keen observer, e.g. Exodus, Psalms and Proverbs. For a sample of the
clumsiness of  chapters and verses – the very first chapter in Genesis –ends in chapter 2, verse 3. – And Chapter 2 should have started in verse 4. Check this simple one out- and you will see. Again look at – the last two verses of chapter 4 and contrast it with chapter 5 verses 3 – 5.
Kenez:            So you see my new friend – Jude – Unlike Jideofo – you are simpleton – just tagging along with your preachers – teachers – without any inquisitive mind or opinions of your own – A theologian is not a scientist – nor is he a philosopher – and you are living in a modern world of Internet  -  So learn to take things with a pinch of salt!
Jude:   Okay, thank you both – my friends – that’s the advantage of socialising with learned friends like you -  Thanks again – yet let’s not forget the topic at hand …  The creation of the universe in six days and God resting on the seventh day? Do you two want to contest the facts in the Bible.
Jideofo:          What are the “facts”? – Kenez, do you now see why I call Jude – a garrulous harbinger of doctrines and dogmas. – He now calls a story narrated by Moses - facts! Facts indeed! What are facts! My friend, what do you mean when you say facts? Educate us…
Jude:   Facts are indisputable events, data, narratives made by the Almighty – everyone knows that God does not lie – so we believe every word in the bible since God inspired them.
Kenez:            Jude, let’s forgive you – you do not know what a fact is – so let’s go on with the discourse on the creation story as you intended.  Now what is the main objective of the legend!
Jude:               That An Almighty Creator – created all things in six days and rested on the seventh – thereby giving us a law to rest on Sundays and worship him – this part can also be found in Exodus 20 verses 8, 9, 10 and 11. – Can we turn to that?
Jideofo:          No – you cannot put two hands into your mouth at the same time – can you? - Alright try it – here are two biscuits – big and round ones – put the two inside your mouth at the same time with both your right and left hand …  … (laughter – as Jude tries and fails). You see what I mean.. Let’s dissect the creation story first, then we will later analyse Exodus chapter 20.  What do you understand by “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth” – as rendered by both King James Version and RSV – but in GNB – it is stated “in the beginning, when God created the universe, the earth was formless and desolate” – Now, theologian – translate?
Jude:               There was nothing in existence before God decided to create the world. The world was formless – darkness filled the earth – Then God said “Let there be light and there was light?’
Jideofo:          You see my friend – you have contradicted even your own words. If  “there was nothing in existence” your choice words – then how come you talked of “the world was formless – and darkness filled the earth.” Can’t you see that the story is more of a moral lesson for children or neophytes in theology or catechesis!
Kenez:                     Let’s see whether we can intellectualise the story this way: The essence of it all is that someone was responsible for everything that exists.
Jideofo:          That’s the point – my enlightened colleague – the problem with our dogmatised friend, Jude and all Christians who are puerile in their realisations – is that they often take the words in the bible too literally. Some ALMIGHTY INTELLIGENCE – well organised in thought and action arranged the whole cosmos – put us here on planet earth and other things on other planets – don’t forget that at least nine other planets exist – they are bigger than ours and some have one thousand moons while we have only one!
Kenez:            My friends – do you realise that there are actually two creation stories in that quotation Jude gave. Look at the bible – chapter 2 – verses 4 – 25 is the original creation legend Moses learnt in Egypt as a boy in Pharaoh’s court. He then reorganised it in the desert after his Mount Sinai experience into an orderly, itemised and chronologically revealed story – to guide his flock and give moral lessons which parents can pass onto their descendants! That is how chapter ONE to chapter TWO – verse 3 came about.
 Jideofo:         Thank you – my magister! – That’s more comprehensible – I wish all preachers told us the whole truth instead of dribbling us around like small children.
Kenez:                       Very well – if both of you realise why we can even discuss – it is because we were created with a nervous system – a tongue, vocal cords, ears, eyes and the ability to reason, agree or disagree. These are the facts of the bible story of creation – not the primitive legend – credited to Moses who was neither a scientist, nor a theologian! Moreover, a friend tells me that Moses wrote in hieroglyphics not in Hebrew! 
Jude:               What do you mean by that? Remember God appeared to Moses and convinced him to go and liberate the Israelites from Egypt. Moses was reluctant until God showed him signs and wonders in the burning bush; the rod that turned into a snake and his leprous hand that healed at his will. Later Aaron was given to assist him talk as he again complained that he was not eloquent in speech, lacked the skill of oratory and was a stammerer.
Kenez:                   Yes – and God also promised to give him what to say when he got to Pharaoh.  God literally spoke to Pharaoh using the vocal cords of Moses and Aaron. The acts, miracles, prayers, etc were all at God’s instance, so the Pentateuch were all written based on the revealed stories to Moses by God – the one who created all the stars in the heavens and all the animals on earth, the birds of the air and the fishes living in the sea!



Jideofo:          Fire on, my Kenez – a Daniel has come to judgement, Now I am ready to learn of the brain, eyes, ears, you talked about – Tell us – Kenez, how does the simple creation story relate to anatomy and physiology? Is there any common ground for philosophy and theology? 
Kenez:            For the emotionally and intellectually mature mind, there are many. For ease of comprehension, let me itemise them. The creation story enunciates the following:
(i)                 Nothing existed before creation
(ii)               God is, was and will  ever be
(iii)             He initiated the void, darkness and light.
(iv)             He created forms, figures and space
(v)               He made these out of nothing
(vi)             His word was all he needed to create
(vii)           The tongue is powerful and it has been given to man to use
(viii)         Time began with God’s decision to make things
(ix)             Man is the summit of creation
(x)               Man was all-intelligent and a friend of God at creation, though later he lost that relationship. 
My friend, even King David summarised it thus – God’s Glory And Man’s Dignity – Psalm 8 – in GNB edition, note specifically verses 5 and 6. Compare Psalm 8 with Psalm 104 – In Praise of the Creator – and then you would have gotten the moral message of the Genesis account of creation. Now read SIRACH (Ecclesiasticus) Chapter 42 vs. 15 – 25; Chapters 43 and 44.
Jideofo:          Stop, my learned friend – you’ve got me confused and dumfounded – what I hoped to hear more about was the comment you made about our eyes, ears, tongue – in short – how our bodily senses point to an Almighty Scientist/Creator.  I will read your references later. For now, how does our eyes or our ears show the veracity of Genesis 1 – 2.
Kenez:                    Okay – if you take a cellular phone today and assume it was made by chance or by a common man you would be laughed at – right? Everyone will stare at you.
Jideofo:          Yes, its madness for anyone to think that the Internet, computers or cellular phones are products of chance or those of a nincompoop!
Kenez:                   In like manner your eye, ear, nose, skin and tongue were and are the products of an Infinite Intelligence, for no scientist can make any of them.  They have tried and failed – these gadgets repair and replenish their stock. Let’s start with your skull and brain, which we are using right now to discuss and reason… 
The human brain is the control centre of all the senses and nerves. It is the place for thoughts, words and actions. Any decision not taken at this centre is involuntary and is not humanlike. Nevertheless, it is so soft and delicate that its creator encased it in a hard compartment – the skull. The skull protecting the brain is made of tough fibre; hard and light in weight but so strong that any footballer that kicks it in error gets fractures in his leg. Think about that. It is made up of pieces so tightly joined together that no force can separate them until death, ‘rigor mortis’ and decay. The skull is light but strong. It is shaped into a design that makes architects and engineers marvel and admire its curves, intricacies and strength. Scientists do not yet understand how a person remembers, thinks or feels. Their best is all guesswork based on experiments on animals.  However, they realise and accept that the brain is an unbelievably complicated organ for signals, stimuli and responses – AN INTERNET FOR HUMAN THOUGHTS, WORDS and ACTIONS. It has ten billion cells – 10,000,000,000,000 – that never sleep and these cells are linked with billions of inter-connectors, fibres, dendrites and axons.  Signals combine both electrical and chemical reactions before interpretations are made. In short – the brain is a nerve centre of electro-chemical network that runs the body – breathing, digestion, excretion, movement and reproduction. In some parts of the brain a hundred million cells – 100,000,000 – fit into a cubic inch, and everyone of them is equally connected to at least sixty thousand other cells – 60,000 – In summary – it is an awesome mass, that is sophisticated, palpable and elaborately synchronised.
Jude:               That’s it my dear Kenez – where, when and how did you acquire all these. These are better arguments that will even convince atheists – if they exist at all.
Jideofo:          Atheists do not exist – when someone says “There is no God” – he is not saying that God does not exist, rather he is merely disappointed that God is absent in the affairs of men; otherwise how does so much injustice, immorality and suffering exist. A denial is a form of assertion. “There is” – is emphatic that some concept exists but not comprehensible at the time of self-realisation/discussion. Truly “no God” translates, - He was supposed to be around but he is not available. Maybe He is still resting – the present millennia may be part of an anniversary of the seventh day. We are yet to get to the anniversary of the second week of creation! Kenez – what of the eyes and the ears you talked about?
Kenez:                 Yes my friendYour eyes are the best pair of binoculars, telescope or electromagnetic camera that exists.  The way in which you see things – e.g. see and read this printed material – is because of God’s incredible design. All scientists put together cannot manufacture or invent a living eye – eyes – not even that of an ant, an insect or a bird.
 The back of the eye, called RETINA, is a part of the brain itself. Your eyes act as the doorways for light, colours, objects etc, to be focused on or photographed. In fact the inventor of the camera and printing only copied the processes through which our eyes and the brain recognise objects and retain information that are pictorial.  Remember that when you dream – you see colours, light and three-dimensional objects.
Your eye as the camera, with a lens the size of the pupil (0.025cm in circumference) adjusting to brightness or darkness using the ciliary muscles that contract – adjust to the distance of the object, its brightness or intensity of colour, so that light rays focus in your retina. 
The retina has one hundred and twenty five million – 125,000,000 – tiny rods and several million cones – 700,000,000,000,000 – all mixed in a peculiar sequence such that your brain gets and analyses the picture you see in technicolour! There are chemical adjustments for night vision – whereby it is the rods that play the dominant roles in sight. In real life, your eye sees at one time several hundred million visual fragments, and the brain pieces them together and interprets them to see the essential/or important things, which you want to see.


Hence, at anyone time you can focus your gaze at only one part of the object seen. This is why two people may describe an object seen in daylight differently.
Your ears: Here sound waves enter through the intricate design of the pinnae – look at the mirror and notice the shape of your outer ear – it is fixed and immobile unlike that of the rabbit, rats, and domesticated dogs – whose pinnae are mobile and they can rotate it. There is a bitter wax in the ear that keeps insects away from the ear canal. The eardrum vibrates, and three tiny bones in the middle part of the ear magnify this wave or sound motion twenty – two times. A tube is there to keep air pressure equal to prevent lacerations, tear and bleeding. 
The inner ear is a jewel of design, with an arrangement of crevices so arranged that they cushion or soften harsh sounds.  The modulated sound waves then travels to the great auditory nerve which has twenty – five thousand fibres – 25,000. Note that the semi-circular canals, the incus, the malleus and the cochlea have been skipped for ease of narrative. 
The sound waves travel to the brain where they are interpreted – their pitch, resonance, decibels, tonality and information are interpreted. My friend – I am getting weak – I need to rest – another attribute of all living and created things – REST, SLEEP AND TIREDNESS. Please read books on physiological psychology, zoology and anatomy for other details.
Jideofo:          Thanks, Prof. of Scientific theology. This is what the present era needs. Theology based on scientific data that will convince even an irreligious individual, if such truly exists.
Jude:               Yes, we deserve a rest – but not before a vote of thanks to Kenez my erudite lawyer of biblical knowledge. We both thank you for enlightening us and settling the discourse that never arrived at any conclusion over three decades or more. For long the evolution, theory had held us bound and many sophists like my friend, all became disciplines of Charles Darwin! Today, I am happy that my roommate Jideofo has accepted the Genesis version of the creation story.
Jideofo:          There was a void, a yawning gap in simple logic and rational dialogue. That was what Darwin exploited. If anyone studied McGregor Mendel’s theory of genetic inheritance, he too could equally revert to the creationist theory! Simple! Moreover it later became scientific laws which botanists, zoologists, agriculturists, in fact all scientists accept! It is no more a theory! Did you know that McGregor Mendel was a catholic monk? The Mendelian laws, which our children read nowadays, are named after him!
Jude:               Thank you for that new information, yet we must schedule another discussion time to x-ray and analyse the details of Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel –
Kenez:                         Okay – but remember the following:
        For perfect circles and spheres in geometry, we copied from the Creator’s design: – the sun, the moon, oranges, apples and even the flimsy soap bubbles that children make;
        For symmetry, observe the human vertebrae, each can be split and folded like identical pages, the same is applicable to palm fronds and coconut fronds
        For lobes- examine a peeled orange, grape or tangerine, nothing is better designed,
        For cylindricals - see the hollows in a paw-paw fruit or the stem; in a cocoa pod or the coconut fruit. Lastly, nothing is more beautiful as sunrise and sunset, nothing more serene as a calm seashore. Worship their Creator, if you have nothing else to bow to! Admire nature, and obey all the natural laws!

That is the message of Genesis 1 & 2.

Jideofo:           To sum up all we have said today, can we say that Kenez has tried to let us know that, from science alone one can prove that a SUPREME CREATOR does exist! We do not need those primitive legends that Moses learnt, for;
1.      Everything that man invents or manufactures, has its raw materials derived from what is already in existence in the universe.
2.      Whatever is in existence was made at a point in time and at a place and therefore obeys certain natural laws that govern its existence.
3.      Therefore, for the universe, time, space, gravity, daylight and darkness – there must be an inventor, a manufacturer or otherwise a creator.
Finally, these necessitate the existence of ONE AND ONLY ONE SUPERNATURAL BEING who created everything out of nothing, who designed and regulated their births, life spans and deaths. If none existed, human beings would have created one! That is exactly what our ancestors really did, whether as Polytheists, Monotheists, Animists, Zoroastrians or Buddhists. Currently Judaism, Christianity and Islam are only redefining religious faith, doctrines and modes of worship! The multiplicity is an aberration! We must stop it!
Jude:           Thank you, Jideofo for that splendid summary.
Bye for now! Kenez thanks as well!
Kenez:                Not so fast, my friends. Where are you hurrying to? We have an unfinished business here! Why was the legend of GENESIS necessary in the first place? Is that of the Bible, the only one in the world? Every community or ethnic group has its version of how the world came into being. Why should we accept that of Moses and the Israelites? From where did Moses gather the information he weaved into what is now the ‘Creation Story’? Let me remind everyone who cares to learn that the word religion is derived from the Latin noun ‘religio’, which denotes both earnest observance of ritual obligations and an inward spirit of reverence. In modern usage, religion covers a wide spectrum of meanings that reflect the enormous variety of ways the term can be interpreted. At one extreme, many committed believers recognise only their own tradition as a religion, understanding expressions such as worship and prayer to refer exclusively to the practices of their tradition. Although many believers stop short of claiming an exclusive status for their tradition, they may nevertheless use vague or idealising terms in defining religion—for example, “true love of God,” or “the path of enlightenment.” At the other extreme, religion may be equated with ignorance, fanaticism or dreaming.
Jideofo:           My friends, I have read somewhere that by defining religion as a sacred engagement with what is taken as a spiritual reality, it is possible to consider the importance of religion in human life without making claims about what it really is or ought to be. Religion is not an object with a single, fixed meaning, or even a zone with clear boundaries. It is an aspect of human experience that may intersect, incorporate or transcend other aspects of life and society.
Jude:          Such a definition avoids the drawbacks of limiting the investigation of religion to Western or biblical categories such as monotheism (belief in one god only) or to church structure, which are not universal. For example, in tribal societies, religion—unlike the Christian church—usually is not a separate institution but pervades the whole of public and private life. In Buddhism, gods are not as central as the idea of a Buddha (fully enlightened human being). In many traditional cultures, the idea of a sacred cosmic order is the most prominent religious belief. Because of this variety, some scholars prefer to use a general term such as the sacred to designate the common foundation of religious life. Religion in this understanding includes a complex of activities that cannot be reduced to any single aspect of human experience. It is a part of individual life but also of group dynamics. Religion includes not only patterns of behaviour but also patterns of language and thought. Often, it is a highly organised institution set apart from a culture, or an integral part of a culture. Religious experience may be expressed in visual symbols, dance and performance, elaborate philosophical systems, legendary and imaginative stories, formal ceremonies, meditative techniques, and detailed rules of ethical conduct and law.
Kenez:          Each of these elements assumes innumerable cultural forms. In some ways, there are as many forms of religious expression as there are human cultural environments. We can now appreciate the dilemma of Moses in the desert. He needed a spiritual tradition to stem the tide of rebellion. Consequently, no one culture or people can claim supremacy over supernatural knowledge, divine inspiration or cosmic revelations. The crusades and jihads so far recorded in the history of humanity owe their origin to this fluid state of affairs. We hope to end that uncertainty by baking these religious cakes! Let’s call it a day! Goodbye! 


Jideofo:          We have reconvened to analyse yet another ‘bone of contention’ or call it ‘another cause of disagreement’ in the creation mythology (Babylonian legends) that Moses learnt in Pharaoh’s court in Egypt.
Jude:               Watch it, Kenez do you notice how this mad friend of mine caricatures theological truths?
Kenez:            I don’t see any caricatures – which one – is it that Moses learnt some legends or the satire that the whole creation story is all mythology?
Jude:               I can’t place you even! Where do you belong? Are you a theist, an atheist or a free thinker?
Kenez:                 Congratulations – Jude – your command of English and concepts is quite interesting – I am a free thinker – if you classify me so.
Jideofo:          And me – my friend Jude – how do you qualify me?
Jude:               A theistic atheist – a mad philosopher an unclassifiable demagogue, a sophist … 
(Laughter – roaring laughter.)
(Jideofo & Kenez: almost choked – for 2 minutes)
Kenez:            Stop it – all of you, heathen and pagans – are we emotionalists or are we sane rationalists?
Jideofo:          We are both – didn’t you hear our chameleonic Jude state that I am an amorphous amphibian just now – the proverbial bat of Igbo literature – “usu” – that is neither a flying bird nor a rodent?
Kenez:            Yes, I heard – I am not deaf – but you didn’t get his meaning. You should thank him. He called you – A DISCIPLE OF KING SOLOMON – that’s what my best friend call me … A wise idiot – or else how could I – in my former life cycle – claim to be the son of David, the wisest King that ever lived and yet married 1000 wives?
Jideofo:          Oh! So you also have thought seriously about that contradiction also – women – no– “woe–to– man” Jude – tell me how else did these daughters of Eve arrive to dethrone Solomon the Wise?
Jude:               We haven’t got to that yet – like you said, let’s not put our two hands into the same mouth at the same time.
Kenez:                     Yes I agree,  (laughter) – which reminds me – where are those scientists – who call themselves surgeons, anaesthetists or anaesthesiologists? – Tell them that they are pretenders and imitators of the ORIGINAL NO. 1. DOCTOR IN THE BIBLE – God the Almighty Creator!
Jideofo:          Come here, Kenez, - are you sure you’re for real – Christian or Moslem or Buddhist or Jewish so you have x-rayed that medical feat also?
Kenez:                     Why not – or else how did the first ever mistake come to be made?  Read Genesis – chapter 1 verse 14 to 19, and again chapter 2 verses 18 – 25. In the former, the legend tells us that the sun and the moon were created on the fourth day – so how did we know the first, second and third day if the sun had not already begun its work? – In the latter case – how come God discovered he made a mistake by leaving Adam lonely – until the eight day – Did he for unknown reasons become oblivious of the fact that He was OMNISCIENT?  All knowing!
Jude:               There you go again – it was His plan to create woman out of man, one rib for Eve to appear. Read verse 22 – it’s very clearly stated. 
(Bleep – Bleep – cellular phone interrupts).
Jideofo:          Hello – who’s speaking … e he – why? What for … at this time … No – no – no – tell him or her to come tomorrow by 11. a. m!
Jude:               Who was that? – Jideofo – I’m asking you.
Jideofo:          It’s the daughter of Eve your church has imprisoned me with! – my wife of course! - Can you imagine – that my mechanic says I should come home and pay for the repairs he made on her car totalling N5, 500. 00k.
Kenez:                    How did you come into the picture – my dear, hasn’t she any income of her own – to pay for the car she uses?
Jideofo:          Never mind – let’s not derail from the topic at hand – may be – her great – great – 10 times or a million times great grandmother’s lover has intimated her that we are about to revisit the love affair or how her generation arrived in the creation narrative as an AFTER THOUGHT?
Jude:   Heh? Tufia – what are you saying, my dear – that your sisters and mother – are all after thoughts?
Jideofo:          Yes – a thousand times yes – or haven’t you read it in the bible also – you fanatic – Read chapter 2 – verses 18 – 20. – “but not one of them was a suitable companion to help him” Then read chapter 3 verses 8 – 13.
Jude:               There you go again – let’s finish one first, before that one – in another discourse – “Eve was made out of one rib of Adam” – that’s where we are now.
Kenez:            E – heh – tell us more about that – how – read it aloud – I’m sure you have a good copy of Good News Bible there – read to us.
Jude:   Well if you insist – chapter 2.
v. 21 – says “Then the Lord God made the man fall into a deep sleep, and while he was sleeping, he took out one of the man’s rib and closed up the flesh. 
v.22.  He formed a woman out of the rib and brought her to him. 
v.23.  Then the man said: “At last, here is one of my own kind – Bone taken from my bone, and flesh from my flesh – ‘Woman’ is her name because she was taken out of man”
v.24.  That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united with his wife, and they become one. 
v.25. The man and the woman were both naked, but they were not embarrassed.”
Kenez:            Go ahead and read verse 20 – please, chapter 3 verse 20,
Jude:   Chapter 3, verse 20; says: Adam named his wife Eve, because she was the mother of all human beings.” Chei – and I have never bothered to see the contradiction … Heh?
Kenez:            What contradiction – I don’t see any – or do you Jideofo…
Jideofo:          None whatsoever – over here – hey Jude?
Jude:               Come off it, both of you are really joking or are you drunk upstairs, Ch. 2; v.23 – contradicts Ch. 3 verse; v. 20… can’t you see that? Even my little son can!

Kenez:            So you are now becoming wiser and less dogmatic, good! Yet I do not see what’s new in the narrative – so far – INCONSISTENCY is part of what makes the bible narrative a legend, a myth, a moral story to bring out religious sentiments – which will later form the foundations of commandments, ethics, norms and mores to guide human conduct.
Jideofo:          Dear Jude – Ch. 3 verse 20 – is a commentary by the writers of the version you are holding.  It may not be in the original manuscript. But Ch. 2 verse 23 is a quotation – look at the quotation marks closing those wise words of Adam – the verse 24 – was an addendum suffixed by some great theologian or marriologist, who wanted a garb of divine injunction for dressing up the Christian marriage institution.  Then observe the drama of verse 25 – compare that with chapter 3 verse 7 and later verse 21 …  It’s puerile, a pointer to combinations of legends to bring out moral and social dogmas!
Jude:               I am getting more confused as these irregularities are pointed out. All along I had never noticed them nor ever bothered to ask our priests and pastors, these relevant questions!  Even then, where and when could you have been permitted to ask questions – in church or is it at catechism classes? Na-wah?  Oh – oo.
Kenez:                   Now to the main issue – what actually happened is this.  The first Adam was a hermaphrodite – he was formed from the soil and given the breath of life. He was created before all other things, he was a wealthy prince and equally he was very intelligent for even the garden and all things were made for him. He named all that God created – see verses 7 and 8 of Chapter 2. Later see that verses 15 – 20 excluded “any-female -Adam.” He was alone and animals were made to please him and keep him company. These animals were in pairs – male and female “but not one of them was a suitable companion to help him.” GNB – “but for the man there was not found a helper fit for him” – RSV. “But for Adam there was not found any help meet for him” KJV. I want all of you to note the minor differences but remark in full the reason for the creation of “Eve” and how?

Jideofo:          What you call minor is really great – for how can one explain verse 16 – when Eve had not been created  ---
Kenez:            Good reasoning – my dear friend – that is the major point, which I want everyone to note – THE LAW OF THE FORBIDDEN TREE CAME BEFORE EVE WAS CREATED. It beats my imagination why God had to punish her at all – see verse 16 – are two of you still with me?
Jideofo:          Let us get back to the real reason for Eve’s creation and how the medical feat was accomplished.
Jude:               Yeah! – Let us deal with that first.
Kenez:            Then look at the second creation story which is chapter 1 verses 1 – 31 and chapter 2; verses 1 – 3: In this legend, reorganised by Moses after the Mount Sinai experience – Man – the Lord of the material universe was created last. Verses 26 and 27 – reads.
v.26:  Then God said, “And now we will make human beings; they will be like us and resemble us. They will have power over the fish, the birds, and all the animals, domestic and wild, large and small.”
v.27:  So God created human beings, making them to be like himself.  He created them male and female, blessed them and said “Have many children so that your descendants will live all over the earth and bring it under control”… [etc]
Verses 28 – 31 – gives dietary rules; which we have all violated to date!] crosscheck KJV and RSV for minor differences in translations.  However, note – this narrative is a classical rendition by a princely author, one who had royal training, knew the value of constituted authority and the need for a chain of command – so the reason for many human beings being created here and in duplicates; male and female became clear if one must resolve the issue of where Cain got a wife and who were his parents–in--law after the death of Abel whom he murdered. 

In short – what I am saying is that this very narrative is the handiwork of later theologians or the educated Moses who was raised in the palace and customs of Egyptian royalty.  “Male and female he created them” is manufactured.  Here also the reason for creating men and women was elaborate –
(i)                 they will be like us
(ii)               resemble us
(iii)             have power over the fish, the birds and all animals etc
(iv)             have many children
(v)               so that their descendants will live all over the earth
(vi)             and bring it under their control. 
Note verses 29 and 30 for what God provided as food.
Jideofo:          My magister, hence – you are begging the question. We can read all that at home – now lets know why you claimed that the first Adam was a hermaphrodite – That’s the new one I’m really interested in – or didn’t you say so earlier?
Kenez:            Of course, I did – don’t be in a hurry – these are necessary premises before we arrive at very incontrovertible conclusions.
1.      The “second story” Chapter 2, verses 4 – 25 – is actually the earliest legend on creation and makes a reading that is more meaningful if human disobedience and the consequences can easily be explained.
2.      You cannot lay the blame of the fall of Adam on a group of human beings, created male and female, right from the onset.
3.      The error of the story in Chapter 1, verses 26 – 31 is that only dietary rules for men and animals were given – but no one tree was labelled – tree of life, nor anyone other – labelled – tree of knowledge of good and evil.
4.      One needed to know – what God gave as laws regarding which fruits to avoid before one could be held accountable for disobedience which attracted such heavy penalties as is given in Chapter 3 verses 14 – 19. Please read it in detail when you get home.
5.      Whereas the account of creation in Genesis 1 does not connote any moral lessons, the account in Chapter 2 – does in graphic details and over flows to Chapters 3, and 4. Therefore lets see what truly happened. In two subheads, I want to treat it.
(i)                 The Hypnotic surgery on Adama, the Hermaphrodite
(ii)               Laying the foundations for Adam’s fall by God.

* Adama refers to the first man created before the operation that resulted in the duplication of the female-man who was named Eve

Anaesthesia – “is the state of being unable to feel pain, heat, cold, etc especially as a result of drugs given before a medical operation” – but God did not give Adama any such thing.
Hypnosis: “is a state in which a person appears to be fully conscious but can be influenced to perform certain actions or say certain things” – but in Adama case he slept whereas he did not take a hypnotic drug. So what actually did God do to Adama?
                        I guess God combined the two processes – for sure we are not old that Adama received any medicinal concoction – nor were we told that any
                        injection – whether i.v. or i.m, was administered.  Therefore, again the Almighty was at his best – being both the first Anaesthesiologist and the first hypnotist to be recorded in the bible.
·         Why was a deep sleep necessary? Couldn’t God use another mud to mould Eve and breathe into her nostrils? Yes, he could. So why did he need to put Adama into a deep sleep?
My answer is this? God needed to remove some organs he had already put on Adama and put them separately. Since, in nature to date, some descendants of Adama do appear with both the male and female parts – it is plausible to assume that they remain the nearest copies/duplicates of the original Adama in Chapter 2 – verse 7. 
Later when God saw that he cheated Adama, he resolved to separate the male and female parts of Adama. Other animals were in pairs and Adama had named all of them but he was alone and “none was found fit enough to be his mate.” So he had to undergo surgery to have a duplicate who would share his hermaphroditic nature … hence the necessity that Eve came from his body and not from another mould from the dust of the earth. The surgery needed to be painless and still Adama had to know that “the bones and flesh were removed from him” – hence the hypnotic anaesthesia! It was necessary and essential.
Gentlemen – unbutton your shirts – as I am doing now.  Have you done so – remove your singlets if you have any – Now tell me – of what use are the stumps on your chest that resemble the breasts of women … what are they? How did they come there? Of what use are they? At least we know what women do with their breasts after childbirth. Now tell me the history of the male ‘breasts’ and of what relevance are they?
Jude:               It’s the Lord’s design, that’s all. He was/is the Creator, the Potter, the Architect … so He was/is free to do as he pleased with the mud/mould.
Jideofo:          My dear Kenez – now that you raised the question, methinks – they are leftovers – just like you said – “STUMPS” – reminders that once something bigger was there!
Kenez:            You are right – that’s the right answer. Now, you may observe that some men develop full breasts that dangle as they increase in size and fat … Even in gorillas and chimps, our closest cousins. Our stumps are surgery leftovers!
My friends, in addition God removed the UTERUS and VAGINA in Adama and placed all in the body of Eve. The hypnotic surgery was a clear-cut separation of sexual organs and a reduction of the creative powers of Adama – such that he alone could not single-handedly produce offspring, whenever he wanted! Now read, Chapter 1, verse 26 – “like us and resemble us” includes ability to create new forms, reproduce asexually or bisexually – if and whenever two Adamas choose to mate. Also, note that certain protozoans to date reproduce asexually.
Yes even some multi-cellular animals: insects and worms, for example; the earthworm.
In short, God reduced the powers of Adama – which was a deliberate after-thought – to weaken Adama’s rule over other animals he had named. In concluding this portion – let us remind ourselves that the true creation story and the first one is that
in Chapter 2, verses 4 – 25, whereas the re-organised version in the whole of chapter 1 up to verse 3 of Chapter 2, was a deliberate and an elaborate attempt made by an educated author to synthesise the former into a coherent, chronological and more meaningful narrative. So, whereas the 1st legend states that only Adam was created – and later duplicated to get Eve – the 2nd story simply states that God created many human beings on the same day – “male and female created he them” – KJV,Verse 27.

In fact, to better appreciate the dilemma of the second author read King James Version – and see how singulars and plurals are mixed up. What led to these double talks – other than re-writing the legends? - Forgery is difficult! Cookery is simpler!
I hereby submit, unequivocally, that we should stop deceiving ourselves:
1.      The first Adam that God created was a hermaphrodite who was super intelligent and he was the one given the law of the forbidden tree.  Ch. 2 verses 16 and 17.
2.      Eve was created on the eight day after God had rested and was able to see and effect corrections. He pitied Adama for his loneliness – then he performed the hypnotic surgery to give him a mate. 
3.      In addition, since then neither God nor Adam has rested. Our generation inclusive!

Jideofo:            I will suggest that all men write a joint petition to God the Creator to reverse his hypnotic surgery and end this confusion he started! He didn’t seek for nor did he get the permission of Adama before operating on him! The transfer of his breasts, uterus, fallopian tubes, vagina, labia minora and majora was done without a signed medical document of consent as is practised today in every hospital. The surgery has brought us more harms than good! Our wives should return what was removed from our bodies!
Jude:               Mind your language, my pagan philosopher, before you commit blasphemy or sacrilege! All you need ask for or do in this situation is to educate your wife that she should stop being stingy whenever you want to enjoy what rightfully belongs to you!
Kenez:              I concur with you 100% Let us disperse, jo—oh!

Jude:               Dear Kenez, what of Adam’s fall, how do you explain it  - you said it was not his fault please elaborate.
Jideofo:          My dear friend, Jude, before calling Kenez – can’t you tell us your own interpretation first…
Kenez:            No let him just read out Job Chapter 1 verses 6 – 12 – so we can see who were referred to in Genesis 1, verse 26 – of KJV or RSV.
Jude:               Job 1 – verse 6: KJV and RSV – reported thus:  “Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan came also among them. GNB – says:
v. 6:     “When the day came for the heavenly beings to appear before the Lord, Satan was there among them…
v.7:      The Lord asked him; “what have you been doing?”
Kenez:      That’s okay – now read the Genesis account of what transpired before Adam fell, in Chapter 3.
Jude:       Before jumping to Chapter 3, you had asked me to read from KJV. Genesis – 1 verse 26:
v. 26:  “And God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and let him have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth and over every creeping thing, that creepeth upon the earth”
RSV agrees completely but in the GNB, the rendition is thus:
v.26. Then God said, “And now we will make human beings; they will be like us and resemble us. They will have power over the fish, the birds and all animals, domestic and wild, large and small.”
Kenez:            What do you think Jideofo?  If you were a prince in heaven, a Son of God, and your father, the King hands over everything all of you have created to another son to control – leaving you out in the cold – with nothing to control?
Jideofo:          I will rebel, of course, its only natural – and this I could do in many ways, First: – organise a rebellion with the other princes, Second: - Ask my daddy, Why? And get my brother princess to ask Him also; or Thirdly: – overthrow the man in charge of these things and take over the control, dominion of all created things; all the fishes, the birds and all the animals – large and small!
Kenez:                    Correct ! That’s what a normal prince, a regent or a true offspring of a king would do! – and that’s what Prince Satan did – he chose the last option – overthrow the created man!
Jideofo:          Exactly – why haven’t I ever thought of it before – Jude, are you with me? Do you see what I see?
Jude:               No, not exactly – please my friends – don’t get angry with me – you must realise that I’ve been spoon-fed all along with doctrines and dogmas – and I am deficient in this theosophical rationalisations of yours.
Jideofo:          Come off it, my friend – let me simplify it.  Suppose your earthly Dad hands over the running of your home, cars, TVs, CDs, computers, all the drinks and food in your home to a house-help – a mere servant while you are a legitimate son of that Daddy – what will you do – in sincerity – tell us. Be honest with us!
Jude:               I will sulk, I will feel cheated, I will be angry, I will become depressed – and I will try to show my Dad that I’m annoyed!
Jideofo:          Is that all? You’re a simpleton! Can’t you do something positive and practical about the sad situation? Be honest, my friend.
Jude:               What am I supposed to do?  If I want to be a good son of my Dad – I will respect his decision and wait for an appropriate time to question him about it – or else He may throw me out and disinherit me!
Jideofo:           That’s better. You are now thinking – but yet too slow and sluggish for the likes of Prince Satan.
Kenez:            Correct! Exactly what I discovered when I read Genesis Chapter 3, verse 1: KJV says:
                        Now the Serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And he said unto the woman… Yeah, had God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?”
GNB translates that portion thus:
                        Now the snake was the most cunning animal that the Lord God had made. The snake asked the woman: “Did God really tell you not to eat fruit from any tree in the garden?”
Now my friends, – was Satan a snake originally? – That
is the first crucial question we all must find answers to.
Jideofo:          No, of course, he was demoted and cursed before he turned into a creeping animal. Read Genesis 3; verses 14 and 15 –Hey Jude! Don’t be afraid, read that quotation from GNB, --it’s clearer and simple.
Jude:               GNB, Genesis 3 verses 14 and 15; 
                            God Pronounces Judgement:  
v. 14:  Then the Lord God said to the snake, “You will be punished for this: you alone of all the animals must bear this curse; from now on you will crawl on your belly, and you will have to eat dust as long as you live.
v.15:     I will make you and the woman hate each other; her offspring and yours will always be enemies.  Her offspring will crush your head, and you will bite her offspring’s heel.”
Kenez:            Did you notice that there were two punishments in that judgement, in the very first criminal case, at the very first criminal magistrate court. Separate verses 14 and 15 – and then you will ask yourself – why was ENMITY and HATRED involved in verse 15, as opposed to change in the anatomy of the snake? … I will discuss that later, when we come to CAIN’s PATERNITY IN DISPUTE, for now let’s concentrate on the original shape, anatomy and physiology of Satan, a Son of God, and a prince in the heavenly court!
Jideofo:          Wait a minute – my dear Kenez – what did you say just now about the paternity of Cain – That’s a new one – I want that first!
Jude:               Again, let’s be rational – its “the fall of Adam” that we are presently concerned with…

Kenez:                   Yes, thank you – Jude for halting Jideofo – He’s too inquisitive and loves confabulations – illogical jumbling of concepts or premises, ideas or arguments.  Now – listen carefully: From Job chapter 1 verse 6 – we learn that the original Satan or Lucifer was an angel, a prince or a Son of God.  Moreover he always attended the royal court – that is – a meeting or assembly where God, the King of creation holds court with his princes – similar to the Igboman`s IGWE-IN-COUNCIL, an Executive or a Board meeting of a modern company. See Job Chapter 2, verse 1, for a confirmation or go to the end of the bible and consult The Epistle of Jude; verses 8 and 9 or again refer to 1st John 3; verses 7 – 10; or better still 2nd Cor. Chapter 11; verses 11 – 14, or 1st Chronicles; chapter 21 verse 1. 
In all these places, Satan is shown to be a supernatural being, powerful enough to influence and mislead children of God and so had a portfolio in the Heavenly Senate – that portfolio is, was and will ever remain – THE EXAMINER, THE TEMPTER – THE MINISTER OF EDUCATION – to set examinations, invigilate, score and fail lazy students. So no one should be in doubt as to who created Satan in the first place, his role and duties, and why he tested and fail Eve and Adam in the garden and continues to date to test and fail many lukewarm Christian and great grand children of Adam and Eve forever and ever.
Jideofo:          Great, this looks more rational than all the theological tirades we have been fed with from childhood.  What I have learnt from your expose are:
1.                  That the original shape of Satan was godlike – not snake like
2.                  That  Satan  was/is a son of God
3.                  That in the heavenly senate Satan is a Divine Prince, named; Lucifer
4.                  He has the portfolio of tempting the children of Eve and making them disobey God  ,therefore 
5.                   He is the most successful minister of God’s government for now as he has overthrown Adam and now rules the whole world.
Kenez:         That’s very brilliant, Jideofo – you are a computer analyst – and a precise summariser of lengthy discourses.  However let us dissect the procedure in the fall of Adam: Note Genesis: Chapter 1 verses 15 – 17: - GNB edition states:
                        v. 15: Then the Lord God placed the man in the Garden of Eden to cultivate it and guard it.
                        v. 16: He said to him, “you may eat the fruit of any tree in the garden
                        v. 17: Except the tree that gives knowledge of what is good and what is bad. You must not eat the fruit of that tree; if you do, you will die the same day.”
KJV varies a little but the same command is clear! We must all note that this Adama – was alone – and that Eve was not around, she had not been created, so she could not have known of this command directly from God. Only Adama, the hermaphrodite, was commanded directly. So, we might ask:
1.  How did Eve come to know about this command?
2.  How did the snake also know about it  - hence it
     tempted Eve?
3. Should Eve actually be punished for an offence she
     was ignorant of?
4.  Was she really innocent of the crime she was charged
5. Of what relationship had her offence with the dictates
     of her punishment in verse 16 ---
In addition, he said to the woman; “I will increase your trouble in pregnancy and your pain in giving birth. In spite of this, you will still have desire for your husband, yet you will be subject to him.”  
What relationship is there between mere eating of a fruit of a forbidden tree with labour in childbirth, libido in coitus and obedience to Adam? Now, read verses 22 – 24; God introduces another tree – “He must not be allowed to take the fruit from the tree that gives life, eat it, and live for ever.” – etc – our great grandmother was stupid then, or she didn’t know of this other more beneficial tree. She should have eaten that first and given to our great grandfather Adam so we could/can live eternally. So the question arises. Who were being addressed when God said the contents of verse 24?
Jude:               A sophist at his best. I have listened with rapt attention – and taken note of your reference to other portions of the Bible. I am yet to decipher where you belong. For now, I can’t place you as an atheist, an agnostic, an animist or a pagan! But I must go home, read and those your references before I can respond to these eye-openers!
Jideofo:          My friend, you need to, and that, very quickly too! – For I’m eager to get to those other areas that Kenez talked about:
·         The paternity of Cain in dispute
·         Incongruity of Eve’s punishment to a simple dietary disobedience
·         What fruit could a snake convince a woman to eat and then give to her husband that is no more in existence today?
·         Where is this Garden of Eden? Moreover what part of the world map can it be located now?
·         Why was enmity necessary between Satan and Eve – were they formally in love?
·         What sin did Satan, the son of God commit, beside his royal duty of tempting men and women that merited the change of his physical characteristics, to become the only animal that crawls on its belly, the only one without legs and yet the most intelligent and cunning?
Kenez:            Softly, softly, my philosopher friend – Have you accepted that it was God who planned the fall of Adam?
Jude:   Yes, let him answer that one first – Jideofo – over to you…  I have always wondered how this atheist gets all the information he bandies about. Did God plan the fall of Adama, and if so provide enough evidence to convince us?
Jideofo:          Yes – a hundred times yes! – Because
1.      God is both omniscient and omnipotent
2.      The Bible cannot lie despite variations in translations
3.      The story of Job educates us that Satan is a son of God
4.      He must have been created or born by the Lord God before Adam was created
5.      He had other princes, with whom he shared duties in the royal court of their father – the Lord God.
6.      As a son, he had his duties to perform. See Daniel 1011-21
7.      Therefore, God tempted Adam as He tempted Abraham and Job, but whereas those two men refused to fall, Adam fell because of Eve. Therefore, whoever created Satan, Adam and Eve was responsible for setting up the chain reaction! God supplanted Adam by anaesthetic surgery, duplicating him, separating the male and female organs and making Eve weaker and a ready prey to the cunning snake! The same God allowed Satan to tempt Eve. Therefore, the buck stops at God’s desk, Q.E.D.!



Jude:               Dear friends, I have had the chance to read some of the references Kenez made during our last discourse a fortnight ago. Well, congrats! My friends, it was quite interesting – one really continues to learn until one reaches one’s graveside!
Jideofo:          Thanks my friend – so you are gradually stepping down from your theological “I- know-it-all-throne,” that’s a progressive move – keep it up. As for me; DANIEL Chapter 10, all the verses – were quite illuminating. Every man or woman who prays to God Almighty needs to read, think understand, meditate and internalise it – I’d also like to call their attention specifically to 1 John, Chapter 3, verses 7 – 10:
Kenez:                     That’s exactly the message of Genesis Chapter 3 – HUMAN DISOBEDIENCE is of the devil – the Evil one – Lucifer or Satan, a Son of God, a Prince of Heaven, whose duty it is to tempt us.  Make no mistakes about it – He is a well-informed Field Marshall in his trade – “destroy and kill” – how does he achieve so much success? – Ask yourself; why am I weak, Answer – see Romans chapters 6, 7 and 8.  Though Saul of Tarsus was not a modern psychologist, he was truly inspired in those three chapters and dissected HUMAN FRAILTY, - so I want to ask – whose engineering was this frailty – was it God’s or Satan’s… I want answers – my dear friends or else we shall dismiss for today – I want to attend to my patients – you know, Wednesdays are my consultation days every week – come rain, come sunshine
Jude:               Hallelujah – Sir Kenez has turned a new leaf. I knew that gradually you would unfold like a budding flower – and this pagan philosopher-- my dear Jideofo, would smell your beauty and fragrance.
Jideofo:          Come off it, my friend – have you never heard of the terminology “the Devil’s Advocate” – Not all devil’s advocates are his disciples – I am not one – but I hate faith without reason – or belief without rationalism – that’s all – that’s my philosophy of life!  Jude – let me educate you – you have not read the shortest epistle in the whole bible, or have you?  Otherwise, why answer a name you didn’t even know its origin.  Do you know that your real name is JUDAS THADDEUS?
Jude:               No, it can’t be – I disagree.
Jideofo:          You see, my learned friend, Kenez – this bosom friend of mine lives in a fool’s paradise – he answers a name he doesn’t even understand. Well, not to digress – Judas Iscariot and Judas Thaddeus were both apostles of Jesus, the Christ – but the latter’s name had to be modified to distinguish him from the traitor who betrayed their Master.
Kenez:            Congrats! Jideofo – a walking encyclopaedia you must be! Jude – give him a handshake – He is 100% correct!  Later, read the Epistle of Jude – the most concise and most powerful letter written by any of the twelve apostles. Judas Iscariot was a genuine replica or true descendant of Lucifer/Satan, He was the only educated one, an accountant, and he was more cunning than all the other apostles of Jesus, the Christ were!
Jideofo:          In addition – my dear friends – chapter 5 of Romans dictated by Saul of Tarsus and written down by Dr. Luke – his secretary and personal physician documents in graphic detail a comparison of Christ and Adam, of Human Disobedience and its results – its aetiology – prognosis and therapy. Verse 12 says this:
                        Sin came into the world through one man, and his sin brought death with it.  As a result, death has spread to the whole human race because everyone has sinned.  There was sin in the world before the law was given, but where there is no law, no account is kept of sins.” 
By the way, I am quoting from GNB – my favourite – not archaic KJV, which muddles everything up. If you doubt me, go home and compare verses 12 and 13 in the two versions.
Kenez:               My encyclopaedic Jideofo – thanks – my question then is – who brought sin into the world –if I take your quotation as “inspired truth” – Note – “There was sin in the world before the law was given” – So Adama was created after sin had already existed. Some angels had already rebelled against God; maybe for that reason the “snake” Satan was already evil and plotted against Adama. He looked for a way to force Adama disobey God, the Creator. This Satan couldn’t do until God made the law of the forbidden fruit in Genesis Chapter 2, verses 15, 16 and 17. All that Satan did was bid his time till God made a law!
Jideofo:          Ride on – I am following.
Jude:               Wait a minute – I am confused – I thought Paul was referring to the Mount Sinai laws, the Ten Commandments?
Kenez:                     We were not told that – moreover many had already been punished before the Exodus from Egypt.  Remember Lot’s wife, the Tower of Babel, Noah’s generation before the Deluge or Flood – the laws had already existed long before all these episodes. My dear Jude put on your thinking cap!
Jideofo:          Ignore the dogmatic simpleton and carry on with your trend of syllogism. Am I excited? – yes! Am I learning something new? – of course, yes again! Am I becoming wiser and more humble? – oh yes! Holiness and sainthood are not restricted to irrational Christian fanatics or mystics like Jude here.
Kenez:            There’s no need for name calling here – how can a philosopher like you call a Christian scientist like Jude, a fanatic?
Jideofo:          Because at times he allows the child in him dominate the man in him.  This has always been my quarrel with him – at times he reasons like an adult – at other times like a hypnotised adolescent Christian – I am sorry…
Kenez:            Now let me state my routes for this debate:
(i)                 God created the Angels, some rebelled and they were punished.
(ii)               God then decided to create animals and man in their place
(iii)             Satan loathed this scheme and plotted on how to overthrow the man.
(iv)             To achieve the fall of Adam, the creation of Eve was vital.
(v)               Cain was the next victim of Satan’s plot, whereas Abel refused to fall.
(vi)             Over the next generations of Adam – God recreated him.
(vii)           Enoch in Genesis Chapter 5 was the first replica of the original Adam.
(viii)         Lamech in Chapter 4 was the first replica of the sinful Cain
(ix)             Noah eventually arrived in Chapter 7,8, & 9  – as a reincarnate of Abel.
(x)               The flood was God’s first attempt to clean up fallen Adam, yet the experiment failed because he still allowed one of Noah’s three sons that survived the flood carry on the genetic code of sinfulness.
So my thesis is this * Human frailty was the design of God on the eighth day of creation. Satan as a heavenly prince could have suggested that Adama the hermaphrodite be duplicated! This, he reasoned, was necessary so that he could tempt the weaker vessel and so get at Adama. Moreover, he succeeded excellently!
Note also that, the first Adama was gifted, super intelligent and law abiding – that was why God came and strolled with him in the evenings, until the arrival of the naked and tantalising Eve, and soon Adam found out he was naked and hid on the subsequent strolling appointment. Please, read Genesis Chapter 3, verses 8 and 9.
Note also that whereas Adam’s wife succeeded in tripping him into disobedience, Job’s wife failed woefully, Job Chapter 2 verses 9 and 10. To date, the Almighty Creator has continued to look for a way of cleansing humanity of our sinful attitude – yet no solution seems in sight! Why, then did Christ die? May be Jude here, the student of theology, may come to our rescue! Also, tell us, why God did not use Enoch, Noah or Job to replenish the earth with obedient men?
Jude:               Well we have an explanation that most Christian theologians accept – that Christ is the second Adam sent to repair the damage the first Adam did. What you call Adam’s fall is truly a failure to choose right from wrong. There is the doctrine of free will. Of all the animals, God gave only Adam and Eve, the upright carriage, frontal eye vision, a voice and the ability to speak a language! Only Adam could talk, and he was God’s friend, such that God brought all his creatures to Adam, so he could to name them. What a privilege! See Genesis Chapter 2; verses 19 and 20. So the first Adam was super human, intelligent, and could choose and invent names! God, in verses 15 and 16, gave Adam the freewill to choose any fruit to eat, but in verse 17 He stated thus:
“Except the tree that gives knowledge of what is good and what is bad. You must not eat the fruit of that tree; if you do, you will die the same day – Good News Bible Version. 
A more dramatic narration can be glimpsed at from the KJV
v. 15.   And the Lord God, took the man, and put him in the Garden of Eden to dress it and keep it.
v.16     And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:
v.17     But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat; for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die 
King James Version.

The point to note is that there were many trees to choose and pluck their fruit except this one. 
Another narration mentions that for avoidance of doubt this particular tree was planted at the centre of the garden. To confirm these refer to the snake’s conversation with Eve, in verses 1 – 6 of chapter 3. Specifically, verses 23 tells us that Eve stated its position.
v.2       “We may eat the fruit of any tree in the garden” the woman answered;
v.3       “except the tree in the middle of it.                              ………GNB version
Here, Eve adds the law forbidding their touching it even. These regulations they were free to obey or disobey!
Jideofo:          Please Jude, don’t take offence, but let me ask a few pertinent questions. From your narrative so far;
1.      If Adam and Eve had freewill before eating this fruit, then what meaning has verse 17?
2.      Why did the snake, Eve and Adam not die immediately they ate it?  For I assume that if Eve ate and died immediately, she would not have lived long enough to give it to Adam.
3.      Where was Adam when Eve and the snake were conversing? Did he go hunting?
Jude:               The meaning of verse 17 – is straightforward – God gave Adam the permission to eat every other fruit of his choice except the fruit from the tree planted in the centre.
Kenez:            Was any tree labelled bitter or sweet, ripe or unripe, good or bad, had Adam any knowledge of a good fruit or a bad fruit before he ate the fruit of that forbidden tree?
Jude:               He had a choice of every other tree, of any other fruit. The sin they committed is that they disobeyed God – simple – they were commanded and they refused to adhere to the command – and that truly is the definition of all sins ever since then.
Kenez:                     The issue is that you are begging the question. I asked; did Adam know a good fruit from a bad one before he ate the forbidden fruit – can’t you see my dilemma?
Jude:               I can’t – I’m sorry
Jideofo:          Then listen carefully. Adam was the only one around when this law was given. He was God’s friend, and was super-intelligent. He named all the birds and the animals, but not a single plant, grass or tree. These were all created before him.  The question then is – if Adam had not been privileged to know the names of the trees how could he have known which produced good or bad fruits, sweet or bitter ones?
Jude:               His taste buds were there to help him! I can’t see the slant of your question!
Jideofo:          So, Adam and his wife had to go around tasting all the fruits produced by all the various trees before they could decipher the sweet and good ones different from the bitter and bad ones?
Jude:               Yes of course
Kenez:            My dear Jude – read verses 16 and 17 again, let’s think now.
Jude:               v. 16.   He said to him, “you may eat the fruit of any tree in the garden,
                        v.17     except the tree that gives knowledge of what is good and what is bad.  You must not eat the fruit of that tree, if you do, you will die the same day.”
Kenez:            Jude interpret for us, or answer the following:
1.                  How many people were there?
2.                  What is free will in the absence of knowledge of what is good and what is bad?
Jude:               Truly I can now see the point –
A.        Only Adam the hermaphrodite was commanded – so only God and Adama were dialoguing. There were only two persons – one man and one creator God.
B.        Choice presumes knowledge of what is advantageous from that, which is disadvantageous. A little while before this command, Adam was only “to dress it and keep it” – then he was permitted to eat any freely.”
Kenez:            Watch a little child – have you ever done so – Do you notice that everything that comes his way, he puts into his mouth?
Jude:               Yes – I have – I now remember.
Jideofo:          Me too – I know that much – but I have never bothered to ask why? But now that Kenez has raised the question, it seems to me that’s exactly the level of experience and knowledge of Adam prior to eating the forbidden fruit – yes – that’s it.
Kenez:            And they tasted it and “surely did not die.”
Jude:   No, they died spiritually.  “Death” there is not literal but idiomatic – sin means separation from God and that in spiritual death – that is the reference there my friend.
Jideofo:          There he goes again – the blind trying very hard to lead those who can see more clearly.
Jude:               No, not exactly – read the judgement – and you will see that God arranged the salvation of man right from there.  See verses 14 – 15; - The snake was punished severely – and enmity and hatred between his seed and the seed of the woman was ignited by God, who further promised to send a seed of the woman to crush the head of the snake… that was a reference to the Saviour – the second Adam – our Lord Jesus Christ!
Jideofo:          I sympathise with you Jude – where, the hell did you get that forgery? It is not stated in the bible – or else give me the chain references to buttress your assertion.
Jude:               I don’t have all at my fingertips presently, but you can check out the following; Romans Chapter 5, verses. 12 – 21 or 1 Cor. 15, 45 – 49.
Jideofo:          Very smart of you – but have you also not read 1st Tim Chapter 2, verses 13 and 14 which state thus:
                        v. 13:   For Adam was created first and then Eve
                        v.14:    And it was not Adam who was deceived, it was the woman who was deceived and broke God’s law.
                        v.15:    But a woman will be saved through having children, if she perseveres in faith and love and holiness with modesty.
Jude:               Great philosopher – you are now my convert!
Jideofo:          Go to the Garden of Eden – my friend – you are missing the point. The topic under scrutiny is - that HUMAN WEAKNESS – was designed by God the Creator, and to date, I attest to the fact that Adam’s fall was remotely controlled by the Creator himself – using his son of darkness, Satan and Eve, His daughter of vanity, as an accomplice to achieve Adam’s fall.
Kenez:            My friends – only Eve knew that the tree was planted in the middle of the garden, because the analogy applied to her body. The vagina and pubic hair is at the centre of any and every woman if she lies down and spreads both hands and feet wide apart. So also are the penis and the testicles if any man lies down naked and spreads out his hands and legs wide apart.
Eve and Adam were virgins at their creation, but God had not legally married them – and so He allowed them to live in innocence, without libido or sexual desires yet. Nevertheless, the woman was very pretty, beautiful and succulent. Satan was like a man – all angels appear in human forms – Gabriel, Michael, and even the ones that saved Lot from Sodom and Gomorrah.
 By allowing the beautiful virgin Eve stroll around in the nude, God was setting a trap, not only for Himself, but also for the princes, angels and Adam also, It was not before the Handsome and lustful Lucifer, the Satan desired Eve and seduced her to have the first sexual intercourse. This could happen to any virile man today! Moreover, like any other female of today, she equally enjoyed it and later tutored Adam how to make love to her. The results – see Chapter 3, verse 7: GNB
 “v. 7:  As soon as they had eaten it, they were given understanding, and realised that they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and covered themselves.”
It is noteworthy to read the dramatic effect in KJV. – See Chapter 3, verses 1 – 13. It is hilarious. Go home and enjoy it.  Next time we shall deliberate on the drama! For now – I am hurrying over to my clinic to earn a living for my family – or can both of you raise N5, 000 on the spot – so I can forget it and allow the discourse to continue …  I am yet to land – oh. All I have given you is a sudden appetiser – “a de’ja vu” – an “aha– experience” Also think about this – when was the first time you had sexual intercourse. It might take you a very long time to remember. When you do remember, tell me – who showed you the way. Who lectured you and graduated you? Was it not a great granddaughter of the same inquisitive Eve?
Jideofo:          (clapping and later shaking hands with Kenez) My own magister! You can go jo-oh! – We shall tie up the loose ends if only my friend here – Jude will agree.
Jude:               I am dumbfounded. I have never seen a clever sophist, a scientist and a theologian rolled into one human being – who walks the earth – in human form.
Jideofo:          That’s why you are warned to “beware of silent men” who pretend they know nothing – and even look and behave “naïve” – it’s all a smoke screen. They are the harbingers of volcanic eruptions when it comes to insight, divergent thinking and radical revolutions.
Jude:               On a more serious note – my friend – do you really get the gist of Kenez over ruling statements?
Jideofo:          Of course, yes – He said that we have been fed with fables and legends – as children are meant to – camouflages and analogies being freely employed to cover up immorality in bible stories – for the sake of not scandalising the youth - and turning Genesis – into a pornographic narrative.
Jude:               So, the Snake – that cunning fool – actually “raped” Eve! No! – Seduced her? – no , gave her a practical lecture on bedmatics and asked her to go home and teach Adam his first lesson on romance and coitus.
Jideofo:          Of course, or do they not do the same to date? Jude, was it not a woman that gave you the first lesson in sexual intercourse. That’s the forbidden fruit for sure, because you will live long and happily if you’ve never tasted it at all – but no sooner have you indulged in the first sexual act – than you are enslaved to libido and sexual urges – and gradually you begin to die. Whether you want to believe it or not, Kenez has resolved a riddle we have had for thirty years. Great men think great ideas. Eve’s first bed partner was not Adam, but Satan. Moreover, to date his great grandchildren still move around raping and disvirgining girls at their teens!
Jude:           In fact, what Kenez has said so far, makes more sense than all we have been spoon-fed at our nursery and primary school ages! How I wish I had known all these by then, I would have had less scruples and guilt feelings than I now carry around. It is sad to realise that all along these theologians knew the truth, but deliberately fed us with lies! I will never be taken for a ride again! From now on, it is IF YOU CANNOT PROVE THE AUTHENTICITY OF ANY BIBLE VERSE, DON’T TELL ME ABOUT IT! Often I wonder whether it is really an advantage to be born into a family that has already been dogmatised. Most Christians are never given the breathing space to rationalise the faith of their parents. This must stop. It the root of all the fanaticism in most of the syncretic factions, breakaways and denominations that dot our street corners. Mushroom prayer-houses spring up on this type of deceptive interpretation of Bible narratives!
Kenez:               That is exactly what the animator and the founding fathers of INTEGRATIONAL SPIRITAN MOVEMENT are seeking answers to. This book is the first instalment in a long line of more controversial books that must provide authentic and lasting answers!
Every natural scientists is free to join in this onerous duty of finding lasting solutions to religious bigotry, dogmatic recalcitrance and ethnocentric doctrines that have been the bane of world peace.
Jideofo:             Of what use is the United Nations when they cannot stop international wars or fratricidal killings within the same religious faith due to fanaticism and mysticism. Why is Pakistan at war with India? Why has it been impossible to halt the senseless aggression in the Middle East? Who owns the land, but God?
Jude:                  Yes, it is time to ask the secretary-general of that world body to render an account of his stewardship and those of his predecessors! For how long shall we have such a toothless bulldog? If it cannot bite, it should be dismissed for inefficiency. Human frailty does not include diplomatic redundancy. Or does it?

Jideofo:          While recovering from our last discourse on human weakness, I pondered on why the weaker vessels dominate the stronger vessels. By that, I mean that some wives always try to control their husbands – why, Jude – do you know?
Jude:            How am I supposed to know – you said I was a fanatical simpleton – so why ask me that question?  You philosophers are supposed to know better – or else ask Kenez – the almighty psychologist you call, your MAGISTER!
Kenez:            It hasn’t come to that – has it? Look, Jude, if you would like to discontinue the discourse, then kindly tell us and we can disperse – otherwise cut out all those your buffoonery … Don’t insult my intelligence!
Jude:               That’s not what I meant, my friend – you must instruct my adamant friend, Jideofo to stop calling me names.
Jideofo:          I will only stop, if and only if, you start thinking for yourself – instead of swallowing every concept you are fed with by your priests, pastors and fanatical Christian friends.
Jude:               Okay I will try – back to the question of women trying very hard to dominate their male friends or partners in love affairs or marriage–it’s simple! Their great grandmother did it in the Garden of Eden and succeeded – so why can’t they? – It’s in their genes – moreover psychologists warn us that whereas men are rational women are intuitive. They are struggling to assert themselves.
Jideofo:          (After clapping for thirty seconds) – Great – yes I knew it – the stuff had all along been there – but dogmas and doctrines tried to stifle your capacity to think aloud.  My magister – Kenez – don’t you agree.
Kenez:            Everyone has the ability to reason things out – Adam was super-intelligent and kept the law – Did you think Satan never tempted him and failed woefully?
Jideofo:          I think he must have, hence he suggested to his Father, the Creator: “Daddy do you see that Adam is alone and lonely of all the animals and birds, we created in twos? Let us duplicate Adama – so, at least he can have company.”
Jude:   A trickster at his “politricks” – all he wanted was to plot the fall off Adama using God as the instrument to create a ‘weaker Adama’ – named Eve – so he could easily deceive her to eat the forbidden fruit.
Kenez:                    Good, you are now catching up – my Jude – The Creator’s error in engineering Eve was the crux of Adama’s fall.  Satan ensured that a fundamental engineering mistake was made during the moulding of Eve – a.k.a—the first hypnotic surgery! Since he was the most cunning of created beings, but had failed to tempt Adama – he saw to it that a weaker vessel was fashioned, paving the way for an easy prey.  
And to date, the calamity that befell Adama is still re-enacted in all-human miseries and disasters. Men go to wars over their love for women; robbers destroy and kill in order to please their girlfriends; some boxers and wrestlers perform under excruciating pains to continue impressing their female fans! Most human catastrophes; social, political and ethical are traceable to feminine machinations, and/or plots, consciously or not, voluntary or not. But definitely sensual pleasure is at the root of it all – witness Adam’s fall, Lot’s wife, David’s murder of Uriah, Solomon’s fall from grace to grass or the most classical example to date – Samson’s fall and blindness due to the love he had for the Philistine woman, - Delilah!
To date sons of the same parents – I mean sibling brothers, live and interact in love and unity until they all get married – and then, the bubble bursts – antagonism, petty jealousies, subterfuge and disunity are enthroned.  These problems were smoothened out before, but now their wives engineer and destroy the bond of unity and fraternal love, therefore my thesis is this – God created the genetic load for human frailty and implanted same in Eve, who as the mother of all human beings thereafter transmitted the tendency to seek pleasure and praise at all costs and avoid pain and blame at all costs.  Eve was, is and will ever remain the grandmother of feminine frailty, which mothers transfer to their children – sons and daughters at birth, via their 23 chromosomes during fertilisation, pregnancy, gestation, delivery, breast milk and child rearing practices.
Jideofo:          That’s a very long one – but I notice gaps here and there. Could we take it piece-meal -?
Jude:                 Yes – there are five main senses in man – those of sight, smelling, hearing, tasting and touching – touching is same as tactile and has all the skin areas of the body.
Kenez:                       That’s it – largest surface areas – but do you know the headquarters of all tactile senses…
Jideofo:          Should it be the tongue?
Jude:               (Laughter)
So there is something a student of philosophy is yet to learn … the tongue is the organ for taste – bitter, sweet, sour, - as well as for talking and singing – not tactile – my friend.
Kenez:         Good – my friend – just as you have mentioned – the tongue is the main organ for tasting – so what are the main organs for the others –
Jude:      The eyes for seeing, ears for hearing, the nose for smelling and eh-eh the skin for tactile –
Jideofo:          Wrong – you were asked the main organ not the general one – every organ has skin; ears, eyes, nose, tongue, hands, feet, etc – the main organ for feeling and in fact the largest sense organ in all animals is the penis in males, and the vulva in the females.
Kenez:            Great – we have educated men here – Now – who created the vagina, ‘labia majora’ and ‘labia minora’, and essentially the clitoris in females.
Jude:               God, of course! No one else – No, not ever Satan could, has ever or ever will create anything.
Kenez:            Jideofo – do you agree?
Jideofo:          Ride on, the question is unnecessary!
Kenez:            The testicles and the penis in man are the largest organ for tactile sense – weight for weight. The penis of an elephant is small compared to its body size and weight, - so also is the horse, camel or buffalo! Even our closest cousins – the apes: gorillas and chimpanzees – have smaller penis and testicles – weight for weight – when compared with that of the human male, why? Ask Desmond Morris, in his masterpiece “THE NAKED APE,” or else why do we have longer and larger penis?
Jideofo:          Whom are you asking?  Am I a Son of God, or do I attend the heavenly courts or senate – Ask the inventor of the penis – Ask the Almighty Creator.
Jude:               Look here – my friend, don’t blaspheme – use your head and apply some hydraulic fluid to your tongue.
Jideofo:          I’m sorry – I apologise – but why should Kenez ask us such impertinent questions as if we had answers – He should expatiate his thesis on THE GENESIS OF HUMAN FRAILTY – and leave us out of it; Kenez, am I right?
Kenez:            Of course, you are – but rhetorics are part and parcel of oratory and argumentation – Did I ask you – in the first place – why are you furious and behaving like a neophyte in logic?        Read: Genesis chapter 3; verses 2 and 3 from KJV or GNB.
Jude:   (reading from GNB… Gen 3, verses 2 and 3, and also 4 and 5).
                        v.2       “We may eat the fruit of any tree in the garden” the woman answered;
                        v.3       “Except the tree in the middle of it.  God told us not to eat the fruit of that tree or even touch it, if we do, we will die.
                        v.4       The snake replied, “That’s not true; you will not die.
                        v.5       God said that, because he knows that when you eat it you will be like God, and know what is good and what is bad.”
Kenez:                        That’s my thesis – God created Eve for Adam – but wanted some time to elapse so that both could get adjusted to each other, like our present day courtship and engagement, before he could officially wed them as we do these days!
Jude:               Yes – I see.
Jideofo:          Ride on…
Kenez:                      What happened was that Satan could not wait to eat from the pubic region of the beautiful Eve – he was in love or lust or both – see Genesis chapter 6, verses 1 – 8 – entitled “HUMAN WICKEDNESS” – in GNB. 
Satan made love to Eve – using his organ of maximum tactile feeling and sensitised Eve’s labia, clitoris and vagina – the result – THE IGNITION OF AN ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT – so hard to break – an illegal opening ceremony or cutting of the tape to mark the onset of human reproduction.
        Who put the gadgets there in the first place,
        Who wired the gadgets,
        Who engineered the circuit, the transformers, the electric current, the crescendo, the orgasm,  the plateau, etc.
 God, of course! However, it was Satan who switched on the generator earlier than the date God proposed to inaugurate the machine.
Jideofo:          So what you are saying is that sexual intercourse is the most sophisticated sensual pleasure God ever created?
Kenez:                     Yes, or don’t you agree? If there is any other, inform us. Educate us, please. You may refer to Desmond Morris I earlier quoted, or else ask any clinical psychologist you meet next. Finally, ask Masters and Johnson, two renowned researchers in human sexuality
Jude:         I could not agree more – it is – and it’s the one that leads men into sin, greed, lust, promiscuity more than anything else.  It is the beginning of dying.
Kenez:            Thank you, my dear Jude – that is the conclusion of the matter. Gen. 6, verses 2 - 3 state:
                        v. 2:     some of the heavenly beings saw that these young women were beautiful, so they took the ones they liked.
                        v . 3:    Then the Lord said, “I will not allow people to live for ever; they are mortal.  From now on, they will live no longer than a hundred and twenty years.”
The result was that giants were born and wickedness; extortion, bullying, rape, lust for power, wealth and fame corrupted the world. In actual fact, this was a commentary on what happened in the Garden of Eden – a romantic scenery – where Satan made love to Eve – and downgraded humans meant to live for ever to ‘mortality’, doomed to ageing and death. Therefore, sensual pleasure – sexual intercourse – is s the genesis of human error, human weakness, concupiscence and death!
Jude:               Kenez – who are you? Where did you come from? Why have I not met you all through my youthful years?  From where do you get your information – I hope you are not the beast with the number 666.
Jideofo:          Will you shut up your mouth – Jude – I mean
Jude:               Don’t get me wrong my friend – I am only commending Kenez – he is a genius – yes – watch how he interprets all the arguments we had in our school days – don’t you see him reducing all of them to ABC Simple arithmetic – I love his style.
Kenez:                  "Know you not – that ye also are small gods!” Who said that, when and where was it said! That’s your homework – But to buttress my thesis – you will get the best translation in KJV, Gen. 6: verses 1 - 3. Go home, read it, meditate on it – and you will realise that God the Creator – regretted ever creating sons of God and sons of Adam.
The origin of human frailty is that two gene pools of humanity, in other words, two types of human beings are in existence; the descendants of Cain, whose father was the Snake, and the descendants of Seth, whose father was Adam!  And to date, this state of affairs exist without many theologians, priests, and bishops being aware of it! We shall address this in the next discourse!
Jude:               Here I agree with you completely, so let me read out some of the relevant verses that you have quoted. I have KJV here, do you mind my quoting from it?
                        Gen. 6: v.1. And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them.
                        v.2.      That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were (beautiful) fair; and they took their wives of all which they chose.
                        v.3       And the Lord said, “My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh; yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.
                        v.4       There were giants on the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men, which were of old, men of renown.
                        v.5       And God saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.
                        v.6       And it repenteth the Lord that had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.
                        v.7       And the Lord said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.
                        v.8       But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord…
Kenez:            Thank you Jude – Jideofo – is anyone in doubt as to who engineered Adam’s fall and how human frailty, wickedness, greed and lust emanating from those giants messed up God’s wonderful creation.  God should take the blame in full.  I rest my case.
Jideofo:   Excellent…Q.E.D; ‘Quod  erat demonstradum.’




Jude:               Welcome my co-debaters, panel of judges – our admirers – and distinguished audience and our readers still – Praise the Lord! I have had stomach troubles for a whole week – after the last heated discourse on THE ORIGIN OF HUMAN FRAILTY…
Jideofo:          You are not alone, my dear Jude – I had diarrhoea – but I recovered in just twenty – four hours – I loved that peppery dish, Kenez served. For once, we men ought to hide our heads in shame – and stop boasting – More often than not – we are second fiddles in this game of eating the forbidden fruit. Whoever marries a virgin these days? Whoever really knows the biological father of his first child?
Kenez:            No one, my dear Jideofo – No, not even Adam.  He was so uncertain of both Cain and Abel until he was one hundred and thirty years old. He lived in fear and anxiety and never uttered a word until the birth of Seth; - please let someone read KJV, chapter 5:
Jude:               Why the conversion – I thought we agreed to always read from Good News Bible?
Jideofo:          Yes, stone head, so when KJV is requested, then there must be a reason – read, my friend, read.             KJV, Chapter 5, verses 1 – 8
                        v. 1:     This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him.
                        v. 2:     Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.
                        v. 3:     And Adam lived a hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth.
                        v. 4:     And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years; and he begat sons and daughters.
                        v. 5:     And all the days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty years: and he died.
                        v. 6:     And Seth lived an hundred and five years and begat  Enoch .. e t c.
Jideofo:          So where are you dragging us to? – Is it the old age of these early men – aha – having a child at 130 years or 105 years? Divide each of those years by seven to get their accurate ages. For them at that time, seven days was a month in our current calendars!
Kenez:         No, not at all.  Look at verse 3, critically – do you see – what I’m seeing –“ and begat a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called him Seth.” – GNB renders it thus:
                        v. 3:     when Adam was 130 years old, he had a son who was like him.” And he named him Seth.” – note also that chapter 5 – is entitled “THE DESCENDANTS OF ADAM” which I believe was copied from the RSV version – so let’s see its account and rendition.
RSV: Chapter 5, verse 3.
                        v. 3:     when Adam had lived a hundred and thirty years, he became the father of a son in his own likeness, after his image, and he named him Seth.”…
                        Can’t any of you smell a rat? If you don’t – I will go home. Are both of you so blind? Think – yes – think.
Jideofo:          Give me a minute – let me re-read them and compare all these narratives – something is fishy – I smell something – but I can’t place a finger on it yet.  Have some patience Kenez – or are you that short-tempered.
Kenez:                        Yes, class dismisses … see you during our next discussion meeting – Good- bye and God bless and open your eyes!
Jude:               Jideofo – how did you meet this monster, you address as MAGISTER – ever since he joined us – I’ve been dribbled, mesmerised and humbled.
Jideofo:          He may be an angel sent to educate us more.  Remember, the Ethiopian Eunuch and Philip – in the Act’s of the apostles…
Jude:               “Do you understand what you are reading” – Philip, How can I, unless someone guides me!”
Jideofo:          So I invited him – “to come up and sit with us - … Let him open his mouth like Philip – and explain the intrigues in the Bible. I won’t grudge him his exceptional insight!  He can probe things and is endowed with divine wisdom … Are you sure this is not our own version of KING SOLOMON – the wise? (After some minutes  – they disperse – and each decides to seek out Kenez privately, to beg him to join them in the next discussion session. Jideofo is the one that goes in search of Sir Kenez. At his gate, he greets the gate man thus…):
Jideofo:          Hello – is the Doctor in? – Hello ! – gate man or woman? Which ever you are?
Gate man:      Welcome – visitor – I am here – but like you inadvertently pointed out – I am no more very certain which I am – a man or a woman – or else tell me how a fully grown man can idle the whole day at the gate – opening and closing it.  That’s a job for a woman – the weaker sex – isn’t it?
Jideofo:          No, I disagree, though I must say I am impressed with your English – how did you leave such high flying vocabulary e.g. “inadvertently” or “idle away hours.”
Gate man:      Who are you looking for?
Jideofo:          Of course, you know – whom? The house owner.
Gate man:      Wrong – He denounces that terminology – He calls himself – the house caretaker – a leaseholder. That’s my Oga –for you – a down –to-earth existentialist.
Jideofo:          My friend – there you go again – big words how did you come about them –
Gate man:      Your friend – the caretaker – Solomon’s Disciple.  He uses them, I look them up in the dictionary and I practise them on visitors like you --- (he giggles)
Jideofo:          Enough of the pleasantries – where is the leaseholder, caretaker or whatever he calls himself?
Gate man:      At the library – so he didn’t tell you?
Jideofo:          No – which library –and where…?
Gate man:      Walk straight across that small hut – the one painted white – then trek about half a kilometre along the riverside – and you will find him – sitting on a rock facing the east – peering over the forests, hills and the skyline – that’s his library – a library stocked by nature – “A NATURE LIBRARY” Dr. Kenez calls it.
Jideofo:          Thank you; my dear gate man – you should become a University Registrar – rather than this job you have. 
                        (Jideofo follows the directives – but misses his way – In his confusion, he starts yelling “Kenez! – Kenez!” at the top of his voice.  Still no response.  He comes back to the gateman – who reprimands him for yelling the name of his Black Solomon, moreso in the costliest library in the whole word.)
Gate man:      Didn’t you know that noise is forbidden in any and every library world-wide – so what the hell made you scream inside my Oga’s library. After the white hut – the rest of the garden, Orchard – is his “Garden of Eden” – the library where God tutored Adam and Eve.” That is what he calls it.
Jideofo:          Sorry dear – I am a fool – I did not imagine that an empty bush – or garden could really be a library.
Gate man:      Sure enough – I was in the same position as you – ten years ago – when I first took up this job.  But over the years – I have learnt differently –I’m now the wiser for it!
Jideofo:          So you go and call him – yourself…
Gate man:      Okay – let me do as you say…
                        (He leaves in search of Kenez … comes back in three minutes … with a sleepy Kenez)
Kenez:                   Jideofo – hello – how are you?  Is everything in order – why the surprise visit – ehe! – let me see – two of you are ready to continue our discourse?
Jideofo:          Yes – and as I was the one who made contact with you initially – I have come to apologise for our sluggish mentality in not following up with your speed of thought? Pity us – we had to think at our level, at our social – speed and mundane insight!

Kenez:                   That’s where all of you, humans – go wrong!  Why think – when you could ask for and get insight free of charge.
Jideofo:          What do you mean! Show me how – so that  I too can declare information, data, evidence, premises and arguments with certainty, like you do.
Kenez:                  That’s why I am always at home with nature.  You may think I didn’t hear your calls – I did – but I was naked!
Jideofo:          What do you mean?
Kenez:            Yes, like Adama – I thought you saw my pair of trousers, my singlet and pant beside the guava tree, near the river – Oh, poor you – you lack observation – too!
Jideofo:          I did. I thought your gardener left them there, so…
Kenez:            Let’s go back and you show me the dresses that you saw …(They get to the guava tree, but there are no dresses in sight) Where are they? You saw them there? Of what colours?
Jideofo:          Now, I can see – the colours were same as the trouser and singlet you are putting on now – My dear Kenez do you mean, you move around in this garden in your birthday suit?
Kenez:                    Exactly, and even at night, especially during moonlights – I even invite my wife to join me in this zoological, botanical or mature lectures here.  Our teacher, the professor of creation Himself – teaches us – and the Holy Spirit – takes us on tutorials. If you doubt me, remove your dresses now. I am the gardener here, and this garden is hedged in completely – no hidden cameras, no videos and only one gate – that one over there. On the other hand, are you afraid the birds might see your nakedness?
Jideofo:          No – no, but I’d prefer the moonlight option. A helicopter might appear in an evening like this and hover around here.
Kenez:                     Now, you can better appreciate what Adam and Eve felt in Genesis 3 verses 7 – 13.  Let’s go home for now.  When you reach your bedroom at night – read 1st Kings Chapter 3 verses 4 – 15. Tonight when you go to bed, lie down naked, wake up at 5 a.m. and imitate Solomon, the Wise!
Jideofo:        So I can rest, assured that you have forgiven both Jude and my humble self? You will then join us?
Kenez:        Sure, I will be there!
            (A happy Jideofo hugs Kenez, thanks the gate man & leaves.
He finds Jude and intimates him of his achievement..)
Jude:              I thought we had lost him forever. I am happy you succeeded in convincing to attend the nest session of our exuberant debates. I am every grateful you did the yeoman’s job.
Jideofo:         Do you have a library?
Jude:             Yes, I do.
Jideofo:         No! You don’t. Wait until you enter that of Kenez. It has a gate man and the sky is its roof! No one wears a pant or singlet in it. I have never seen such a library till yesterday! There you must consult reference materials in the nude, while birds and insects chirp away! Wonders shall never end!
Jude:               Sorry my colleagues – I was dumbfounded during our last discourse and I treaded softly – in order to avoid errors and behold – that in itself – was the greatest error.
Jideofo:          Enough – we are here – let’s go straight to business. Kindly remind us where stopped, you Christian fanatic.
Jude:               Kenez gave us some quotations to read and digest – and the most meaningful to me is – Genesis 5 – I read it through three times and I asked – was Seth the first son of Adam?
Kenez:                   Now you are coming home! – Did you note the CAPTION – is there any title given to Chapter 5?
Jideofo:          Whatever brought in the concept into Kenez mind, I can’t decode – Hey you, Kenez – from where and since when did you start doubting the paternity of Cain?
Kenez:                         Good – have you ever read Genesis, Chapter 4 verse 8 in GNB version, critically? This is what it says:
                        “Then Cain said to his brother Abel, “let’s go out in the fields. When they were out in the fields, Cain turned on his brother and killed him.”
You need to sit down, digest its meaning, scrutinise its import and think deep before you arrive at the following crucial questions:
1.      Who taught Cain how to plot an assassination?
2.      Who or what gave him the courage to kill Abel?
3.      Was Abel truly his biological brother – if so from where did he conceive the wickedness of heart to hurt his only sibling?
4.      Did someone else tutor Cain? Definitely, Adam could not have done so! -- So, who did?
5.      Note, why did God even reprimand him in verse 6, and warn him in verse 7, even before he took the action?

v. 6:     “Then the Lord said to Cain, “why are you angry? Why that scowl on your face?
v. 7:     If you had done the right thing, you would be smiling, but because you have done evil, sin is crouching at your door, it wants to rule you, but you must overcome it.”      
Who could have been so clearly warned and yet go ahead to commit a novel crime – that no one else had ever thought of – no, not even brothers and sisters during the time of Sodom and Gomorrah?
Jideofo:          Now, I can see clearly – what you are implying.
Jude:              And so – always seeing – now translate, if you can                see clearly.
Jideofo:          Are you blind? If Cain respected God as the Almighty Creator and his grandfather – he would have listened to his warning and taken the advice to overcome the sin that was crouching at his door.
Jude:               Good – and so – what next?
Jideofo:          He behaved like his progenitor – the snake that disvirgined Eve – yeah – yes – Cain must have been the result of Satan impregnating Eve first.
Kenez:            Yeah, I knew, both of you would crack the nut – simple – moreover remember Adam was a novice – and even if he did learn anything – his gonads were immature at that point in time and he know nothing about ovulation dates, menses and menstruation cycles?
Jude:               Hey, Kenez – super blasphemy – my eardrums will soon burst – stop it, heretic?
Jideofo:          Who is a heretic? You are the one – you heard God warn Cain and he refused to listen – Now, you his descendant have refused to listen to Kenez – give a good interpretation of the origin of murder as the second sin of the bible!
Jude:               I am sorry – after Adam’s fall – sin took over control of human beings and Cain was the first human being reportedly born to Adam and Eve as a result of carnal knowledge – see Genesis 4 – verses 1 and 2, especially in the KJV – whose rendition is crystal clear!
                        v. 1:     And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and have Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the Lord.
                        v. 2:     And she again leave his brother Abel.  And Abel was a keeper of sheep, but was a tiller of the ground.
Kenez:            Who said, I have gotten a man from the Lord!”
Jideofo:         Eve, of course! 
Jude                No! It was Adam.
Kenez:           Jude so you are so daft that you can be looking at deceit and forgery and not recognise either? That narrative stated in black and white, whether it was Eve or Adam  “I have gotten a man from the Lord” not from his loins. To clarify this issue – revisit the quotation I gave you the other day – Genesis 5, verse 3, specifically:
                        KJV – Genesis 5 verse 3.
                        v. 3      And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years and begat a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called him Seth.
Are you still blindfolded by theological deceits and theories?  Why did the narrative emphasise the following:
1.      Adam waited for one hundred and thirty years.
2.      Why was the verb “begat” used as different from “knew Eve, his wife; and she conceived, and bore Cain”?
3.      Nothing can prove it better than – the double emphasis in verse 3 – “and begat” a son in his own likeness” and  “after his image.”
4.      “Called” and “named” are dissimilar – especially when reasons for the names are added immediately:
Read that verse again:
“v.5     and she bore Cain and said, I have gotten a man from the Lord.”  --KJV.
Notice the reason for the name as stated by either Eve or Adam; note the addendum by theoretical theologians! “I Have Gotten A Man By The Lord.” - that  “from” was inserted by deceitful writers or forgers!
 Now compare that translation with GNB version;
Gen. 4:  verse 1:          “Then Adam had intercourse with his wife, and she become pregnant. She bore a son and said; “By the Lord’s help, I have acquired a son.”
Yet another clearer verb denoting “assistance” RSV – says; almost the same thing but let’s see its own translation…
“Gen. 4 – verse 1: Now Adam knew Eve, his wife and she conceived and bore a son, saying, “I have gotten a man with the help of the Lord.” Jude and Jideofo, my dear ones, – can’t you see “ a man gotten with the help of the Lord” – is different from the narrative in Chapter 5; entitled ”The Descendants of Adam.”
The earliest writers were not unaware of Cain and Abel before they went ahead to expunge the two names from the true descendants of Adam. Moreover – Adam waited for an hundred and thirty years” to mature properly before he was credited with having a son, naturally – from his own gonads  “in his own likeness” and as if that was not enough – it is doubly emphasised; “after his image.” Developmental psychology today confirms that the growth hormone oestrogen ensures that female sex organs mature earlier than those of males that are controlled by the androgen hormone! Read scientific books, my man, and not only the fables in the bible! I studied Human Anatomy and Physiology for three years at a postgraduate level, and in a School of Medicine for that matter. I am sure of my data. This is science, not theosophy nor moral theology!
Jude:               My colleagues – this is too much for me – I need a recess – another fifteen minutes to see clearly. Where am I, what have I gotten myself into? – Arguing with demonic demagogues and geniuses.
Jideofo:          You are the demon here – since you see the clearly printed “WORD OF GOD” – and refuse to comprehend it by yourself – because you have been fed with manure from childhood … tied to the apron strings of Reverend Pastors and half-baked preachers!
Kenez:      Will someone, please read from the New International Version…NIV: please–
Jideofo:       (reading) Chapter 4, verse 1:
                    “Adam lay with his wife Eve, and she became pregnant and gave birth to Cain. She said, “With the help of the Lord I have brought forth a man.”
 Chee eh! Now over to you, Jude. Who is LORD, in this passage? The lover, of course, It’s Lucifer! The most handsome of the angels! The seducer, the tempter, the examiner, the rapist! God changed him into a snake for that very reason. Moreover, to date, women still flock around very handsome men. They will do whatever it takes to arouse you, seduce you or even undress in front of you. Nevertheless, most of them lack the courage to verbalise what they need! Why does that happen? 
Kenez:        The issue here is:

1.      If Cain and Abel were biological sons of Adam and Eve – why were their names eliminated in Chapter 5, and in The Gospel of Luke; Chapter 3, verses 21 – 37? When you get home today, compare them!

2.      Finally, read 1st Chronicles, Chapter 1 verse 1, and you will not be left in any doubt that both Cain and Abel were not sons of Adam, though Eve gave birth to them!

3.      If Cain and Abel were of same parents – could Cain ever have imagined killing Abel, his only sibling, junior brother? For clarification read John Chapter 8, verses 43 – 47 and you will balance the equation.

4.      If Cain was Adam’s biological son, from whom did he get the genetic code for assassination? 
Sorry – there were neither genetical screening nor family counselling before marriage in those days when these things happened. If it were today, both Cain and Abel could have benefited from medical science and truly known who their biological fathers were. Sure they were Eve’s sons – but there is not a single thread of evidence to authenticate that they were Adam’s sons. 
Even today – a pregnant woman can get married, later have intercourse with the official or legal husband and still bear a child resulting from an illicit love affair before the wedding ceremonies. Even in the bible – there were cases like that:
·         That of the virgin mother!
Moreover, if Uriah had been alive – would David’s child not have answered Uriah’s name – whereas only Bethseba would have known the true father of her child. Even at that, the child died – and to date, no one has told us how, where and when Absolom came into the picture. Check 2nd Samuel, Chapters 11 and 12; and tell us why, after Bathseba bore Solomon, David named him – but in verse 25: “The Lord loved the boy and commanded the prophet Nathan to name the boy Jedidiah”… (The 8th son of David).
Jideofo:          True my friend, but remember, Jude has appealed for a recess – let us grant him that request – whenever he has sorted himself out – we shall continue.
Jude:               Am I sure of my own first child today? – may be I need to go to a teaching hospital to ascertain the paternity of all my children – chei – na waooh! How?
Jideofo:          Things that women and gods do – Na wah? They sleep with angels – and yet claim that they are our wives. No one is ever sure these days – which children are biologically his, If you doubt me – read Genesis chapter 6 – verses 1 – to – 8 – which Kenez referred us to earlier.
Kenez:                      All I am saying is that we must put on our thinking caps! I have not stated that Adam is not the father of Cain. The wonder is –No bible translator gave us details of any sexual intercourse in well documented and the miraculous births of:
1.      ISAAC, the son of Abraham and Sarah,
                               Genesis: 18, vv 9-15 & Genesis: 21, vv 1-8.
2.      SAMSON, the son of Manoah and Zorah,
                                 Judges: Chapter 13, read all the verses!                                           
3.      JOHN the Baptist, the son of Zechariah and Elizabeth, in Luke: 1, vv 5 -25 & vv 57 – 66.
Note that, that of the whole bunch, only Zorah behaved wisely. 
The Virgin Mother of Jesus should have copied Zorah’s example and saved us the guesswork on whom truly was the biological father of Jesus, the Christ! Despite this transgression to buttress my assertion, do mothers in your culture have the right to name the babies born in a family? Even if in the cases of some Jewish figures in the bible it was so, why then does the same bible record with emphasis; ”Adam named his son; Seth? Moreover, even it is permissible, from whose genetic code did Cain inherit the ability to plot and assassinate his own blood brother?
Jude:               So what you are saying is similar to the statement “BY THEIR FRUITS, YOU SHALL KNOW THEM!” Mathew Chapter 12, verse 33?
Jideofo:          Wrong again – see Matt 7, verse 17 – that is the one appropriate for this discourse – read on till verse 20 where your quotation is lifted from, confused Christian!
Jude:               How inconsistent you can be, Jideofo – so you know so much of the Bible, yet you pretend to be a heathen philosopher!
Kenez:            Both of you are quarrelling over statements alluding to Cain’s parentage – but John, the Apostle in his first letter states it affirmatively.
                        1 John Chapter 3, verse 12.
                        v.12     We must not be like Cain, he belonged to the Evil one, and murdered his own brother Abel!  Why did Cain murder him? Because the things he himself did were wrong, but the things his brother did were right.
Now the final nail on the coffin of all fanatical believers:
Read LUKE 3, vv: 21 – 37 and you will see the correspondence between OT  & the NT!
·         Cain and Abel were omitted in the genealogy of Jesus! Whereas Adam was specifically named “the Son of God.” Cain was no! Why? 
·         Again, Matthew had a genealogy that stopped at Abraham, Luke traced it further to Adam, and notice that Cain was again clearly omitted.
·         In the Book of Numbers, an accurate and chronological census of the descendants of Adam, Cain is completely omitted!
These are not errors of omission but statements of the facts! Can anyone tell us why an overzealous translator or dogmatist decided to deceive the whole human race with the falsehood that Cain was a biological son of Adam, by inserting “sexual intercourse” in the narrative? Where else, in the whole bible did such a deceptive insertion occur? If anyone knows, tell us! Do you need to tell anyone that a married couple had sexual intercourse before giving birth to children? Therefore, its time we were told the truth! Cain was not Adam’s son, so also was Abel! The first son of Adam is Seth! Q.E.D.
Jideofo:          Only God can save our generation then, if even at the beginning of creation, illegitimate sons had already started committing coup d’etats” – who can state “whose son”, his first child may be – until a paternity test is carried out … No one, ask Adam, Uriah or Joseph, the carpenter.
Kenez:                        Let’s disperse, jooh! You are both missing the point I’m raising. Abel had a different super-biological father from the super-biological father of Cain – hence the differences in character, occupation and respect for their Grandfather GOD! not Adam! This was clearly demonstrated and tested by the sacrifices with their first fruits of their professions at harvest time!
Cain’s true father is the destroyer, a killer and a liar right from the beginning. Please go home and read the gospel of John; Chapter 8 vv. 31-47 especially 44, and you will see where Jesus exposed it all!
Moreover, may be to resolve that, another ‘holy’ angel had to counter that by fathering Abel. Nevertheless, Cain’s father quickly advised his own evil son to eliminate Abel and so populate the world with only his own evil genes. In addition, to date he still does! This is why, to date we have evil children right from their birth of whom, King Solomon rightly said were “crooked” and no one can straighten out what God has made crooked”. See the Book of Proverbs for more.
Then this another final nail on the coffin of falsehood in the narratives. Turn to the concise epistle of Jude, which has only one chapter, read and explain to me verses 14 – 18! That’s the final proof that though Eve was the mother of Cain and Abel, Adam was not their biological father, hence he refrained from giving them names! Eve did. In addition, she explained how and from whom she got them, “from the Lord I’ ve gotten a son’! Her words not mine! The term ‘Lord’ was not a preserve of God at the time, or even today. There are thousands in Britain! In addition, in all churches today, all bishops are called: ‘Lords!’
From this perspective, I’ve always stated without any shred of doubt in my mind that Jesus, the Christ was the second Abel, not a second Adam. Jesus was a seed of the woman promised, whereas Adam came from the dust of the earth! For reincarnation to be foolproof, the circumstances of birth or creation have to be duplicated not replicated! Do you get the slant on my thesis?
However, let me place it on record here, that on my own as a mortal man, I could not have deciphered these camouflaged narratives. I never set out to do so, all I did as a teenage student in 1963, was to ask my Irish Rev. Gentleman who took us in Bible Knowledge then, this puerile question:
                 “Rev. Fr. who taught Cain how to commit murder?
And he was very honest by replying:
“ My dear Jude, I never thought about that and I’m not sure! However I will try to find out.”
He did not tell me his finding until the outbreak of the civil war in 1967 when all expatriates left our homeland for theirs! I participated as an adolescent field officer in the Biafran commandos. I grew up seeking an honest answer unconsciously until the year 2001 when God’s Holy Spirit decided to give me these answers I have shared with you!
·         My thesis therefore is; there are two species of humankind; -the free ones - sons of Adam through Seth and the slaves -sons of Satan through Cain.
Jesus, the Christ told us so in plain language. See the Gospel of John, chapter 8, vv. 31 – 47. For your convenience, look at some of them taken from GNB:
v. 42: “If God really were your Father, you would love me, because I came from god and now I amhere. I did not come on my own authority, but he sent me.
v. 43:  Why do you not understand what I say? It is because you cannot bear to listen to my message.
v. 44:   You are the children of your father, the Devil, and you want to follow your father’s desires. From the very beginning he was a murderer and has never been on the side of truth, because there is no truth n him. When he tell a lie, he is only doing what is natural to him, because he is a liar and the father of all lies.
v. 45:  But I tell the truth, and that is why you do not believe me.
v. 46:  Which one of you can prove that I am guilty of sin? If I tell the truth, then why do you not believe me?
v. 47:  He who comes from God listens to God’s words. You, however, are not from God, and that is why you will not listen.”  
I have nothing to add or subtract, except this: HALF-BAKED PASTORS HAVE ALL ALONG BEEN PREACHING US TO. They may even be the descendants of the Devil through Cain masquerading as good priests! The first grandchildren and descendants of the Snake are detailed in Genesis Chapter 4, verses 17-24. They are Enoch, Irad, Mehujael, Methushael, Lamech, the first polygamist, then Jabal, Tubal Cain. QED!
Jideofo:          As the unopposed convener of this theosophical debates – I now want us to peer into doctrines and dogmas – with an honest view of sieving out the beneficial seeds from the useless chaff! We shall, subsequently, throw away the chaff !
Jude:               As you have claimed that you are the most qualified to introduce this topic – what are the definitions of “dogma” and “doctrine?”
Jideofo:          Since you are a fanatic – I will not bother you with a philosophical definition – let’s settle for dictionary definitions – “DOGMA” – by A. S. Hornby (1976) re-edited by Jonathan Crowther (1995) says:
Dogma:           [c,u] a belief or set of beliefs held by an authority or group, which others are expected to accept without arguments: political/social/economic dogma. E.g. she started to question the dogmas of the church.

Dogmatic: adj. (derog.) insisting that one’s beliefs are right and that others should accept them without paying attention to evidence or to other opinions e.g. you can’t be dogmatic in matters of taste; dogmatic attitude/approach/ view dogmatically (adv.) state something dogmatically.

Dogmatism: [u] {derog) the tendency to be DOGMATIC: religious/political dogmatism.From the above, Jude – you are now aware that you have been led by the nose all your life.  I want you to seek for data; facts or evidence to back up your “theocentric” dogmas.
Kenez:                        That’s where I blame you, bookworms – does Hornby or Crowther monopolise the wisdom of definitions – if we accept those definitions point blank – are we not equally guilty of dogmatism?
Jude:               A Daniel has come to judgement, Oya--ah. – Jide the sophist, – answer that one! Mr. Philosopher unlimited!

Jideofo:          Remember, I said let us consult simple, everyday definitions by the owners of the language – but that does not exclude other definitions by so many egg heads, linguists and philosophers … eh- m ..
Kenez:                    Do you want to laugh? If you want the authentic definition of “dogmatic” – you ask the owner of the “matics” Simple! Find a dog! – And he will tell you what his “matic” is all about! Or hasn’t any of you, a dog in his home?

Jideofo+Jude: (Roar with laughter – ha  ha –he  he!)

Kenez:            Don’t choke yourselves with laughter – I’m dead serious, for MATHEMATICS, we ask Matthew, for STATISTICS, we should ask a Stanley or Stanislaus and therefore we must ask a dog for ‘DOGMATICS!’
Jideofo:          It is true you know! Religious fanatics swallow dogmas as the dog swallows fou-fou or rice! Any dog will salivate at the sight or odour of food – and then you can lead it “by the nose” – to eat anything else you throw down.
Even when a dog is eating jellof rice with biscuit bones and salad, if you throw boiled yams with stew – it will abandon the jellof rice meal for the last one thrown at it. If you next throw human faeces – it will abandon both rice and yam and eat the latest - the faeces – that is exactly what fanatics do. They rush at any latest doctrine or dogma that tickles their fantasies! They run from one crusade ground to another; chasing shadows, new deliverance antics, the latest signs and wonders! Therefore, the definition is clear, unambiguous and appropriate. Jude, are you with me?
Jude:               I am not – mind your language.
Kenez:                     Fault his argument or analogy, – not find fault with his assertions – that’s the spirit here. Use of intellect, not emotions!
Jude:               What is a doctrine? What is a dogma? We shall take the two along, before I can state my defence.
 Jideofo:         From the same simple dictionary, we have:
“Doctrine":    [c,u] a belief or set of beliefs held and taught by a church, a political party, a group of scientists, etc, - a Catholic doctrine! – A Marxist doctrine! e.g. progress has swept many of the old doctrines away.

“Doctrinal”:   (adj.) of or related to a doctrine or doctrines: doctrinal controversy, (derog) --a rigidly doctrinal approach.  Whoever the cap fits, wear it. Jude, over to you for a synthesis. Jude:                 I’m see – so the little difference is that churches or political associations enunciate doctrines and when they are elevated to “unquestionable” or “infallible” doctrines – they graduate into “dogmas” –
Kenez:            One hundred per cent (claps, for Jude!)
Jideofo:          I always knew that my friend Jude, is very intelligent – however his upbringing and parentage are to blame for his myopic view of the world, of events, and of religious practices.
Jude:               Wrong, it was my desire to be a doctor of the church – which is to be blamed! …
Kenez:            Oh! Yeah! Therefore, you wanted to be a “doc” of the church in order to “trim” some of its teachings. That is how they manufacture and patent their doctrines. Did you ever know that it is the Jesuit Fathers that formulated and fine-tuned most Catholic doctrines.
Jideofo:          No – how could I? Jude did you?
Jude:               Of course, I knew – I was only bidding my time – till I was declared “doctor of the church” to unleash my attacks on some of the irrational dogmas, e.g. the doctrine of one still being a virgin after child birth!
Kenez:            So, what happened, how did they decode you? By that I mean, who sold you out?
Jude:               I opened my mouth too wide – and too early also – so they feared that another Martin Luther was in the making … I ran off – can’t wait to be unmasked by the infidels, gossippers – can you? So, where are we? Can I ask a question that has been bothering me for decades?
Jideofo:          Why not – that’s why we are all here!
Jude:   We have this DOCTRINE OF ORIGINAL SIN, which all Christians accept, irrespective of denominations and other minute differences in liturgy and catechesis. It has been a cause of disagreement – on it all is founded – what do you think?
Jideofo:          You are yet to educate us on what the doctrine states, and the dogma deriving therefrom!
Jude:               Simply put – that Adam’s fall condemned all his descendants to the sin he committed – that of disobedience – eating the forbidden fruit!        
Jideofo:          In other words – all of us have sinful natures!
Jude:               Yes, they call that CONCUPISCENCE.
Jideofo:          Then they are correct – 100% - so I do not see your quarrel with that doctrine or dogma.
Kenez:            Jude, don’t you see that at least Jideofo is not an atheist. He swallows this original sin doctrine hook, line and sinker?
Jude:               I am amazed. He could be jesting. It is in his nature to play the fool occasionally…
Jideofo:          Look, - who is suggesting “playing the fool” – No – I am dead serious – the doctrine is correct, logically valid and therefore authentic!
Kenez:                    Can someone look up the word “CONCUPISCENCE” in the dictionary? What does it really mean?
Jude:               Let Jideofo do – for he is at home with concepts, terms, logic and definitions
Jideofo:          I know that much – for it there on page 238: “concupiscence [u] (often derog.) Strong sexual desire; LUST,” - and we are still under that strong desire for sexual intercourse to date. Therefore, the theologians are for once – 100% correct.
Kenez:                       Before, we all become dogmatic – what does “lust” really mean, Jideofo – since you are holding the dictionary – tell us now  -
Jideofo:          On page 702 –  “Lust”- [u] (often derog.) [u,c] 1. for somebody, a strong sexual desire: curb one’s lust, gratify one’s lusts.  2. (for/of sth) - an intense desire for or enjoyment of something: a lust for power/gold/adventure.  See also BLOOD LUST. So let’s see that also - -. eh – on page 116 “blood lust”—(u)  a strong desire to kill” - There you are and I rest my case – The doctrine is correct.

Jude:               My problem is not its correctness but the failure of Jesus Christ, the Saviour in absolving and obliterating it once and for all – was that not why he came? – See Genesis chap. 3 verse 15: in GNB; which reads:
                        v.15.    I will make you and the woman hate each other; her offspring and yours will always be enemies. Her off-spring will crush your head, and you will bite her off-spring’s heel.”
My grouse is that Jesus Christ was the one foretold there – his mission was to crush the Serpent’s head or did he fail in his mission? Why is still there? – This doctrine concupiscence after he had sacrificed himself on the cross at Calvary?
Kenez:                        Do you have a shallow mind?  If a bank account is opened for you and in your name, do you withdraw from, or benefit from the account by sitting complacently at home?
Jideofo:          No, the beneficiary must learn how to read and write, then how a bank account is operated; he also needs a recent passport that can identify him as the beneficiary, more so, when the humanist who deposited the money in his favour is not around.  He has to take a bath, dress neatly, enter a vehicle, pay the transport fare, dismount at the right bus stop, trek to the bank, pass the security check points before he enters the section of the bank to withdraw any amount he wishes.
The problem today is the wrong formula, the childish preaching done these days – “God will forgive all your sins, just repent, for Christ has paid the price. This is utter nonsense – Are you with me – Kenez?
Kenez:            Very impressive – Jideofo – your analogy fits in most appropriately. My greatest problem with everyone is the thinking, prevalent these days, that one can go on committing sins and repenting for as long as he wishes – why – they claim the blood of Christ has already been shed for their sins. Just like a tipper truck that loads and off-loads trips of laterite or sand at a construction site! Therefore, they go on committing sins, right, left and centre. What a breed of sinners, tutored by another breed of greedy evangelists, who were equally groomed by another breed of half-baked pastors.
The ORIGINAL SIN – is there right from birth – in clear terms – THE PROPENSITY OF ALL ANIMALS, MAN AND WOMAN INCLUSIVE TO SEEK TO GRATIFY THE SENSES AT ALL COSTS! As a Clinical Psychologist, I can confidently tell you that there are six major instincts of survival, whereas the average textbook states only four: They are:–
1.      Every animal breathes in oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide and water vapour in order to survive,
2.      Every animal  eats to sustain its life,
3.      Every animal drinks water when thirsty,
4.      Every animal excretes unwanted materials,
5.      Every animal needs rest and sleep to allow for bodily repairs, and finally
6.      Every animal indulges in sexual intercourse for species survival!
To dignify humans and pretend that we are superior to lower animals we arrogate to ourselves, the term: “rational beings” and then conveniently call them “drives” rather than “instincts”!
Yet they were designed and put there by the original architect, engineer and inventor of all beings.
Jude:          You are 100% correct there! In fact I have not forgotten my elementary biology and the mnemonic I used for remembering the seven characteristics of all living things: GRIMNER, others use: MR NIGER
·         Growth: at micro and macro-cellular levels – ensure physical development,
·         Respiration: exchange of life giving gases oxygen versus   carbon dioxide as ordained by God,
·         Irritability: Self preservation – early warning systems of danger,
·         Movement: The criteria of all living things – immanent motion,
·         Nutrition: We eat to live – not live to eat which lead to gluttony and/or drunkenness, these are inhuman,
·         Excretion: Removal of useless and poisonous by products of nutrition, and finally
·         Reproduction: replenishing the species – the misuse of which leads to lusts of the flesh; homosexualism, lesbianism, fellatio, etc.
Jideofo:         I knew it! I was confident that my friend, Jude, is an intelligent student besides being a natural scientist. Unfortunately, he fell into the hands of religious mystics and fanatics and became one by both classical and operand conditioning! We may as well remind scientists that “birth” and “death” are two other characteristics of all living things, which they easily forget! Sorry for our interruptions, my magister, fire on….
Kenez:         Jude also learnt by modelling. However, to return to our topic. These survival instincts or drives are basic biological lessons every young student learns in junior secondary education. We, sooner than later forget them and attribute all our errors in obeying natural laws to the devil. That is the bane of all human beings who are ignorant and lazy. They manufacture easy doctrines to explain away every human problem. “The Devil pushed me into committing the sin!” they claim, -- False! You refused to obey the laws of nature and therefore become ill – [ill at ease]. Obedience to natural laws results in health, success and happiness! Instead of blaming ourselves, we externalise the cause, we project our failure unto someone else – the Devil.
Of the four basic drives; HUNGER, THIRST, EXCRETION AND SEXUAL PLEASURE – only the last is exclusively reserved for SPECIES – SURVIVAL, mainly to replenish the races of humankind. Moralists will tell you, it is meant only for adults, who have preserved themselves until legal marriage! Nevertheless, today what do we find? Even toddlers indulge in sexual activities.
You may be shocked! See what the great grandmother of all human beings said in Genesis Chapter 3; verses 2 – 3, GNB:
                        v.2.      “We may eat the fruit of any tree in the garden; the woman answered,
                        v.3.      “Except the tree in the middle of it.  God told us not to eat the fruit of that tree or even touch it; if we do, we will die.   
Note that emphasis – “or even touch it” – God forbade masturbation, right from the infancy of Adam and Eve. Both were only a day old, or at most, they were below ten years old, since both had just been created – more especially the woman, who came last. They were forbidden from “even touching their genital parts.” Nevertheless, what do we find today?
Toddlers of today are even more sinful right from the cradle! However, with God, a sin is a sin! There are no distinctions, gradations nor differentiation into venial and grave or mortal sins! Do not mind the money spinning doctrine of demonic theologians that held the world bondage for centuries! Sin is sin, no matter who, when, how or where it is committed! It was, is, and will never be graduated! If human infants indulge in the ‘sin’ of masturbation, according to religionists, I submit that HUMAN NATURE IS AT FAULT RIGHT FROM BIRTH.  Therefore, what the fathers of the Churches are inadvertently saying is this: Every human being is sinful right from birth. This they baptise, --‘ORIGINAL SIN!’ Sexual and other sensual pleasures remain the bane of all humanity. We do not wait to mature and be legally licensed to use our genital parts and so our sins lead us to early deaths.
See the Epistle of James, Chapter 1, verses 14 and 15 in GNB edition:
                        v. 14: But a person is tempted when he’s drawn away and trapped by his own evil desire.
                        v. 15:   Then his evil desire conceives and gives birth to sin; and sin when it is full grown gives birth to death.”
Thanks to John, the beloved brother of Jesus, the Christ, the Devil has been cleared! So the onset of death is EVIL DESIRE, and all temptations are initiated by selfish gratification of the senses, especially that of sexual desire! With it comes, TELLING OF LIES, or DECEIT or FALSEHOOD.
Look at the snake’s ‘modus operandi’ – Genesis Chapter 3, verses 4 and 5;
                        v . 4:    The snake replied, “That’s not true; you will not die.
                        v. 5:     God said that, because he knows that when you eat it you will be like God and know what is good and what is bad”                       
Imagine the snake stating that God told them a lie. That’s his trade. He had always been a liar from the beginning – as Jesus the Christ clearly states in unambiguous terms; see The Gospel of John, Chapter 8, verses 44 – 47! I advise that both of you – Jude and Jideofo – digest the whole of that chapter! Especially meditate on verses 31 – 47; then and only then will you know – who are the true DESCENDANTS OF THE SNAKE, and who are the true DESCENDANTS OF ADAM; Seth, through Noah down to Abraham and then to all genuine believers!
Jideofo:          Are you saying therefore that ORIGINAL SIN – is sensual pleasure, telling lies against God and man?
Kenez:            Yes, but I am saying much more, I am exposing the chain reactions or the cycles of sins.  See what Eve did in Genesis Chapter 3, verses 6 – 7.
                        v. 6:     The woman saw how beautiful the tree was and how good its fruit would be to eat, and she thought how wonderful it would be to become wise. So she took some of the fruit and ate it.  Then she gave some to her husband and he also ate it.
                        v. 7:     As soon as they had eaten it, they were given understanding and realised they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and covered themselves.”
The sin of PRIDE, followed by SCANDAL, followed LUST and BLASPHEMY; accusing God of telling lies. That is Satan’s strategy to date. He still uses that methodology to deceive foolish people! So, be vigilant! Watch out!

First: --Evil desire – natural instincts are aroused,   

Second: –The Master of lies – Satan, convinces you it’s not against God’s laws.
Third: -- Wrong motivation, pride, lustful and rosy pictures are painted for you

Fourth: --Negative impressions of wisdom – the ways of the world are presented as being in vogue,

Fifth: --Then you indulge in sensual pleasure, immorality, and a momentary pleasure or satisfaction,

Sixth: --Scandal – you entice someone else to indulge in it

Seventh: --Both of you are caught pants down and feel ashamed, you begin to regret, feel guilty and subsequently other use ego defence mechanisms.
To date, our children bathe in the open, unashamed, unembarrassed until they indulge in their first sexual act! Then, you cannot convince nor force them to bathe in public again. It is same in pre-literate societies. Virgins wear “jigida” beads around their waists, their whole body, breast and buttocks fully exposed to public glare – No shame, no guilt. 
It’s all normal in all races of mankind, until the virgin is defiled by a lustful male descendant of the Snake –Then and only then, does she cry, run home, weep bitterly, then confides in or confesses to mummy and daddy. She is clothed and taken to the home of the one who defiled her. There she is secluded from the public until arrangements for marriage are enforced on the culprit and his immediate family!
Today – this has not changed! The ORIGINAL SIN – is that Adam and Eve did not wait for God to wed them! Their gonads were yet to mature for useful reproductive activities and then God would have wedded them formally and legally. Meanwhile, because Eve was extremely elegant and beautiful – The Snake/Lucifer – the Evil Angel, a Prince of the heavenly court, a Son of God, – could not resist seeing the naked virgin.  He enticed and seduced her; displaying his genitals! To date, an erect penis is a wonder to behold by any woman! Most cannot resist it! Eve was not different.
**She saw how beautiful the tree (penis) was and how good (sweet) its fruit would be eat (how romantic and enjoyable it would feel inside her vagina) and she thought how wonderful it would be to become wise (how pleasurable it would feel to control an angelic being) so she consented. **
Then she enjoyed her first sexual intercourse and definitely, she must have reached orgasm. For we are told that she later tutored Adam, the innocent, puerile and naïve novice on the use of the forbidden tree dangling upside down between his thighs. To date, young and inexperienced men are still seduced and initiated into sexual intercourse by the great granddaughters of the same Eve, their amorous and great Ancestor! That’s the ORIGINAL SIN! The effect – “they felt embarrassed and realised they were naked.”
Jideofo:         I am at a loss on how to summarise this lengthy discourse; A word is enough for the wise, may serve. Moreover, I noticed that no historian, dead or alive, could ever conceptualise, contemplate nor imagine writing the genealogy of a son before that of his father! This is in reference to our last discourse on “CAIN’S PATERNITY IN DISPUTE,” That Cain’s descendants were first listed, clinches the assertion that he was not a biological son of Adam! The absence of his name in the Book of Numbers confirms it. Even, Jesus, the Christ, centuries later affirmed it! No one needs to educate me on this hard and bitter truth. It is so crystal clear, that only psychopath could doubt it!
Jude:             I knew it all along! This was where the entire lengthy lecture would end. This is sophistry at its best. However, I concede both of you 100%. You have used practical reasoning; fundamental ethics, elementary biology and simple logic to unravel what the ‘doctors’ of the Church wrapped up in falsehood for centuries. Congratulations, my dear friends. It is a privilege to discuss with very insightful men like you! I call for a recess. We shall all go home to digest what we have learnt today. Good Bye and God bless us all!


Jideofo:          Was it justifiable that God tried to exterminate Cain and his descendants in order to cleanse the world? Yes, it was! At least it would have been easier when their numerical strength was still small. In addition, the viral infection was minimal and controllable then! He tired and failed! So, Why did God fail?
Jude:               Kenez, hear him again – querying the Almighty – This is utter blasphemy!
Kenez:                          Please define this word you have so often used, so that we may understand it better! Also, give us your operational definitions of heresy, apostasy and infidel; if you don’t mind…
Jude:   Our reference dictionary on page 112 says – and I quote
                        Blaspheme” … (against sb/sth) to swear or curse using the name of God; to speak in a very rude away about God or sacred things; [Vn, Vpr] blaspheme (against) the name of God [v] He always swears and blasphemes when he is drunk.
Kenez:            But Jideofo is not drunk – or --are you? 
Jude:               You never can say – He is my friend. You are only meeting him for the first time – I know that he is a disciple of Bacchus.
Jideofo:          Please read Genesis 9 verses 18 – 29, and let’s see whether as Adam, Noah started the ORIGINAL SIN OF DRUNKENNESS or not.
Kenez:            (Roars with laughter – while Jude blocks his ears)‘Hey Jude, don make me sad…etc’, - that sentimental song by the Beatles in the 1960s. Why are you blocking your ears? Are you afraid of the truth --- or are you also ignorant that HAM is the father of all foolish people who dare to look at the nakedness of their own daddies?
Jude:               Let me read, later we argue … Genesis 6, begins the story of Noah – why the jump to Chapter 9 – verses 18 – 29…
Jideofo:          That’s the real message of the story of Noah – the rest are its commentary.  Common Jude – we have no time?
Jude:   Okay if you insist, but which version – GNB or KJV.

Jideofo:          Anyone you like, every Tom, Dick and Harry knows the narrative --- what they do not see or reason out; that is my concern not the length of the boat neither in cubits nor the duration of the flood.
Jude:               GNB – has a better English narrative than KJV – which states thus:
                        v.18     The sons of Noah who went out of the boat were Sham, Ham and Japheth (Ham was the father of Canaan)
                        v. 19    These three sons of Noah were the ancestors of all the people on earth.
                        v.20.    Noah, who was a farmer, was the first man to plant a vineyard.
                        v.21     After he drank some of the wine, he became drunk, took off his clothes and lay naked in his tent.
                        v.22.    When Ham, the father of Canaan, saw that his father was naked, he went out and told his two brothers.
                        v.23.    Then Shem and Japheth took a robe and held it behind them on their shoulders.  They walked backwards into the tent and covered their father, keeping their faces turned away so as not to see him naked.
                        v.24.    When Noah was sober again and learnt what his youngest son had done to him
                        v.25     he said… A curse on Canaan!  He will be a slave to his brothers.
                        v.26.    Give praise the to the Lord, the God of Shem, Canaan will be the slave off Shem.
                        v.27.    May God cause Japheth to increase!  May his descendants live with the people of Shem!  Canaan will be the slave of Japheth.
                        v.28.    After the flood Noah lived for 350 years.
                        v.29.    And died at the age of 950.

Kenez:            Are you now satisfied Jideofo – so where do we go from there – over to you – lead us.

Jideofo:          Can’t you see the injustice of human judgement?  Why should Noah curse our forefather HAM, after all he was the youngest of the three sons – and he Noah was the culprit … He planted a vineyard – brewed some wine and got himself drunk – so why should he curse Ham? – An inexperienced young man? 
                  Did he commit an offence by going to tell his older brothers who had the right solution? In the first place, did he need to undress himself to advertise his stupidity in not knowing how much wine he could drink?  Every time I read that portion – I weep for Ham and us – the Jewish or Negroid race – can’t you see that there was a miscarriage of justice there – UNLIKE, Genesis 3, verses 14 – 21, when an all wise God passed fair punishment on the Snake, Eve and Adam. For his naivety, Ham had his descendants punished – not even himself – why?
Kenez:                   If I get you right, Jideofo – you are querying the authority of Noah to punish his grandchildren through the fault of his direct son: HAM.
Jideofo:          Yes - - Can’t you see the injustice?
Jude:               Now, I get you. In God’s case – he queried the three offenders, weighed their statements before he passed judgement.  In Noah’s case, he acted on hear – say; never bothered to find out the details and sentenced an innocent generation leaving out his own son from the curse.
Jideofo:          Yes – so the 1st Drunkard is to blame for the third ORIGINAL SIN in the bible – not Ham; his descendants, the Jewish nor the Negroid race. He condemned us all, to second class citizens of the earth. Slaves to descendants of Shem and Japheth – and that’s when SLAVE TRADE was prophesied.
Kenez:            I sympathise with you. I do not share the later part of your explanation. Was it not our forefathers who sold their kith-and-kin? If there were no sellers, then they would be no buyers!
Jideofo:          Wrong again – Kenez – what’s happened to your quick wit. Has Jude hypnotised you by remote control … Now read Genesis Chapter 6 verses 5 – 8, you will get my point.
Kenez:            Genesis 6, 5-8 from the GNB version
                        v.5       “When the Lord saw how wicked everyone on earth was and how evil their thoughts were all the time
                        v.6       He was sorry that he had even made them and put them the earth.  He was so filled with regret.
                        v.7       That he said, “I will wipe out the people I have created, and also the animals and the birds, because I am sorry that I made any of them.
                        v.8       But the Lord was pleased with Noah.

Jideofo:          Exactly – why did God’s sanitation exercise fail? Because ‘He was pleased with Noah’ - and so decided to save this one ‘holy’ and just man. However, He made a grievous mistake, just like He did on the eighth day by creating Eve. God could have stuck to his decision in verse 7… Verse 8 completely thwarted his resolution. Eventually it messed up his sanitation exercise. And then to think that a just man, who had only three sons – could later become drunk by his own making, undress himself whereas God had made clothes to cover Adam and Eve after he drove them out of the garden of Eden – and still go ahead to curse the innocent messenger who made it possible for his nakedness to be covered by his older sons – is a gross miscarriage of justice!
Jude:               I agree. He, Noah was the first brewer of wine. He, Noah was the first drunkard, and He, Noah was the first exhibitionist – exposing what God had made secret to public glare. Yet he had the effrontery to curse the descendants of his son, but was afraid of cursing Ham, his own son who saw his nakedness.
Kenez:            The injustice lies in that part. If Ham had not seen a naked Noah, if Ham had not gone to tell his older and more experienced brothers – might be Noah’s wife or even his three daughters-in-law could have seen him naked. In short, Ham did the job of a good errand boy – so he never faulted. How was he supposed to know that his father was drunk, how else could anyone have thought of covering his nakedness if no mass communicator did the job of present day media men?
Jideofo:          You are with me now. both of you are wise men and can easily fathom out the unfair judgement.
Jude:               Ham should have borne the punishment himself – not transfer his curse to his descendants.”
Kenez:            That is the grouse Jideofo has against Noah.

Jideofo:          Noah, had no LOCUS STANDI to prosecute the case in the first place, moreover, he never established a PRIMA FACIE evidence before jumping to his hasty punishment. Moreover, he left the “culprit” - Ham was not even guilty and cursed his descendants rather than Ham himself! – If Peter denied Christ three times in the New Testament even after being warned – did that merit him a curse or any punishment for his off springs?
Kenez:                         No … it’s a wonder that God allowed Noah to live for another 350 years after his callous injustice.  However, if you read Genesis 10, verses: 6 – 20, you will be surprised that Noah’s curse was not carried out to the letter. God in his Infinite Mercy and Justice ameliorated that drunkard’s curse. See verse 8; “Cash, a descendant of Ham bore Nimrod” – the World’s FIRST GREAT CONQUEROR and therefore Abraham – equally was a great grandson of Ham, for he hailed from Ur, a city in Babylon established by Nimrod. So how did the Israelites cook up verse 18; that suffix of “(Ham was the father of Canaan)”? This is blatant forgery!
Jude:               So how come Jideofo – linked Noah’s curse to Negroes serving the Whites and Yellows – I can’t get him – Is he not quoting the bible out of context?
Kenez:                        That’s a wonder. Only Jideofo holds the ace this time, so we are at his mercy. em h n – Jide – are you?
Jideofo:          No, I am not ready to divulge my source yet – I am still angry with the drunkard Noah – who is the grand patron of all Bacchus disciples, palm wine drinkers club, etc.
Jude:               Can we say anything about the rainbow.  Are there any scientific backing for the covenant God had with Noah and the rainbow being the sign of that ancient covenant?
Kenez:            Before that, note that because most trees and mere plants were dead, God modified the dietary rules for Noah and his sons; see verses 2 and 3, but adds in verse 4, a menu forbidding blood in it. In GNB edition, read v.6 decrees: Death for any animal or man that kills a human being,:
v.6:  Human beings were made like God, so whomever murders one of them will be killed by someone else….
Verse 11 – “With these words I make my covenant with you. I promise that never again will all human beings be destroyed by a flood; never again will a flood destroy the earth.
v.12.    As a sign of this everlasting covenant which I am making with you and with all living beings.  V.13.  I am putting my bow in the clouds. It will be a sign of my covenant with the world”…
Jideofo:          So God has given us an estimate of the length of his arm. Mathematicians, geographers, astronomers, physicists and engineer can now guess the length of God’s hand.
Jude:               Another bolt out of the blues!
Kenez:            No, my dear, here Jideofo is correct! God cannot lie – so when He said he has put his bow in the clouds – you have to take it literally. If a man uses a bow and arrow – you can estimate his height and the length of his arm and even the length of the arrows he might use on such a bow.
Jideofo:          What I am really saying is that from one end of the sky to the other end is only one third of God’s arm. We can only cower in humility, when we imagine the thousands of kilometres the bow alone measures! Note also that this bow is half the circumference of the earth. So as we know the mass, weight, and circumference of the earth – we can imagine the type of super giant that can use that type of bow!
Jude:               Now, I get your meaning, Oh! How Great is the Lord who made the heavens and the earth and all that is in them! Read Psalm 104, and if you are not humbled by it – then read the books of Solomon or those Sirach. Both attempted a comprehensive summary on the wonders of creation and the miracles in nature!
Kenez:            We must stop here my friends but never forget that boat builders have Noah as their great forerunner, and the Almighty God, the Boat Engineer!
*Our most cherished readers, the discussants you have been reading and thinking along with, were emboldened to discuss these issues due to the invitation of Isaiah, the Prophet. Job in Chapter I, verse 18 says: KJV:    v.18. Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord.
GNB:  v.18: The Lord says, “Now let’s settle the matter!”
That is our motivation. I hope we have wizened you up!


Jideofo:          My dear friends, I must congratulate each of us for the sincerity, fortitude and maturity we have exhibited during all these days of our discussions. So, where do we go from here?
Jude:               Everything that has a beginning – must surely have an end – what we need now is a summary…. At least a conclusion of the matter!
Kenez:            I suggest that we itemise as many salient points as we can for the benefit of our descendants, readers or seekers of the truth…
1.      Nothing existed before God. The Lord God can make and unmake. He initiated all thoughts, words and actions and He still does.
2.      He was and is still the Original Animator, Initiator, Designer, Architect, Engineer, Anaesthetic, Surgeon, Chief Justice, and Executioner of His Judgements!  He uses his good and bad angels for the purposes He made them to achieve His objectives.
3.      No one assisted Him in any of his creations to date; though He often allows angels and human beings the freedom to choose to obey him or disobey.  The former to demonstrate their loyalty, wisdom and love, the latter to demonstrate their rebellious nature and stupidity.
4.      The created universe was designed for Adam, Eve and their descendants to enjoy, oversee and manage.  However, one heavenly being was jealous of this dominant status given to human beings and so plotted and deceived Adam and Eve to disobey their loving Almighty Father.
5.      This resulted in the first court case wherein permanent roles and duties were assigned to the culprits: – suffering, hatred, enmity, labour pains, and manual labour entered the dictionary of an otherwise peaceful paradise – and death and murder followed in their wake.
6.      The creation story also points out the order of work; That we must work for six days of the week and rest on the seventh day to mark our dedication, reverence and loyalty to our Lord God, who established that holiday by being the first to rest after he created everything in six days.
Jideofo:          When does a week begin – is it on Sundays or Mondays?
Jude:               Mondays, of course, look at our calendars. There are all HUMAN CONTRAPTIONS. It all started with the falling in love of a Roman Emperor with a Jewish girl. Read historical records and you will better appreciate these. The Romans worshipped the sun – and their pagan festivals were elaborate and demonically celebrated.  When this Emperor got converted to Christianity – he enforced an observance of worship on that day as a way of converting all his subjects, legalising it with a royal decree. Thus Sundays – the days they worshipped their pagan god – became the Holy day of rest – that is the seventh day commanded in Exodus 31 verses 12 – 18.
Kenez:            Good! I am very proud of the presentation. That’s the spirit, Jideofo – do you disagree?
Jideofo:          Of course, No, for once, Jude has shown some scholarship and I cannot deny him that – congratulations, my dear friend – Jude the convert, the born – again – now he can talk for himself – not quoting dogmas and doctrines.
Kenez:            So why do Muslims celebrate this day of rest on Fridays?
Jude:               A rebel will always be a rebel – and to be noticed he has to do something awkward to attract recognition.  They chose that day to differentiate themselves as belonging to the Great Prophet of their religion – Mohammed.
Jideofo:          But Jews are the original rebels – even God calls them “harlots” – Read Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel and see that the most ungrateful and pampered race in the world is the Jewish race! They held on to the Sabbath because of their pride and “stiff neckedness” – these qualifications are not mine – they were used by prophets of the Most High God to describe and stigmatise them.  Even Moses got punished on their behalf!
Kenez:                     What we are saying is; REST is a natural law. Every living thing must rest occasionally. That’s the Creator’s dictate, you can choose Mondays or Wednesdays – The important thing is that all machines, must rest and be over-hauled! Or else, the engine breaks down!

Jideofo:          But, despite your oratory and Jude’s knowledge of history – no one can deceive me into forgetting the lapses in your hasty summary – you missed out the following:
1.      That darkness existed before light, and that there was neither sun, nor any moon for the first three days!
2.      That God ordained the sun to mark days, the moon to mark months.
3.      That the earth appeared from the waters below the dome.
4.      That most plants are hermaphroditic, and so was Adama
5.      That fishes, birds, animals – domestic and wild – were first created in pairs and had their reproductive powers before Adam.
6.      That God decreed dietary regulations for all animals and human beings, but today only man disobeys it.
7.      That all living things came from the soil of the earth and that is why when any dies it returns to the earth either by formal burial or inadvertently.
8.      That Cain was a descendant of Satan, while Abel was a descendant of another angelic being.
9.      That Satan engineered his son Cain to exterminate and prohibit Abel from having any descendants whom might be good and offer sincere offerings to God Almighty.
10.  That the first true biological son of Adam came when Adam’s gonads matured at 130 years of age.
11.  That no man to date can resist a naked and tantalising virgin – libido is natural to all men.
12.  In like manner, no healthy, non- – menstruating or nursing woman can resist an erect penis that is attractive!

Jude:               Hey Jideofo – that will do – can’t you resist the temptation to expose everything … or at least allow others to contribute … for instance:
                        A. That we must give God the best part of
     our harvest, this includes
our brains, intelligence, beauty, eloquence, reasoning power and all     other talents we possess – because only He gave them to us, and continues to give them even now that we are discussing!
B.     That Human disobedience is for sons of the original liar, Destroyer and Killer – the Snake /Lucifer.
C.    That the first murderer was Cain and his punishment was doubly canvassed for by his descendant who also introduced polygamy and also killed a young man – see Genesis 4 verse 8, then verse 19, and lastly verses 23 – 24.
D.    That Cain and Abel were not descendants of Adam and Eve – rather Seth who begot, Enoch – and very much later down the line of his true descendants begot Enoch – the first Saint in the whole bible.  See. Genesis Chapter 5, verses 18 – 24.
E.     That Methuselah was the oldest man recorded in the bible, moreso, he also waited longest for his gonads to mature – see verse 25 and 26.
F.     That Human wickedness was from the line of lustful sons of heavenly beings and came down to the earth and married beautiful women gave birth to wicked giants who terrorised Adam’s descendants! And that they eventually grieved God to reduce the longevity of human beings to 120 years.
G.    That God’s first attempt to sanitise the world failed woefully hence the atrocities following the flood as epitomised in Sodom and Gomorrah.
H.    That angels always appear in the form of men never as women – see Genesis 19 verses 1 – 11 for evidence.  See chapter 18 verses 1 – 15, Angels appeared as men and ate food.
I.       That Noah was the progenitor of the SCIENTIFICALLY ACCEPTED THREE RACES OF MANKIND, so in certain things the bible agrees completely with science discovered millions of years later.
J.      Finally, I want to stop here – All mankind owe adoration, praise, worship and obedience to God, our Almighty Creator and love of all human beings irrespective of race, religion or class – since we are all children of one Adam and one Eve.

Jideofo:          That’s very commendable Jude – am I happy? Yes of course.  We have done the impossible.  We have shown that a caged lion can break out of its cage.  All imprisoned fanatics, mystics and dogmatized humans can now breathe free air, and worship with reason and conscious devotion. However note this correction; all wicked human beings in existence today, are the great grand children of Satan via their great ancestor Cain!

Kenez:            So what you are saying in fact is that others may profit from this our heated debate, trilogy or discourse.  But I am afraid that if we go to print we may create enmity between rationalists and religionists!

Jude:               Never mind, I can handle them.  I am an insider.  We know how to re-package volatile messages and sell them to those imbued with over-zealous religiosity.  It’s only a façade, a masquerade.  Most of them pretend to be holier than us rationalists.  They are more emotional; you may not realise nor even know and fall more easily than Adam.  Most of them are truly sexual perverts, worse than Casanovas and lesbians; in short most of them are lions in sheep’s clothing.  Believe me!


All said and done, we should learn to have love in our hearts, obey all the natural laws that Our Creator and Almighty Father put into creation. The moral content of the bible is true – it is the compass for sailing through these murky waters of survival. Every inventor prepares a manual to direct the user of the product on how to derive the maximum benefit from his invention. So also, has the Creator of the world done. The whole Bible is HIS MANUAL for deriving the most from his created universe. Follow his instructions and you will live long, in love and in happiness.
            The title of his manual is “LOVE”; He created the universe out of his own desire to share his love with created beings. Out of love he designed everything sequentially over millions of years, and lastly he created MAN and WOMAN to oversee and derive love from everything He created. So, it is left for you to decide to enjoy or to suffer, to laugh or to cry, to be happy or to be sorrowful. Every action you take attracts an equal and commensurate joy or sorrow unknown to the average human mind. When your actions are evil, you may not immediately see the results; effects or repercussions but surely you will eventually reap depression, guilt, illness and death!
  Avoid evil and do good – that is the message of the Bible. Read: GNB. Psalm 34 verses 11 – 33
v.11.    Come, my young friends, and listen to me
            And I will teach you to honour the Lord
v.12     Would you like to enjoy life?
            Do you want long life and happiness?
v.13     Then hold back from speaking evil
            and from telling lies
v.14     Turn away from evil and do good,
            strive for peace with all your heart
v.15     The Lord watches over the righteous
            and listens to their cries
v.16     But opposes those who do evil
            so that when they die, they are soon forgotten
v.17     The righteous call to the Lord, and he listens;
            He rescues them from all their troubles.
v.18     The Lord is near to those who are discouraged;
            He saves those who have lost all hope
v.19     The good man suffers many troubles,
            but the Lord saves him from them all;
v.20     The Lord preserves him completely;
            not one of his bones is broken
v.21     Evil will kill the wicked;
            those who hate the righteous will be punished
v.22     The Lord will save his people;
            those who go to Him for protection will be spared.
This is the sum total of total of all the stories in the bible, starting from the book of Genesis to Revelation. It encapsulates all the commandments, moral instructions and warnings from the Inventor, Designer and Architect of the Universe. Follow this manual – and you will live long enough to declare his goodness to your great grandchildren. Disobey them and you will not even see nor enjoy your fiftieth birthday, talk less of seeing any grandson or daughter!
Read obituaries and funeral orations. Those are the final examination result being declared from the human point of view.  But God looks from the inside. When you get praise from human tongues, watch yourself, you are standing on slippery ground. The sons of the snake are at it again. Praise singers, sycophants and fair-weather friends are descendants of the Evil one and their music lead to the grave. If you want praise that is genuine, extract them from widows, orphans, destitute and the less privileged in society! They are the registrars in God’s universities. The syllabus, curriculum and examination questions are clearly published, such that even the blind can decipher the answers.
Read Psalm 15 – in GNB, entitled WHAT GOD REQUIRES:
v.1       Lord, who may enter your temple?
            Who may worship in Zion your sacred hill?
v.2       A person who obeys God in everything
            and always does what is right.
            Whose words are true and sincere
v.3       and who does not slander others
            He does no wrong to his friends
            Nor spreads rumours about his neighbours
v.4       He despises those who God rejects,
            but honours those who obey the Lord
            He always does what he promises,
            No matter how much it may cost.
v.5       He makes loans without charging interest
and cannot be bribed to testify against the innocent whoever does these things will always be secure!

The last sentence is not my own addendum. You will find it in all the bible versions. So my reader – if you want to be my disciple; A TRUE KENEZIAN – you now have A CODE OF CONDUCT, A CURRICULUM OF STUDIES and THE FINAL EXAMINATION PAPERS exposed. Nevertheless, let me warn you – I doubt whether you have the inner spirit, the will power and a disciplined body to pass those question papers on life and rightful conduct! May be another ‘expo’ might help the weak minded! Go and read the following: JOB, PROVERBS, ECCLESIASTES, THE WISDOM OF SOLOMON, THE BOOK OF SIRACH and also kneel down daily and pray five Psalms in deep meditation! In our next publication, we will then explain why THIS WORLD’S HOTTEST CAKE could give you satisfaction or constipation! It may improve your health or give you diarrhoea! Eat with caution! Do not over-indulge in sweet things! Pampered children always do, but we do hope, you are not a child!



            The existential lessons of the story of Genesis, Chapters 1-10 as we have discussed here, are numerous! However, let’s list only ten for this edition:

1.         The constituents of cell structures have been documented by scientists, down to the A, C, G, T, components of the gene helix, yet no one scientist nor a group can explain how the water, chemicals, molecules, nutrients and other materials are held together to make it a living cell that is capable of mitosis or meiosis.

2.         Robots have been designed but they are not alive.  They are still under the control of human intelligence and will.  Heart beat, respiration, independent thought and reasoning are completely absent.  Neither cameras nor electron microscopes can compete with the eyes of an eagle! Nothing invented by man can match the speed of an ostrich! Nor can any other contraption compete with the hearing acuity of a bat!

 3.        Cybernetics and electronic engineering feats abound in every sphere of communication yet none has been invented to decipher chemical or electrical transmissions as the nervous system of the human body, nerves, axons, etc and none can associate words, music, laughter, sorrow, joy, or weeping as in the human body.
4.         Where God takes the gold medal is the process of reproduction in everything He created.  In-vitro fertilisation and cloning are copycats and imitations of God’s original viviparous, asexual and sexual modalities of ingenious reproductive activities.  They are still based on nature to give commensurable results.  No one has explained how two liquids – the sperm and the ovum – can produce a human skull – one of the hardest objects in the world.  It’s mere formation; its joints and its durability are great wonders to all engineers and architects.

5.         We, humans, must humble ourselves and worship this All-Creative Power, for even the water we drink, the air we breathe and the common salt on our dinner tables.  Sodium is poisonous on its own.  Chlorine is a poisonous gas by itself.  Yet only God could initiate the formula that combined them to give us our essential table salt. We may have found the formula God used to create salt, but we are only unravelling a miraculous parcel packaged at the creation story in Genesis.

6.     Hydrogen and oxygen independently are very combustible gases.  So how did the Almighty Chemist moderate their bonding together to give us water, with which either of them can be put off in a conflagration!  Humans think!  Humans become wise! We, human beings must learn to be humble and worship this All Creative, All Innovative and All Caring Creator!

7          We owe our concept of time to the creation story.  Our clocks and chronometers are all set from the movement of the sun.  Our yearly calendars or seasonal changes and their nomenclatures were also decided and are all dependent on that first decision of the Almighty to have daylight and evening the first day! Later, after the great flood the same Almighty Creator added seasons.        

8.         Medical scientists now know that anaesthesia and surgery are not human contraptions.  Engineers, Sculptors, Architects, Mathematicians, Astronomers and Geographers – all envy the work of the Almighty Creator and only copy his designs.  For they themselves were/are his creations, and even their skills, talents and expertise are evaluated by comparing their output with nature’s output.
9.         No one dead or alive can create a single ant.  Not that someone has not attempted to, but that there is no way to even form a molecule nor a cell membrane without depending on nature! Again, no one can explain what really happens when one is dreaming.  No one can calculate the speed of thought, the expansiveness and all consuming nature of air, daylight and darkness.

10.       We are miniature gods, made in the image of this Almighty Creator, and in his likeness, yet we cannot live without his oxygen.  We owe Him, or Her or It, everlasting filial love and obedience, -- as heirs of His Royal Kingdom now and always.  Let’s love nature, obey its laws and accommodate each person we meet in our short span of earthly existence. That is the only way to show Him our appreciation. Let’s thank Him for our lives!

We must avoid anything;
 Any thoughts,
Any words,
or any actions that suggest disobedience to all natural laws in creation! Find them and obey them: then and only then can we all live amicably in this beautiful world filled with beautiful people!

Yours ever, Professors Jude, Jideofo & Kenez.Ó 2001

Rascals Could Be Masked Geniuses

            Many parents are happy to have intelligent sons and daughters and so I was when Jude and later, Jideofo were born! They were rascally, adventurous and inquisitive! Soon Kenez joined them. He was very witty! Then my home became a noisy stadium! My wife and I in addition to six daughters, however, enjoyed them.
            Jude, the oldest entered the seminary early in life but soon abandoned ship during the stormy weather of theosophical rhetoric as was then demonstrated by his expatriate lecturers in the Faculty of Philosophy of Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu in 1970.
            Jideofo, a pragmatic sage entered the University of Lagos to read an honours degree in psychology but at the end of his three years sojourn there, he emerged more of an existential philosopher than a scientific psychologist did in 1975. His National Youths Service was turbulent at the Department of Psychiatry, University College Hospital, Ibadan. He later got commissioned into the NAF and became an air force medical officer.
            Kenez, the youngest of the three, right from childhood, would not accept any command or lesson until he was tutored and/or clarified on the 'whys', 'hows' and 'wherefores' of the command! Even ordinary chores or common domestic errands were only run when he was thoroughly convinced they were necessary and beneficial. This one was a bone in the neck of all his lecturers and consultants at the School of Medicine, College of Medical Sciences, of the University of Benin. He ended up specialising in clinical psychology, majoring in existential psychotherapy, earning a doctorate degree in psychometrics!          
       As an educationist with a modest wife, who was sagacious all the same, we coped the best we could to raise the eleven kids that the Almighty blessed us with, stretching our energies to elastic limits while managing our meagre income in the 1950s, 1960s and the 1970s.  Kenez, however came to our rescue when he finished from the University of Benin.
            Without the slightest premonition, I eavesdropped on their youthful arguments relating to subjects I had never learnt in my elementary teacher training colleges!  The only topics I could decipher were the ones relating to the bible and some catholic doctrines and dogmas, which I was conversant with, for I raised them to belong to that universal denomination of Christianity. I was a Community Catechist/Headmaster, and later in life I rose to become a fourth degree Knight of Columbus, Houston Texas, U.S.A.
        Before the golden jubilee of my wedding to their mother, I once called a meeting of the three rascals and pleaded with them to document most of their arguments, or discussions or even their discourses! I was not sure of what they really called them! I impressed it upon them that every useful knowledge or insight came from God, the Creator of the Universe! I hope that they obliged me. I want to believe that you are harvesting, as well as investing in their onerous duty of the enwisdomisation of all humankind! Never mind the unusual word I have just used, I learnt from the rascals, and you need to find out its meaning just I did!! If you fail to acquire its true meaning, then welcome the world of ambiguity that characterised my eavesdropping adventures or hide-and seek episodes!

       The contents of this booklet are the results of that plea. I sincerely hope it captures your imagination and curiosity as it did to me in those early years of their disputations. Please read Matthew Chapter 13, verses 24 – 30 & 36 – 43 for deriving the maximum benefits from their discourse! Happy digestion, or by default, indigestion!
              Now, go ahead and read PROVERBS; Chapter 9, verses 5—10 for a better appreciation of the wisdom of these rascals. This is my own little contribution to the baking of this hot cake! You may call it my patriarchal or sugary icing on the cake! Eat with caution!

May God Bless Everyone!

Houston, Texas


A P P E N D I X    O N E




You stand the chance of winning the above prize money by simply answering these simple questions. All entries must be cut out from original pages of this book and mailed to the Secretary General, with the address given at the end of the Foreword. Remember to enclose your mailing address and how you want us to remit your money!

1.  Where was God before the creation story? ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
2.  Which came first, day or night? ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
3.  Was Adam created before or after all the other things? ………………………………………………………………………
4.  Where was Adam when Eve was conversing with the Snake? ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
5.  Whose punishment was most severe, the Snake, Eve or Adam? ………………….Give three reasons:…………………………….. …………………………………………………….………………… ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
6.  Who was the midwife that took the deliveries of both Cain and Abel?…………………………………………………………………Explain your theory:………………………………………………… ……………………….………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

7.  Who obeyed God’s decree on the occupations that humans were to engage in? -- Cain or Abel?………………………….………….. Give adequate explanations:……………………………………….. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
8.    If you were Cain, what answer would you have given to God    when He asked, ”Where is thy brother ?………………………….. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
9.   Who died first, Adam or Eve?………………………………….. Explain:………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
10.   From current knowledge of the history of the peoples of the world today, whom do you really assume were the true descendants of Ham?…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………  
Now, fill in the following demographic data to enable us process your prize money!

Name in full:…………….……………………………………...

Here state in a few sentences, your candid assessment of this booklet………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………





Dr. J. K. Danmbaezue, D. Psych., FACRS,
Consultant Clinical Psychologist / Existential FamilyTherapist,
Block: C, House: 82, Federal Housing Estate, Trans-Ekulu,
P. O. Box 1995.  Telephone; 042-551199 or 550344,

Being the Paper presented at

  Durban, South Africa  23 August – 2nd September 2001.

This guest paper emphasises the origins and development of prejudice, discrimination, ethnocentrism, stereotypy and religious bigotry as the seeds that germinate into racism or racialism, dominant and minority ethnic groups that culminate in stressful relations, violence and wars.
           A cross-cultural harmonisation of child-rearing practices is the author’s therapeutic prescription if youths must be re-oriented towards the universal brotherhood of humanity. We have the same basic anatomy and physiology; we share the same air, water, food and rest periods. Blood groupings, emotions, motivations, and libido allow for similar sex attractions, pregnancies and births. So, where do these ethnic superiority and inferiority complexes come from?
            The “Kenezian Creed” and “The Letter to Educationists all over the world”, epitomise the ideals that this Existential Therapeutic Programme enunciates.  The panacea for racism is a systematic re-education, religious liberalism and socio-political equality, which should form the foundations of cross-cultural harmonisation of youth counselling and personality development initiatives.

Dr. J. K. Danmbaezue is a fifty-three year old privately employed Consultant Clinical Psychologist, an Existential Family Counsellor and a Research Psychometrician with an outfit at Federal Housing Estate, Enugu, named: “KENEZ HEALTH KLINIK.” He treats the psychological problems of the adolescent age bracket and counsels young adults about to wed, administering psychological tests and utilising the results to re-direct incompatible couples. Postnuptial crises are also handled. In addition, he runs an NGO-christened HAPPY FAMILY NETWORK INTERNATIONAL, which aims at the globalisation of those principles neatly encapsulated in his unique KENEZIAN CREED and LETTER TO ALL EDUCATIONISTS. He has developed several tests, is happily married and has three kids. He holds a Doctor of Science degree in psychometrics besides being a Fellow of the African College of Research Scientists. 

           Philosophy demands the delimitation of concepts, terms or nomenclatures for clarity of discussions, analyses, conclusions and recommendations.  The following are relevant in our case:
Prejudice is “a system of negative conceptions, feelings and action-orientations regarding the members of a particular group”; whereas Discrimination” refers to “overt action in which members of a group are accorded unfavourable treatment on the basis of their religious, ethnic or racial membership” Zanden, (1972).
Ethnocentrism is “an exaggerated tendency to think the characteristics of one’s own group or race superior to those of other groups or races” whereas stereotypy” means “a pathological symptom of mental or nervous disorder showing itself in continuous repetition of seemingly senseless words and syllables, or of certain posture’s and actions”.  Drever  (1972).
Religious bigotry refers to “an obsessive belief and practice system whereby a person or group of people has strong and unreasonable opinion and will not listen to or accept any contrary views or religious opinions of anyone who disagrees”.  Hornby  (1976).
Racism or Racialism refers to “any set of beliefs that organic genetically transmitted differences (whether real or imagined) between human groups are intrinsically associated with the presence or absence of certain socially relevant abilities or characteristics, hence that such differences are a legitimate basis of invidious distinctions between groups socially defined as races” Berghe (1967).
Ethnic Group is a parallel term for race “which is often socially defined on the basis of cultural characteristics superimposed on perceived physical traits defined by the group and/or is defined by other groups as different.... by virtue of innate... inherited on genetically induced behavioural patterns”.  A. H. Coleman-cited in – Krauss (1976) and this naturally leads us to Dominant and Minority groups – which are the remote and immediate causes of violence, terrorism and wars.
A Dominant Group is “one within a national state whose distinctive culture and/or physiognomy is established as superior in the society and which treats differentially/unequally other groups in the society with other cultures or physiognomy “Marden and Meyer (1968), and correspondingly;
A Minority Group is a “culturally or physically distinctive and self–conscious social aggregate, with hereditary membership and a high degree of endogamy, which is subject to political, economic or social discrimination by a dominant segment of an environing political society” Williams (1964).
           Analytically therefore, the recurrent decimal in all these definitions is that racists are misguided, self-opinionated and neurotic people who need ego trips or massage to suppress their feelings of inadequacy, otherwise termed INFERIORITY COMPLEX. 

Ethnology and Ethnography do not support apartheid, religious bigotry or racism. For want of space and time, there are two traditions in ethnic relations and socio-anthropological studies, which this existential author subscribes to:
(i)                 the psychosocial orientation, which is phenomenological, and
(ii)               the socio-cultural orientation, which is existential.
 Both form the contrasting research perspectives that most scholars patronise. However, they should complement each other. Individuals are born “tabula raza” - a clean slate! It is parents and relevant others that write on and crowd this slate with parochial traditions! No child hates another child! Hatred is a learned behaviour! So many films and dramas portray this. Individual prejudice comes mainly from the internalisation of the prejudicial norms of one’s society. A case in point is the historical origin of Hitler’s hatred for the Jews. A mistaken identity and maltreatment in his primary school days when he freely associated with Jewish children -–was the remote cause of anti-Semitism which he internationalised, followed by ‘German blood superiority’ he championed which eventually led to the two world wars he engineered! Black-white relations in U.S.A., Indians, Mexicans and Puerto Ricans segregationist policies were manufactured by the adult populations. It was neither the teenagers nor adolescents that coined the words “inferior race, black men, black magic, black devil, apartheid, colonies and imperialism.” South Africa’s multiracial society and apartheid system have been studied as the ultimate in structured inequality while Hawaii and Brazil as multiracial societies with a low degree of racism. Why can’t we replicate the latter form of ethnic relations in all countries of the world? The choice is ours!

It is interesting to note what anthropologists, psychiatrists, sociologists and psychologists have concluded after varying researches into various aspects of child-rearing practices all over the world. Collumb and Valatin (1970), French psychiatrists, concluded thus:
“The social changes attendant on modernization cause far reaching disturbances in traditional family organization and bring about alterations in the relationship of the child to the family group. Love and authority are no longer provided for the child by the communal group of the whole family but (only) by the biological parents.... Are the parents able to take on these loving and disciplinary roles alone? Cut off from their extended family group on all sides, can they overcome their own problems and fears and make themselves ready to fulfill their new functions? How does the child experience these changes? Is it already possible to set out their pathological consequences? It is difficult to say; however, one may state that the number of maladjusted children, the number of adolescents with problems is growing considerably, especially in towns. The present generation will be followed by another which will have the same incidence of schizophrenia as in West” p. 127

This international Conference in South Africa in 2001 should address those fundamental questions. What this author offers is only a palliative/prophylactic recommendation. Before that however – we need to recall what Erikson (1972) and Kohlberg (1969) posited as the critical stages of moral development in teenagers and adolescents. These will help us formulate the cross-cultural harmonisation this paper proposes. In his “EIGHT AGES OF MAN,” Chap. 7 pp. 239-266; Erikson established eight sensitive developmental patterns that parents, teachers and relevant others must take advantage of, if children must grow up into mature, respectful and responsible citizens of the world.  Correspondingly, in his “DEVELOPMENT OF MORAL CHARACTER AND MORAL IDEOLOGY” – a cognitive developmental approach – Lawrence Kohlberg of Harvard University posted six moral stages that teenagers pass through – namely: pre-moral, instrumental-hedonistic, role taking, law-and-order, autonomous-principle, and finally the universal-ethical-principle.
 Time and space may not allow a detailed discussion of these stages. However, let it be known also that: Bandura & Walters, (1963) have their SOCIAL LEARNING AND PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENTAL APPROACH, while Goshin, (1969) has relevant topics in their HANDBOOK OF SOCIALIZATION THEORY AND RESEARCH; while Hoffman Martin, has his “Moral Development Theory” cited in Paul. H. Mussen (Ed.) CARMICHAEL’S MANUAL OF CHILD PSYCHOLOGY (3rd ed.)
All point to this one fact: That what we give or fail to give growing children, teenagers or adolescents form the base of all racial discriminations, hatred, fear and apartheid tendencies.  There are no known genetic traits, or inherited behavioural patterns that warrant racial discrimination. The adult population manufactured, patented and marketed RACISM.  Therefore, it remains their duty and urgent responsibility to dismantle and obliterate the consequences of their mischievous and xenophobic creations; apartheid, religious bigotry, anti-Semitism, Zionism and all other forms of racial inequalities that they breed!
The Creator of the universe did not input any racial inequalities in his created beings.  Nor did Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, even mention any scientific basis for racism. Politicians, warmongers and demonic rulers who traded in human beings and monetary values invented racism based on their inferiority complexes, xenophobic reactions and vainglorious exploits. For how long must we all suffer for their mischief? The onerous duty of liberated minds, as exemplified by the participants at this United Nation’s Conference will come into sharper focus as we deliberate on the therapeutic measures proposed by this paper.

           In the light of the foregone scientific references, this psychotherapist has developed two basic inter-ethnic and inter-racial compositions – spanning a period of thirty years and has labelled them “THE KENEZIAN CREED” and “THE LETTER TO TEACHERS OF HIS CHILDREN.” The pair is crucial re-orientation ploys to revolutionise the religious and educational climates of the world and subsequently ameliorate or slow down the incidence of/or the increase in racial tensions, religious fanaticism and ethnic cleansing.
           “CROSS-CULTURAL” here is used as an adjective meaning “involving, or containing ideas or elements from two or more different cultures, while “HARMONISE” to make something harmonious e.g. colours that harmonise well (i.e. together produce a pleasing effect) or the cottages harmonise well with the landscape.  In music “harmonisation” means to play or sing notes that accompany the main tune and produce harmony with the lead singer”. Hornby (1995) pp 279 & 544
From the above the therapeutic regimen for racialism and other ethnic stressful relationships lies in the Homo sapiens sapiens accepting that each culture must harmonise with the lead race; that is, the HUMAN RACE. If musicians can harmonise with the lead singer why are whites, blacks and yellows unable to harmonise? Its is due to ignorance, petty jealousy, morbid fear of strangers and unbridled self-pride.          An attempt must be made to de-emphasise religion which is the greatest harbinger of fanatical zeal to discriminate against and dominate others. MISINFORMATION or DISINFORMATION – also known as propaganda that completes the racial tones dictated by maniacal leaders, politicians and governments must be halted and reversed systematically.
           The Kenezian Creed sifts the L.C.M and H.C.F. of the human race. Then it dresses them in philosophic, ethical and scientific language which harmonises with the main language of nature – WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS, WITH SAME CREATOR, SAME BLOOD AND PLASMA, SIMILAR ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY and WE INTER-MARRY AND PRODUCE SAME SPECIES. Of what value are our World Cups, Olympics and Arts Festivals, if at the end of the day we still discriminate and derogate others based simply on the colour of their skin, or eyes and or the texture of their hairs? Does emotion and motivation vary among the races of humankind? No, is the answer! Any man or woman can learn the language of the ethnic groups they are born into and mingle with, hence, English, French, Swahili, German and some other languages have gained international appeal and usage. In the like manner, lets amplify those areas of cognition, memory and recall that unify the races rather than propagate those minor differences that separate and antagonise us.
In education, any child irrespective of skin colour, genetic endowment and child rearing practices can become a genius in nuclear physics, computer science, acrobatics and, music. There has never been, nor will there ever be a scientific proof of the superiority of one race to another. These xenophobic rationalisations are ego defence mechanisms that emanate from depraved and demented minds and must not be allowed to drag us to another world war.  A word is enough for the wise. The systematic incorporation of the tenets of the following compositions into primary school/educational curricula will eradicate racism world-wide:
Poetic presentations of Kenezian Ethical Philosophy
Nuggets of Wisdom for the Unification of all Belief Systems.

1.        I am of age; therefore, I affirm that I exist! I am “ME”, you are “YOU” and we are “US”. I affirm that I am a Created Being living in the present, hoping to come to an end as other creatures I have observed, do come to a definitive end.

2.        I therefore know that all finite creatures obey some natural laws that govern existence. I affirm that these laws are also eternal and like every other law, must have a Giver. I deduce therefore that there are commensurate sanctions for any deliberate violation of these laws.

3.        When I observe the heavens and landscapes, hills and valleys, rivers and oceans, sunrise and sunset, equinoxes and eclipses, I am certain that this Eternal Law-giver is Great and Powerful in all respects and possesses Superhuman Intelligence, Power and Control over all of us?

4.        When I inspect living and non-living beings, their beauty and variety, their numbers and their sizes, especially their modes of survival in varying environments, and particularly their ability to reproduce their kinds, I confess that this Eternal Law-giver must be Beautiful, Loving and All-Creative.

5.        I respect “IT” in all “ITS” creations while admiring in particular those that move about.  For I do realise that I share the traits they have; we all have the same basic structures, we survive by performing similar functions, have similar feelings and produce comparable results. I cannot but bow in reverence and worship this Almighty Being, the Eternal Law-Giver who sustains everything on this planet.

6.        This Almighty Being set all things in motion. “IT” directs their courses and life spans, keeps them in space and time, now and always.  And because there are no accidents in nature when “IT’S” laws are strictly adhered to, I attest to the fact that “IT” is the greatest GOOD; All-knowing, All-caring and Ever Present Being.

7.        To “IT” be all my respect, obedience and loyalty, as I extend my hands of love and brotherhood to all Human Beings, co-heirs and offspring of this Almighty Creator and Father of all. Therefore, my creed concisely is this:  (a) THE UNIVERSE IS MY COUNTRY AND INHERITANCE, (b) ALL MANKIND, MY BLOOD RELATIVES AND EQUALS, (c) SEEKING THE TRUTH, LIVING THE TRUTH AND DOING GOOD AT LL TIMES – MY RELIGION.

My 50th Birthday gift to Mankind. Composed, Revised and Ratified between 1970-1998

(Each paragraph/plea can be used as the theme of Morning Assembly Talks)

·                    Dear Teacher,
·                   Your job is an onerous one, commendable by both God and man,
·                   My child will look up to you as a role model, a mirror to view the world;
·                  You will have to father him for 5 hours a day, 5 days a week and 35
·                   weeks per year,
·                  That’s long enough to make or mar his future, his classmates and that of
·                   this country.
1.      Teach him to look around and admire the beauty in  nature, himself inclusive,
       Let him know that for every child he sees, there are two parents – a father and a mother;
      So for the birds he sees, trees, animals, hills, rivers, sun, daylight, night   and  moonlight,       
    There is but One Almighty Father, who created and takes care of  us all on a daily basis.

2.      Teach him to trust and obey The Almighty Creator with worship in humility, And to love every other being, as we all are sons and daughters of the same Creator; Let him realise that when it rains, it’s for every one: plants, animals and man, The Creator’s kindness and benevolence does not choose those to hate or love.

3.      Teach him that for every lie he tells, he will tell ten more lies to cover it up, And for ten lies, he needs one hundred more lies – that is foolishness; So let him learn that truth is golden, more precious   Knowledge, wisdom and fame are the rewards earned by truthful people.

4.      In school, let him love and respect his classmates and fight to protect the weaker ones, Allow him to taste bitter and sweet things; and to   combine laughter and suffering; That way you will have prepared him to deal with wicked and honest human beings, Thereby teaching him to differentiate good from evil and to do good all his life.

5.      Teach him that lying, cheating and stealing produce criminals and rogues,
       Teach him that a kobo earned is better than a hundred won by lottery;
       It’s better to go hungry than enjoy a meal prepared with stolen money,
      Or eat crumbs of bread among finest friends than a loaf among dishonest men.

6.      Teach him that a passage studied, understood and memorised,
       Is far better than one simply crammed and repeated like a parrot;
       The former leads to ingenuity, resourcefulness and creativity,
       The latter to imitative behaviour, and lack of self-confidence;
       Teach him that it’s more honourable to fail an examination,
       Than to copy, cheat or use “expo” methods to pass any examination.

7.      Finally teach him that it is better to be neither too poor nor too rich,
      Than to become wealthy by stealing, deceit and cutting corners;
      The former leads to contentment, peace of mind and long life,
      The latter to arrogance, greed, restlessness and sudden death;
      Explain to him what “Honesty is the best policy” really means,
      And the practical implications of the saying: “More haste, less speed”.

You’ll have to believe and practise these yourself,
Before you can teach them to my son and his mates;
But be assured that if you succeed in this assignment,
You will be a hero and the father of heroes and   heroines;
And that’s what our dear country needs most.
May God guide your endeavours!
*My 53rd Birthday Gift to all Educationists,
Inspired by Abraham Lincoln’s letter,
Gestation Period: 1997-2001*

      The etiological origin of racism is ethnocentric megalomania best exemplified by Adolph Hitler’s xenophobic ideas.  “Xenophobia” as defined by Drever (1972) is  “a morbid fear of strangers,” and Hornby (1995) concerns by defining it as “an intense dislike or fear of strangers or people from other countries”... “Excessive patriotism can lead to xenophobia” – he concluded p. 1385.
           “Racism or racialism” van den Berghe (1967) affirms, “are beliefs (not facts) that organic genetically transmitted differences (real or imagined) exist between social groups” which he concluded were false. There has never been any existential or scientific proof that a Caucasian is superior to Negroid or Mongoloid specie of the human race. Racism is puerile and futile!
           Professor M. Nesturkh, a Russian anthropologist has a 133-page hardbound book, with over 100 black and white and coloured pictures - entitled THE RACES OF MANKIND.  In the preface, Professor N. N. Cheboksarov, a Doctor of History, and a Miklukho-Maklai Prize Winner, opens up thus:
The problem of the races of mankind is one of the most important in anthropology, the science that studies the natural history of man with all the variations due to age, sex, and geographical factors.  The races of mankind are, in actual fact, geographical (or territorial) variations, historically conditioned, of a single physical type-MAN.
          The writings of the founders of Marxism-Leninism contain many valuable statements on such problems as the connection between the origin of races and the natural geographical conditions of life of primitive man; the distant ancestors of the present–day peoples, the gradual obliteration of racial differences in the course of historical development, the racial mixtures that make up modern nations and the absolute invalidity of racism.
                 A correct conception of the races of mankind is of particularly great political and scientific importance today, in the period of the collapse of the colonial system and the unparalleled development of the struggle for national liberation by the dependent and colonial peoples.  The ideologists of imperialism, in their effort to provide a basis for class, national and colonial oppression, have advanced the false “theory” of the physical and mental inequality of races, or the existence of “higher” and “lower” races, of races that are capable and those that are incapable of independent, social, economic and cultural development.
             Racism is closely bound up with reactionary nationalism and chauvinism. The Programme of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, adopted by the Twenty-Second Party Congress, lays special stress on the fact that nationalistic prejudice and the survivals of former national discord constitute the sphere in which resistance to social progress may be the longest, fiercest, most stubborn and most implacable. The misanthropic inventions of the racists stand in direct contradiction to the data provided by anthropology.” Pp 5 & 6
           All scientists agree with the learned Russian Professor and PrizeWinner! Moreover, Professor M. Nesturukh, himself concludes his introduction to the book thus:
“The author realises the difficulties attaching to the task he has undertaken and will be satisfied if his readers obtain from his book a general idea of the concept of races and their origin and a conviction of the unscientific nature of racism.” p 10.
           It is the conclusion of this paper that only intellectual pygmies and anthropological misfits can, and do propagate racism in ethnic or religious relations. But for the fact that this is a scientific paper, passages in the Torah, Bible, Koran and the Bhagavad-Gita would have been used to substantiate the stupidity of racialism and the demonic possession of all racists. They are all adenescents!
           Suffice it to recommend the following:
i.                    That all racists be subjected to a psychiatric evaluation. It is possible that they have congenital deficiencies that warrant their schizophrenia fantasies.

ii.                  That participants at this conference devise means and modalities for appealing to religious leaders of all shades, colours and faith to repudiate discriminatory sermons, doctrines or catechesis in their religious worship.

iii.                That all film makers and drama writers expunge sentences or scenes depicting superiority or inferiority in all their products. On the other hand, they must encourage scriptwriters to douse the embers of hatred, violence and ethnic jealousies in their productions e.g. GUESS, WHO’S COMING TO DINNER.

iv.                 That musicians review their lyrics and emulate the consortium of international stars that gave us the famous song: WE ARE THE WORLD. In like manner, let all intelligent people all over the world stand up to be counted among music lovers who appreciate that orchestras and choirs need soprano, alto, tenor and bass to harmonise the lead instrument or singer. So also should white, black and yellow races blend or harmonise the leading HUMAN RACE.

v.                   All newly established families must make conscious efforts to give their offspring a better deal or lease of life rather than feed them the same nepotic ideas or prejudices their own parents condemned to feed on during their growing years

vi.                 Re-education in all nursery, kindergarten and primary schools, must eliminate segregation based on colour, class or creed. Each stanza or paragraph of the Kenezian letter to all liberated educationists can be used to conduct morning assemblies.

vii.              National constitutions should incorporate sections that make it a crime to discriminate against any citizen, guest or stranger in one’s native land. Moreover, national prizes may be awarded to those adjudged to have demonstrated the tenets of the Kenezian Creed practically in their daily living.

Dr. J. Kenechukwu Danmbaezue, D. Psych., FACRS

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The Chairman Organizing Committee
United Nations Conference on Racism
Durban, South Africa

Thro:  Mazi Okolie Animba
Consultant Counselling Psychologist/Dean, Student’s Affairs
Enugu State University of Science and Technology.


       I congratulate all the initiators, organisers and sponsors of this all-important conference.  More grease to your kneecaps since I am sure your elbows are saturated with it already!
My humble submission is a prelude to a scientific research I am conducting at present that might span ten to twenty years.  Experientially, one can create a conducive environment where children of all races, ethnic groups and varying shades of belief systems, educational backgrounds and socio-political parentage can be reared together devoid of segregation, discrimination and nepotism. 
If such an experiment is feasible, research scientists could draw from it informed decisions and conclusions based on facts obtained from a longitudinal study.  I do not subscribe to haphazard or incidental research papers meant for publications only or merely for attendance at conferences. Please accept this paper as my contribution to the theme you have chosen this year and expect a more detailed paper with statistical diagrams, graphs and tables subsequently.
God guide your deliberations while I remain; Yours incerely,
                    DR. J. K. DANMBAEZUE, D. Psych, FACRS,
                      P. O. BOX 1995 É 042-551199 ENUGU
Animator International,
Happy Family Network & Kenez Health Klinik

(Book 8, Chapter III)


i.                    The blessings, O man! Of thy external part, are health, vigour, and proportion.
ii.                   The greatest of these is health. What health is to the body, even that is honesty to the Soul.
iii.                That thou hast Soul, is of all knowledge the most certain, of all truths the most plain unto thee. Be meek, be grateful for it. Seek not to sense it perfectly, but commune with it.
iv.                 Thinking, understanding, reasoning, willing, call not these Soul! They are its actions, but they are not its essence.
v.                   Search the Soul by its faculties; know it by its virtues. They are in more number than the hairs on your head; the stars in Heaven are not to be counted with them.
vi.                 Doth not the sun harden the clay? Doth it not also soften the wax? as it one sun that  worketh both, even so it is one Soul that  worketh contrarieties.
vii.               As the moon retaineth her nature, though darkness spread her face like a curtain, so the Soul remaineth perfect even in the bosom of the fool.
viii.             She is immortal, she is unchangeable, she is one in all. Health calleth her forth to show her loveliness, and application anointeth her with the oil of wisdom.
ix.                 She shall live after thee; think not she was born within thee. She was concreated for thy flesh, and formed with thy mind.
x.                   Justice could not give her to thee exalted by virtues, nor mercy deliver her to thee, deformed by vices.  These must be thine, and thou must answer them with thy outer consciousness.
xi.                 Suppose not death can shield thee you from compensation; think not corruption can hide thee from inquiry. He who formeth thee of thou knowest not what, can He not rise thee from thou knowest not what again?
xii.               Perceiveth not the cock the hour of midnight? Exalteth e not his voice, to tell thee it is morning? Knoweth not the dog the footsteps of his master? And flieth not the wounded goat unto the herb that healeth him? Yet, when these die, their Soul knoweth it not; thine alone surviveth with mind and consciousness.
xiii.             Envy not to these their senses, because quicker than thine own; learn that thine advantage lieth not in possessing good things, but in the knowing the use of them.
xiv.             Hadst thou the ear of a stag, or wert thine eyes as strong and piercing as that of an eagle¢s; didst thou equal the hound in smell, or could the ape resign to thee his taste, or the tortoise her feeling; yet, without reason, what  would they avail thee? Perish not all these like their kindred?
xv.               Hath anyone of them the gift of speech? Can anyone tell you therefore did I so?
xvi.             The lips of the wise are as the doors of a cabinet; no sooner are they opened, but treasures are poured out before thee.
xvii.           Like unto trees of gold arranged in beds of silver, are wise sentences uttered in due season.
xviii.         Canst thou think too greatly of thy Soul? Or can too much be said in its praise? It is the essence of Him who gave it.
xix.             Remember thou of its dignity for ever; forget not how great a talent is committed to thy charge.
xx.               Whatsoever may do good may also do harm; beware that thou direct its course to virtue.
xxi.             Think not that thou canst lose in the crowd; suppose not thou canst bury her in thy closet. Action is her delight, and she will not be withheld from it.
xxii.           Her motion is perpetual; her attempts are universal; her agility is not to be suppressed. Is it at the uppermost part of the earth she will have it; is it beyond the region of the stars? Yet will her eye discover it.
xxiii.         Inquiry is her delight. As one who transverseth the burning sands in search of water, so is the Soul that thirsteth after knowledge.
xxiv.          As a sword in the hand of a madman, even so is the Soul to him who wanteth discretion.
xxv.            The end of her search is truth; her means to discover it are reason and experience. But are not these weak, uncertain and fallacious? How then shall she attain unto it?
xxvi.          General opinion is no proof of truth; for the generality of men are ignorant.
xxvii.      Perception of thyself, the knowledge of Him who created thee, the sense of worship thou owest unto Him, are not these plain before thy face? And, behold! What is there more that man needeth to know?”

There is nothing to add or subtract from these nuggets of wisdom! Rather what everyone needs do is to reflect on their truest meanings,
 and to appropriate them in daily living.
This is our greatest gift to mankind!

Thanks for finding the time to read through our youthful vituperations

Forgive us if we have upset your fanaticism!!!






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 Professors Jude, Jideofo and Kenez.

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