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Synopsis of Dr Kenez Danmbaezue 1980 to 1982 Doctoral Dissertation at College of Medicine, University of Benin
A Rudimentary Definition of Psychopathology from Merriam-Webster is the study of psychological and behavioural dysfunction occurring in mental disorder or in social disorganization; and a such dysfunction is then regarded as psychopathological
Psychopathology as you will find in Wikipedia is the scientific study of mental disorders, including efforts to understand their genetic, biological, psychological, and social causes; effective classification schemes (nosology); course across all stages of development; manifestations; and treatment. The term may also refer to the manifestation of behaviors that indicate the presence of a mental disorder.
The word psychopathology has a Greek origin: 'psyche' means "soul", 'pathos' is defined as "suffering", and 'logos' is "the study of". Wholly, psychopathology is defined as the origin of mental disorders, how they develop, and the symptoms they might produce in a person.
Patients with mental disorders are normally treated by psychiatrists, or psychologists, who both specialize in mental health and diagnose and treat patients through medication or psychotherapy. These professionals systematically diagnose individuals with mental disorders using specific diagnostic criteria and symptomatology found within the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.[1]
The Religious cult Leader, Rev. Jim Jones, was a strong-willed and narrow-minded fanatic was what I found out and here is The Metal Vat containing Jones' deadly concoction seated alongside the Pathway of the bodies of his followers on Nov. 20, 1978. (Source/AP)
The Ministry of Terror, The Jonestown Cult Massacre by Elissa Haney
Two decades ago an unusual series of events led to the deaths of more than 900 people in the middle of a South American jungle. Though dubbed a "massacre," what transpired at Jonestown on November 18, 1978, was to some extent done willingly, making the mass suicide all the more disturbing.
The Jonestown cult (officially named the "People's Temple") was founded in 1955 by Indianapolis preacher James Warren Jones. Jones, who had no formal theological training, based his liberal ministry on a combination of religious and socialist philosophies.
A New, Isolated Community
After relocating to California in 1965, the church continued to grow in membership and began advocating their left-wing political ideals more actively. With an I.R.S. investigation and a great deal of negative press mounting against the radical church, Jones urged his congregation to join him in a new, isolated community where they could escape American capitalism—and criticism—and practice a more communal way of life.
In 1977, Jones and many of his followers relocated to Jonestown, located on a tract of land the People's Temple had purchased and begun to develop in Guyana three years earlier.
Relatives of cult members soon grew concerned and requested that the U.S. government rescue what they believed to be brainwashed victims living in concentration camp-like conditions under Jones's power.
The Visit of Congressman Ryan
In November 1978, California Congressman Leo Ryan arrived in Guyana to survey Jonestown and interview its inhabitants. After reportedly having his life threatened by a Temple member during the first day of his visit, Ryan decided to cut his trip short and return to the U.S. with some Jonestown residents who wished to leave. As they boarded their plane, a group of Jones's guards opened fire on them, killing Ryan and four others.
Some members of Ryan's party escaped, however. Upon learning this, Jones told his followers that Ryan's murder would make it impossible for their commune to continue functioning. Rather than return to the United States, the People's Temple would preserve their church by making the ultimate sacrifice: their own lives. Jones's 912 followers were given a deadly concoction of purple Kool-Aid mixed with cyanide, sedatives, and tranquilizers. Jones apparently shot himself in the head.
A murder–suicide is an act in which an individual kills one or more other persons immediately before or at the same time as killing oneself. The combination of murder and suicide can take various forms, often linked to the first form:
• Murder linked with suicide of a mentally unstable person with a homicidal ideation;
• Murder which entails suicide, such as driving a car with one or more passenger(s) over a precipice or suicide bombing;
• Suicide after murder to escape state punishment(s);
• Suicide after murder as a form of self-punishment due to guilt;
• Suicide after (or before) murder by proxy;
• Suicide after or during murder inflicted by others;
• Murder to receive a death sentence willfully;
• Joint suicide in the form of killing the other with consent, and then killing oneself;
• Murder before suicide with the intent of preventing future pain and suffering of others including family members and oneself, such as a parent killing their children before ending their own life;
Suicide-lawful killing has three conceivable forms:
• To murder one's assailant through proportionate self-defense killing oneself in the process;
• Lawful killing to prevent an individual from causing harm to others, in so doing killing oneself;
• Lawful killing indirectly resulting in or contributing to suicide.
Many spree killings have ended in suicide, such as in many school shootings. Some cases of religiously-motivated suicides may also involve murder. All categorisation amounts to forming somewhat arbitrary distinctions where relating to intention in the case of psychosis, where the intention(s) is/are more likely than not to be irrational. Ascertaining the legal intention (mens rea) is inapplicable to cases properly categorised as insanity.

Just type into Google Search this my TITLE;
This gory story fired my explorative and academic instincts as it were and I dedicated 777 hours on initial voracious reading around the topic. To date, I still owe the victims a completion of the doctoral scientific personality evaluation scale that my psychometric instincts aroused in 1979 as I joined the Department of Mental Health that was located at UBTH, Ugbowo.


This gory story fired my explorative and academic instincts as it were and I dedicated 777 hours on initial voracious reading around the topic. To date, I still owe the victims a completion of the doctoral scientific personality evaluation scale that my psychometric instincts aroused in 1979 as I joined the Department of Mental Health that was located at UBTH, Ugbowo. :

 If you want to know the Origin of Religious Crises that gave rise to:... 1. Rev. Jones Congregation Mass Suicide of 903 in Jonestown, Guyana around 1978 just before I dedicated THE PSYCHOPATHOLOGY OF RELIGIOUS FANATICISM research to investigate extreme university student members of SCRIPTURE or CHRISTIAN UNIONS then, 2. Type into Google: GUYANA MASS RELIGIOUS SUICIDE IN JONESTOWN and pity those victims of excessive reliance on rituals, dogmas and doctrines. More than 350 drank a beverage THEY ALL KNEW was heavily laced with CYANIDE. 3. My 100 item psyhometric test I developed as my research tool to test my Experimental Group: SU members + patients in UBTH & USELU PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL .......... versus ................. my Control Group: NORMAL students (Assumed ? ?) caused an academic row between my lecturers, 5 PSYCHIATRISTS led by Professor Ayo Binitie VERSUS my other lecturers, 3 CLINICAL PSYHOLOGISTS & A SOCIOLOGIST led by Professor Alfred Awaritefe, the Academic Coordinator of the Postgraduate Masters Degree, ......... 4. Na deer me kom no say pride of profession e fit kus KATA KATA fur me own depatment i o o .. WHERE TWO ELEPHANTS DEY FIGHT i o o .. NA GRASS DEY SUFFER a begeo o o, oya now, sebi u sabi buk pas evly one.Tel all WHO BECAME THE GRASS 5. To kut de shot torio LONGU o o see me see waste paper basket 4 my +Religious Fanaticism Scale+ wey I don spend kumplit 5 to 6 kalenda months kom BICOM DE SACRIFICIAL LAMB, like Jesu Kristi wey Pontus Pilate e wash him hands clean of Jewish Blood oooo, 6. The College Provost e bicom Pontus e kom gif oda say mek the PG MEDICAL STUDENT, forget the devlpment of de Paper-&-Pencil scientific psychological test WRITE only on PERSONAL ADJUSTMENT & RELIGION, wetin a fit do oo 7. That was/is how my sincere BEST EFFORTS AT PIONEERING THE PRODUCTION OF WORLDWIDE TEST that could have PRE-EMPTED Current BOKO HARAM & I S I S was aborted! The ONLY COPY of my 450 pages bound booklet I wrote IS NOW A CAPTIVE under the EPISCOPAL CUSTODY of dearest Most Rev. Valerian Okeke, Catholic Archbishop of Onitsha Ecclesiastical Province WHO LIBERATED IT FROM ME SINCE 1991 to date. Go and Ask him WHY o ? ?


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I am a Practising Clinical/Family Psychologist of 35 years and 25 years Professor of Clinical Psychometrics with 15 Academic Psychological Tests/Scales that are fully Standardised Internationally and Utilised by Career Guidance Counsellors, Psychiatrists and Social Workers. THEREFORE, I RECOMMEND THIS ERUDITE AND SIMPLIFIED POST ON THE GREATEST ILLNESS 75% OF HUMANITY IS SUFFERING FROM, HAD SUFFERED FOR CENTURIES AND MAY STILL BE SUFFERING UNTIL A MASS EDUCATION & THERAPY IS INSTITUTED BY UNO, UNESCO, UNICEF, etc etc ALL OVER EVERY NATION ON PLANET EARTH. All the former WORLD WARS were caused by Political Fanatics, today Religious Fanatics HAVE TAKEN OVER! I have spoken as the CURRENT ORACLE OF THE CREATOR!
Fanatics Anonymous 12 Steps. At core, don’t blame the addict; blame the disease
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Jude Danmbaezue He/She who has useful ears that LISTEN TO DIVINE WISDOM, LET THEM OPEN THEM BRAINWASHED EYES & EARS, and evaluate with their TASTE BUDS, NOSE & HEADS sampapering their Memory Cards!