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agunabu umuelechi biafra dissertation on obedience to natural laws as our panacea to world wars

Dr Kenez Third Trilogy on

A N G E L I C    V E R S E S


T h e    W o  r  l  d’ s    H  o  t   e  s  t   C  a  k  e















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THE INTEGRATIONAL SPIRITAN MOVEMENT, (ISM) founded in 1990 is an interdisciplinary socio-cultural organisation for modern scientists who desire a self-fulfilled life spiced with spiritual devotion.

Our motto speaks volumes for itself;

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An astronaut once remarked after a series of space shuttle flights, that the world looks like a beautiful garden from a distance. “The geographical lines we see on the maps are imaginary. Those lines do not exist in reality” he enthused. They are mere illusions maintained by imperialists and lesser humans. As soon as we begin to appreciate this, we then realise that all humankind is the same. Let’s learn to emphasise our similarities rather magnify our differences. That’s the message of the three volumes of ANGELIC VERSES!

This is the last instalment of Angelic Verses for now. The effervescent trio of bakers of the world’s hottest cakes are going on recess. They will only resume their confectionery duties after a thousand responses come from the reading public, our honoured audience. The ball is now in your court. Do you want more verses? If your answer is in the affirmative, then e-mail the three chefs. Get others as well to correspond with them!

We encourage those Homo Sapiens who want to see a ONE-WORLD RELIGION; to find and peruse another publication by the three young academicians entitled “INTEGRATIONAL SPIRITAN MOVEMENT- I. S. M., a.k.a – Spiritual Fellowship for Modern Scientists.” In essence, it introduces the intelligent man or woman to those indices for unity in the theory and practice of an interdisciplinary, inter-racial and inter-ethnic mode of reverence for or worship of the Almighty Creator, our Eternal Sustainer and Benevolent Father!

The mission statement of I. S. M is aptly summarised in 1st John: 3, vv 1-10:

Children of God

v.1: “See how much the Father has loved us! His love is so great that we are called God’s children—and so, in fact, we are. This is why the world does not know us: it has not known God.

v.2:  My dear friends, we are now God’s children, but it is not yet clear what we shall become. But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he really is.

v.3:  Everyone who has this hope in Christ keeps himself pure, just as Christ is pure.

v.4:  Whoever sins is guilty of breaking God’s law, because sin is a breaking of the law.

v.5:  You know that Christ appeared in order to take away our sins, and that there is no sin in him.

v.6:  So everyone who lives in union with Christ does not continue to sin; but whoever continues to sin has never seen him or known him.

v.7:  Let no one deceive you, my children! Whoever does what is right is righteous.

v.8:  Whoever continues to sin belongs to the Devil, because the Devil has sinned from the very beginning. The Son of God appeared for this very reason, to destroy what the Devil had done.

v.9:  Whoever is a child of God does not continue to sin, for God’s very nature is in him; and because God is his Father, he cannot continue to sin.

v.10:  This is the clear difference between God’s children and the Devil’s children: anyone who does not do what is right or does not love his brother is not God’s child.

The law referred to here in verse 4 is and could only be THE NATURAL LAWS, the pristine commands of the Creator even before Adam and Eve were created! It was only one of them that Lord reserved when He gave Adam dominion over all his created beings.
Verse 5 confirms my assertion, as Christ is generally accepted as the second Adam promised in Genesis 3: 15. Let’s put on our thinking caps and defend our claim to the appellation ‘Homo Sapiens, Sapiens’!
Look critically at verse 8 and you will understand my thesis! A rediscovery of and a return to the obedience of all the natural laws in creation form the mission statement, the fundamental theory and the existential practice of I. S. M.
Any altruistic group of scientists can objectively catalogue the natural laws in their environment, both the internal and external ones. Then religiously obey them and you are bona-fide members of I. S. M. It’s that simple! Then contact us soonest via our e-mail:
Thanks and God bless you!     Rev. Prof. J. J. Kenez.

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Chapter II:      THE BIOLOGICAL LAWS………………





The very first conversation between the first father and the first son on earth ran thus or very similar to this:

Act 1: Scene One:
Son:   Sir, what may I call you and how do I greet you whenever I see you?

Father:   I am God, the Creator of the Universe and all that is in it. You can call me: ‘ALMIGHTY FATHER’, and greet me thus: ‘HALLOWED BE THY NAME’!

Son:   Almighty Father, is there any other like you whom I should meet or greet, and if so show them to me now ands tell me their names and how to greet them.

Father:  There is no one else and there are no others! I am the only ONE INDIVISIBLE GOD, THE CREATOR, but I choose how to manifest. These are:
·        as the thoughts in your mind,
·        as the words that I speak to you, and
·        as the actions I performed while creating you!
In addition I have voluntarily given you the same abilities, so you can take care of all I’ve created!

Son:  Thank you, Almighty Father, for your love in creating me to share these beautiful things with you. However, as for being in charge, how can I, when that huge animal with ears like fans over there is larger than I am? Allow him to be in charge, he’s got the size that could intimidate any other animal into obedience!

Father:  No! Although they all look bigger than you do, they do not possess the abilities I have endowed you with. You are the only one I have given a freewill the intelligence and the language to communicate with me and the animals also, so they will respect you so long as you show them love, care and friendliness. Take courage, I am with you. Now shout out any names you like to call each of them and you will see them come running to obey you! See Genesis 6: 9-21.

Son:   Okay, Daddy, if you say so! You there with large ears like fans, I hereby name you “elephant”, 
E-L-E-P-H-A-N-T! COME HERE IMMEDIATELY! (With steps that vibrated the ground as it hurried to answer, the pair of a male and female elephant stood before the Son of God, the Human Being, and he was quite impressed.) And you there with the longest neck, I name you “giraffe”, REPORT HERE AT ONCE GIRAFFE! (Again a pair of them galloped and was soon standing beside the elephants!)
Daddy, but I called only one of them?

Father:  Go ahead and name them all first and I will explain why they are in pairs later, will you?

Son: Of course, I love them and the way they co-ordinate their four legs when obeying me, you will also have to tell me why they have more legs than I who is their commander. Now, Mr. and Mrs. Horse come here and let’s find out how you move… That’s more elegant and faster, from now on you will be my messenger and I will ride you wherever I go… Do you understand me? Show by nodding your head and bowing to my Father and me!

Father:  Wrong, say “our Father” not “my” and never make that mistake again! Do you comprehend that?

Son:  Yes Sir. Our Father! You can’t be wrong. After all You alone decided to create the inanimate beings in the first place, and then we, the animate ones without seeking our opinions, so who could oppose you? I will continue, Sir! All of you there hanging on the branches of trees, come here: monkey, chimpanzee, squirrel, bat and… yes you large one climbing down there, gorilla, report here!
(This process continued for three days non-stop before all living things were named, those on the land, those in the air and those in the waters included! Yet the son was neither tired nor sleepy! Even at night the Father gave such a bright light that the son quickly naked it MOONLIGHT as well!)

Son:  Now it is time to explain why I am alone or would you rather start with the reason for pairing each animal?

Father:   Yes, both have the same answer; namely each one of them needs the other to reproduce itself. You are the only animal capable of reproducing yourself single-handedly! In other words, YOU ARE A MINI-GOD IN YOUR OWN RIGHT, RESEMBLING ME!

Son:   Are you sure I’d love that, or have a choice in the matter?

Father:   You have done enough for now. Take your time. Think over it for some weeks and let me know your preference, okay?

Son:   Okay, Big Daddy! Is there anything else I should be aware of for now?

Father:   Yes, there is nothing in the air, land or sea that shares my adoration, obeisance or loyalty. There are immaterial beings that are at our service, but I’ll introduce them later. Good night for now and have a nice rest!                (The curtain falls here)
Act 1: Scene Two:
  The son went about his daily perambulations in the nice garden picking fruits for his breakfast, lunch and dinner until one day he saw two dogs of the similar body build, the slightly bigger one on top of the other.

Thinking that the bigger one was bullying the other, he shouted a command, ‘STOP THAT TWO OF YOU!

Rather than obey him, the bigger one dragged the other one along the ground. This infuriated the son, and so he tried to separate them by throwing stones at them, but he still couldn’t separate them! He felt insulted that mere dogs, not even the elephants, were flouting the rule ‘Our Father’ had instituted! He made up his mind to report this insubordination when next he spoke with the father.

A little trekking down the path, and to his utmost surprise, the horses were exactly in this same position he had found the dogs!  He next observed that a black rod connected both of them from between the hind legs in the one behind to the anus of the other whom was carrying the weight of the former.

This awakened a keen interest of observation rather than surprise this time around! He stood and watched them in admiration. He began to ask funny questions in his mind. Along the way, he walked on to the top of a rickety bridge over a stream and saw his image reflected on the clean slow flowing water.

It looked like he saw another human in an inverted position to himself and it seemed they were connected by the bridge, just like the horses he had just seen but this time he felt nobody was on top of another.

This fired his imagination. He resolved there and then to mould an object similar to what he had seen. At the riverside he used the mud and sand available and fashioned an image very similar to the reflection he had seen in the waters of the stream. He imagined what it would feel like if he laid himself over it like the dogs and the horses had done. He spread out himself across the image, mouth to mouth, nose to nose, eyes to eyes, his legs and arms on top of those of the object.

And who else could arrive at that very moment but the “Our Father” he had been proposing to ask some very perplexing and curious questions! Now do you need to imagine what their conversation went like? Don’t bother, here is it: 

Father:   What’s that you are lying on top in the sand there? Is that an image? Whose idol is that?

Son:    As I was passing over the bridge over there
(Pointing in the direction of the stream) I saw an image of myself in the river and out of curiosity I moulded this. Not only that, I was wondering what the dogs and horses were doing climbing on top of one another. Can you enlighten me, Daddy?

Father:  You moulded an image. By lying on it in an embrace, you have worshipped the image. That’s idolatry. I strongly forbid it. If you wanted company, all you needed was, ask for it and I would gladly give you one.

Son:   I already did, on the first day when I requested to know why I was the only animal not in a pair. And being alone makes me envy the dogs and the horses I saw in warm embraces today. Explain to me what really made the dogs disobey me. You promised that they would always take orders from me. Didn’t you? But they flouted my instructions to stop what they were doing.

Father:   They could not because, as I told you, they have no freewill nor intellect. I remember telling you that you could do anything that I could, that you’re a mini-god. Actually they were copulating, which is the first step in reproduction of their species. But that you too can do without the help of anyone else, that’s what makes you like me. I gave you language, intellect and freewill to make choices, to think and reason and most importantly to reproduce whenever you felt like. For all the other animals they must do so only when their instinctual urges prompt them to. That was exactly what the horse and the dog were doing.

Son:   My gift of language, with whom do I share my thoughts or speak to? Only you can understand me! 

Father:   All the animals may not speak back to you, however they all hear your commands. So, you may train them to do other things you want, they are at your service so long as you feed them and show them that you care for their well-being.

Son:   Suppose I fall down, will any of them come to my rescue? Why can’t I just have a mate like all of them do?

Father:  You’re a hermaphrodite, son and it’s better you remain that way. Just reproduce one or two of your kind and enjoy yourselves whenever you want to embrace and enjoy each other’s bodily warmth. Or do you want me to reduce you to the sexual level of the animals? Is that what you prefer? I’ll give you another week to come up with and informed decision. It is an irreversible operation, be warned!

Curtains fall and Lights out!

In this third Volume of ANGELIC VERSES, no one will be spoon-fed like in the earlier editions. You just have to learn to decipher our trends of thought. Now, the prologue you have read is a teaser for you. Make a seasoned decision for mankind! Your choice will affect all human relationships just like the Jewish scholars made Adam and Eve do. This is you own opportunity to correct the mistakes of the events in the Garden of Eden. Don’t let us down. We depend on your wise decision to live a more successful, happier and healthier life. Your discretion alone can guarantee those for all the races of humankind. It’s a great responsibility. Don’t let us down, please!

Professors Jude, Jideofo & Kenez

There is a law that is written in the hearts of everyone, innocent or guilty, infantile or senile, masculine or feminine, sane or insane, courageous or cowardly and finally tutored or untutored; it is known in all cultures and referred to as SELF-PRESERVATION. The Igbo of Biafra demonstrate its universality by asking the question: “If a red hot charcoal falls on you and your child, which would you remove first?” The answer if left for every one to consider. In the same manner, self-love or the pleasure principle is a universal law! There is the final one, the eternal needy in every living being to seek for or want to worship a supernatural being. It is inborn in every human being though some try to stifle it. Since the beginning of the world nothing has defied a consensus as this need to owe allegiance to and worship a god, gods or the Supreme GOD! This is called “religion” in all climes and times.

Natural law is a law or body of laws that derives from nature and is believed to be binding upon human actions apart from or in conjunction with laws established by human authority.”[1]
“Natural Law is a set of principles in ethical philosophy, theology, law, and social theory, based on what are assumed to be the permanent characteristics of human nature. Natural law is considered fundamentally unchanging and universally applicable. It can serve as a standard for evaluating conduct and civil laws.”

The former definition is taken from a dictionary whereas the latter is from an encyclopaedia. This has been done to allow you, the reader, to compare and contrast the two positions with your own definition! You should have one! Historically, however, the ancient Greek philosophers were the first to elaborate on the concept of ‘natural law’.
·        Heraclitus spoke of a common wisdom that pervades the whole universe, and
·        Aristotle named it a rule of justice that is natural and universally valid.
·        The Stoics thought the whole cosmos is rationally ordered by an active principle variously named God, mind, or fate.
·        Roman orator Cicero referred to “one eternal and unchangeable law” valid for all nations and all times.
Christians found the natural law doctrine of the Stoics to be compatible with their beliefs.
·        Saint Paul spoke in the Bible of Gentiles doing “by nature what the law requires.”
·        In his Summa Theologica, Saint Thomas Aquinas called God's rational guidance of creation the “Eternal Law” that equips all beings with the inclination to proper actions and aims.
Dutch jurist Hugo Grotius is considered the founder of the modern theory of natural law. He defined natural law as a body of rules that can be discovered by reason and asserted this law would have validity even if there were no God or if the affairs of human beings were of no concern to God.
·        Seventeenth-century English philosophers Thomas Hobbes and John Locke proposed an original state of nature from which a social contract arose. They combined this theory with natural law.
·        Locke's doctrine that nature had endowed human beings with certain inalienable rights that could not be violated by any governing authority was incorporated in the American Declaration of Independence.
·        In the 19th century the existence of a natural law was generally regarded as unprovable, and it was largely replaced in legal theory by utilitarianism and legal positivism.[2]
This statement is rendered impotent by the you finish reading this third volume of  “Angelic Verses”! Before reading further, it would be advisable to investigate how your forefathers/mothers lived in their rural communities and interacted socially. What guided their ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’? How did they administer justice in those pre-literate times? Who arbitrated in offences that were tagged ‘taboos’ or ‘desecration of the land’ or heinous crimes against the community?

They had the notion of a Supreme Being and a set of lesser gods, good and bad spirits, guardian angels and destructive demons. Have you found out how your ancestors worshipped this Supernatural Being before the arrival of modern religious congregations and the current nuances of competing denominations?

This is what this volume of ANGELIC VERSES is about. Only those who are prepared to think for themselves can benefit immensely from it. If you are a fanatic or a mystic, please keep off and remain far away from its contents. You have been warned! 

The generality of citizens in all nations of the world as at the turn of the millennium ‘Y2K’ are conversant with the Christian religion founded on the life and times of the Lord Jesus. The dates used all over the world originate from his birth. Thus BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domino) were used in historical documentation and still in use to date! Some prefer BCE and CE, which are only synonyms. And so, for such people, to benefit most from this treatise, they should tune into the right frequency for this exercise by perusing in the early hours of the morning the following passages from the complete GNB edition of the Christian Bible:

·        Read the Gospel according to John 4:1-42, meditate on vv. 21-25,
·        John 8:31-47 noting specifically verse 44 in the GNB edition.
·        Next read 1st Timothy 2: 1 –15 ”
   Noting what verses 5, 8, 11 & 12 say!
·        Read Titus 1: 10 –16, analyse it critically
And then and only then will you be in

The right frame of mind to follow and benefit from this Volume Three of “ANGELIC VERSES

Chefs Jude, Jideofo & Kenez.


Kenez:    You are welcome to another instalment of our youthful deliberations on the ambiguities found in some of the narratives in the Bible. This time, we shall be looking at the positive contributions of the ‘Holy Scripture’ vis-à-vis scientific explorations and why obedience to all identifiable natural laws is the only international religion for all modern scientists.

Jude:   Am I happy to hear that? Yes, of course. Let’s do that for a change! Our listeners will really enjoy it!

Jideofo:  Don’t rejoice yet, Kenez may only be pulling our legs. You must learn never to trust sophists! That might be a trap to secure your interest only.

Kenez:  The beauty of the Bible is that despite all the criticisms levied at it by all manner of atheists, pagans, apostates, blasphemers, agnostics and philosophers of all shades and persuasions, it spearheaded all current investigative endeavours to unravel nature and thereby sponsored most scientific researches to date. Whether it is in the area of astronomy, physics or medicine, it initiated the first move towards researches in the area.
Jideofo:   Jude, what did I tell you. Inspect that long sentence and there you will find sophistry at its very best! He has not made any categorical assertion yet!

Jude:   Let us allow him to exhaust his points first, he may still have something up his sleeves!

Kenez:  Of course, both of you are right. Read Psalms 19,104 and then 139 and lets see who is the sophist here, Jide or I.

Jideofo:  Oh ho! That is David’s comment on the silent affirmations of the glory of the Creator being demonstrated by/in all macro- & microcosms in the universe, isn’t it Kenez?

Jude:   Would you mind not interrupting him till he has offloaded his goods! 

Kenez:  Thank you Jude, as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, those psalms would convince any rational man that David spoke of the scientific laws in the universe and the divinely ordained organisation of the world long before arm-chair philosophers; wizards, or witches, metaphysicians or theologians, astrologers or astronomers theorised on them. Today, with the benefit of scientific tools and/or methodologies most of what King David proposed in his daily prayers is now known and accepted as facts!

Jude:  Give the appropriate verses as references so that our listeners may read them at their leisure, then we can easily progress with our debate, which is on

Kenez:  For example, verses 1-6 of Psalm 19:

v.1:  How clearly the sky reveals God’s glory!
       How plainly it shows what he has done!
v.2:  Each day announces it to the following;
        Each night repeats it to the next.
v.3:  No speech or words are used,
       No sound is heard;
v.4:  Yet their message goes out to all the world;
       And is heard to the ends of the earth.
      God made a home in the sky for the sun,
v.5:  It comes out in the morning
        Like a happy bridegroom,
       Like an athlete eager to run a race,
v.6:  It starts at one end of the sky,
       And goes across to the other.
       Nothing can hide from its heat!
Just look at each line and drink in the wisdom of a pre-scientific man predicting and stating in very simple language the scientific data of today. Mediate on the veracity of those statements and tell me if you disagree with any of them. See the last sentence, for example, and tell me what has ever escaped from the heat of the sun? Yet David never went to any formal school as we do today nor did he read science or astronomy to assert those indisputable facts thousands of years before each of us was born.

Jude:    Now I can see your point, and so….

Jideofo:  You can’t see anything yet, wait until he concludes his treatise, you neophyte of logic!

Kenez:  Every one of his creations announces on a daily basis the glory of God. This is done very silently, no noise; no shouting, neither microphones nor loud speakers are used. From day to day, week to week, year to year, decade to decade, century to century – they declare the omniscience and omnipotence of God, our Creator! Look at the simplicity of verse 6 – “Nothing can hide from its heat!” That’s a fact for those of us living in the tropics! And that has been the motivation for air-conditioners all over the globe! In naive and unambiguous analogies an unscientific and untutored shepherd weaves the truth of all truths into poetic verses!

Jideofo:   I believe he has offloaded his merchandise, now you can make your own contributions, Jude.

Jude:   Kenez, if that was all you were to say, why didn’t you go straight to Psalm 34 or 35?

Jideofo:   See how shallow we all are! Were all those psalms not cleverly duplicated by several narrators, the oral tradition not having been written out formally by then? Look at their replicas in Psalms 36 and 37 as well. But the one that was borrowed from an Egyptian sage ranks the most comprehensive, and Kenez has already given it as a reference. But I doubt whether he knows that it was not even credited to King David. No, not even in the Christian Bible!

Jude:   This pagan philosopher, is there any written information that ever passes unnoticed by your eagle eyes? Even a simpleton like myself knows that much, not to talk of Kenez who is your bedfellow as far as voracious reading is concerned?

Kenez:   A replica of it is also in “UNTO THEE I GRANT”, a very rare publication of the early Tibetan monasteries! And that in itself confirms my assertion that so many sages existed and wrote better scriptures than Jewish scholars did, but theirs were kept in secrecy for many centuries!

Jude:  We have said it before, that any group of dedicated writers could have a compendium in less than a hundred years if only they could conscientiously document daily events in their nation and then give each of them supernatural interpretations! Didn’t we?

Jideofo:  Yes, but that was in Volume 2, here the issue is how do we fashion out an internationally accepted mode of worship devoid of ethnocentric biases. And the answer is what we are articulating by seeking out some of the natural laws in creation.

Jude:   Then let me set the ball rolling in this way. Every living thing breathes! There is no apartheid in that is there? And consequently, one day the breathing ability will come to an end since it stated somehow, somewhere and sometime!

Kenez:  That’s a brilliant take off, my dear Jude. How I wish others will understand us the way you have just demonstrated. Listeners or readers, the ball is now in your court! Draw up a list of all observable physical or biological laws that all animals must obey in order to survive. Then codify their relationships with other inanimate beings that affect our existence; like the sun, the moon, gravitational pull, heat and cold, the seasons...etc. That’s exactly what this Volume Three of ‘ANGELIC VERSES’ is all about!

Jideofo:   Put it in its simplest format! 
·         Learn the natural sciences and compile the accepted international laws deduced therefrom by scientists all over the globe!
·         For us humans, which of them are embodied as immutable laws for a harmonious interethnic or socio-political organisation?
·         Draw up a universal code of conduct from your compilation and follow it up with an international constitution based on the interdisciplinary facts you have discovered.
·         When we get that done, our job is finished! We could have a peaceful world and live harmoniously ever after, if all nations subscribed to them and enforced them in all child-rearing practices.
We can then make the interethnic lyrics contained in Michael Jackson’s “WE ARE THE WORLD” the accepted international anthem. And if truly implemented to the letter, in a matter of a century, there would be “No bombs, no guns nor any hungry mouths to feed as God is watching us from a distance,” the lyrics of another prophetic song entitled “FROM A DISTANCE”!

Kenez:   There are a thousand and one lyrics and wise recommendations from the few unbiased sages that we had earlier identified in the Bible. For example, Jude, could you please read out for the benefit of our dear audience Ecclesiastes 3: 10-15, or Sirach 4: 11-19.

Jude:  Since we are discussing laws in creation, why don’t we begin from “The Vanity of Vanities” that summarises the monotonous routine duties of all macro- and microcosms?

Jideofo:  I think Jude is correct. Moreover, we all know how lazy humans are. They often can’t make the required effort to look up the references we make. Our readers are only human and may find it easier to read what we present here!

Jude:  From the RSV edition, Ecclesiastes 1, vv.1-11:
v.1:   The words of the Preacher,
         the son of David, king in Jerusalem.

v.2:  Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher,
        vanity of  vanities! All is vanity.
v.3:  What does man gain by all the toil,
       at which he toils under the sun?             

v.4:  A generation goes, and a generation comes,
      but the earth remains for ever.

v.5:  The sun rises and the sun goes down,
      and hastens to the place where it rises.

v.6:  The wind blows to the south,
       and goes round to the north;
      round and round goes the wind,
     and on its circuits the wind returns.

v.7:  All streams run to the sea, but the sea is not full;      
        to the place where the streams flow,
       There they flow again.

v.8: All things are full of weariness;
      a man cannot utter it;
     the eye is not satisfied with seeing,
     nor the ear filled with hearing,

v.9:  What has been is what will be,
       and what has been done is what will be done;
       and there is nothing new under the sun.

v.10:  Is there a thing of which it is said,
         “See, this is new”?
        It has been already,
       In the ages before us.

v.11:  There is no remembrance of former things,
        nor will there be any remembrance
       of later things yet to happen
      among those who come after.

Kenez:  Jude please explain why you preferred RSV rather than our usual GNB, or is Jideofo in the mood to help our listeners?

Jideofo:   Are you afraid of pagan philosophy or that I may mislead them? Sorry to disappoint you, my dear, it is because GNB uses the term ‘useless’ instead of ‘vanity’ which is more appropriate for our topic. Jude, am I correct?

Jude:  Of course I knew you would get it. Kenez has not yet recognised the bookworm we are here dealing with; otherwise he would not have challenged an encyclopaedia in the form of a human body!

Jideofo:   What should interest us is verse 26 0f chapter 2. Any wise man that wants to live life to the full must read the whole book of Ecclesiastes. See the wisdom in the verse I have just quoted, from GNB:
v.26:   God gives wisdom, knowledge, and happiness to those who please him, bur he makes sinners work, earning and saving, so tat what they get can be given to those who please him. It is all useless. It is like chasing the wind. The eagle has landed!

Jude:  You often use the slang ‘the eagle has landed’ Jide, what does it really imply?

Kenez:   Jude, are you that naïve? It means that was has just been said is in its finality requiring no further arguments! And I agree in toto with both Jideofo and the Great King Solomon. Think it over and you will realise the veracity of those statements, if in addition you read from verse 12 of Chapter 1 and read all the following verses of Chapter 2 down to the end!

Jude:  So we are all agreed that the natural laws are self-evident to the conscientious observer. All the macrocosms obey these laws day in day out so why not man? No wonder why the psalmist wrote a long poetry in Chapter 119, on the benefits of obeying the laws of the Almighty Creator GOD. Incidentally it is the longest psalm in the Christian Bible. Let someone else read out for us only verses 7 – 14, from GNB.

Jideofo:  Let me run that errand for now, for I am happy that the sleeping giant in Jude has risen from its hypnotic slumber occasioned by a childlike gullibility of religio-colonial dogmatisation!

Psalm 119, vv. 7 - 14: THE LAW OF THE LORD       
v.7:  The law of the Lord is  perfect;
        It gives new strength!
The commands of the Lord are trustworthy,
      Giving wisdom to those who lack it.

v.8:  The Laws of the Lord are right,
        And those who obey them are happy.
The commands of the Lord are just,
      And give understanding to the mind.

v.9:  Reverence for the Lord is good;
        It will continue forever.
The judgements of the Lord are just;
      They are always fair.

v.10: They are more desirable than the finest gold;
      They are sweeter than the purest honey.

v.11: They give knowledge to me your servant;
   I am rewarded for obeying them.
v.12: No one can see his own errors;
       Deliver me Lord from hidden faults!

v.13:  Keep me safe, also, from wilful sins;
        Don’t let them rule ver me.
    Then I shall be perfect,
        And free from the evil of sin! 

v.14:  May my words and my thoughts,
       Be acceptable to you, O Lord,
      My refuge and my redeemer!

Kenez:   I think I can come in here, Jude. Observe the simple assertions of verses 7& 8. Those were and still are the natural laws, we, the three young men- CHEFS JUDE, JIDEOFO & KENEZ have been emphasising in all the arguments right from Volume I of our ‘Hot Cakes’ entitled: “ANGELIC VERSES” to this one. We did not know who was guiding our youthful debates! However it is now definitely crystal clear that the writer of Psalm 119 corroborates our vituperations!

Jideofo:  That’s an understatement! What conversion came over the erstwhile simpleton is the eight wonder of the universe. I never paid attention to Psalm 119 all my life, for it is too long for my liking and moreover I really suspected it was firstly not a prayer, secondly it was manufactured elsewhere and sandwiched into David’s poems. Now, however, I do not bother, as long as it says in very simplistic phrases what we have for so long laboured to convince our dogmatic and unbelieving audience, ably represented here by Jude!

Jude:  I will pretend that I didn’t hear that joke. Now for the rewards of OBEDIENCE TO NATURAL LAWS-read verses 9,10 &11- can you beat those? Note the phrases used there; ‘it will continue for ever’, - ‘they are always fair’, - ‘more desirable than the finest gold’ and ‘sweeter than the purest honey’

Jideofo:  And for philosophers and doctors of science, verses 11 – 14 enunciates a NATURAL RELIGION, that is not only INTER-ETHNIC, but also INTER-RACIAL, INTER-CULTURAL and INTER DENOMINATIONAL! Even an atheist, if any truly exists, would buy those verses especially the sentence; ‘they give knowledge as a reward for obeying them’ which states the source of true knowledge!

Kenez:   All animals need rest, is another natural law embedded in those verses. Every human being sleeps as well as every other living thing including plants. It is necessary for the Creator to effect repairs in the machines he invented. If you doubt it, deny yourself sleep for three days at a stretch and see whether you will not end up in a hospital bed! Sleep is when God the Creator overhauls all the living things He put into existence. Doctors prescribe it. You cannot do without it! And if you lose sleep for more than seven days- you are on the road to a mental ill-health and you may end up at the clinic of a psychiatrist, or at the least, you will need the services of a clinical psychologist!

Jude:   Just like the law of sleep is that of eating and breathing. Every atheist eats to live or lives to eat. No one can do without air for more than five minutes. No one walks or runs or drives a car without obeying the laws of gravity. The captain of a ship, the pilot of an aeroplane and the driver of a tractor must learn and obey natural laws of gravity or else pay heavily for their negligence. Thus the veracity of verse 11 is not in doubt! 

Jideofo:  Verses 12 to 14 give ethical reasons why all must obey the natural laws. Besides they teach us what true humility ought to be in practical terms. 
     Can you always see your own errors? Even if you do, can you deliver yourself from hidden faults? In other words, can you re-create yourself and eliminate your sinful nature? Apartheid, nepotism, syncretism, racism and ethnocentrism are hidden faults.
Oh, how I wish Moses lived after these psalms were composed. He would never have introduced his segregationist principles that derailed the human race into the derogatory labels of ‘Jews’ and ‘Gentiles’; which in its wake gave birth to all the other racist concepts, ideologies and policies that today divide and ruin the human community world-wide!

Kenez:  As a general introduction, we have done justice to how and where we can locate some of the laws of creation. Let’s call it a day here. We need to do some research work on the details before our next session. Everyone needs to re-read those verses Jide pointed out that are not only truly very prayerful but constitute a veritable thesis on humility:
v.12: No one can see his own errors;
       Deliver me Lord from hidden faults!
v.13:  Keep me safe, also, from wilful sins;
        Don’t let them rule over me.
    Then I shall be perfect,
        And free from the evil of sin! 
v.14:  May my words and my thoughts,
       Be acceptable to you, O Lord,
      My refuge and my redeemer!
May all our listeners or readers from now on say that little prayer every morning and night. May God bless and keep all of you for us. We love you all! Goodbye!

Chefs Jude, Jideofo & Kenez


Jude:  Good day, my dear friends, I hope you enjoyed the past week. During our last discussion, we rattled through a lot of general laws governing existence. Today, however, I propose that we become more circumspect. Let us list the natural laws subject by subject. For example, what are the biological laws that every living thing obeys and must obey no matter where it/he/she lives in the universe?

Jideofo:  Thank you, my dear Jude, that’s the best methodology we must use to accomplish this onerous task we have set for ourselves. All those natural laws that are encountered in biology can be listed separately from those of engineering. The same goes for physics, astronomy, geology, medicine, hydrology and others! Moreover it is the method that our successors must follow so as not to confuse the ‘Homo Faber’, by that I mean, the common man on the street of any town in the world. They remain my constituency always!

Kenez:  If you recall properly, you would realise that both of you are only repeating what I proposed at the conclusion of our last debate. I suggest that we now bring forward the results our research readings and/or investigations.

Jude:   I may not be a natural scientist, but I do remember the little introductory biology that was labelled 'Nature Study’ during our primary school days back in the early 1960s. Later, my biology teacher in secondary school amplified it thus: ALL LIVING THINGS HAVE SEVEN CHARACTERISTICS and we just crammed and rattled them in class. We even coined abbreviations to aid our infant memories then.

Jideofo:  Get straight to the point, my dear, are you talking of MR NIGER? 

Jude:   No. That’s a new one for me! What does that imply? Is it an abbreviation? And if it is, teach me your own shorthand.

Kenez:   My dear Jude, go straight to the point as Jideofo has already advised you. You will tell us yours first, then we may oblige you with ours. That way, we shall compare notes for the benefit of our audience!

Jude:   ‘GRIMNER’ was and still is my own mnemonic for remembering the seven characteristics of all living things. G stands for growth, R for respiration, I for irritability, M for movement, N for nutrition, E for excretion and finally R for reproduction.

Jideofo:   What a small world! The same is applicable to mine abbreviation. The only difference being that I indigenised mine to refer to the River Niger near to the secondary school I attended at the time!

Kenez:  It then means that both of you belong to the OT, by that I mean that both of you went to school when the eighth characteristic had no been added!

Jude:   You may call us anything you wish, science is forever discovering and renaming its findings, panel beating its conclusions, in here and out there, unlike theology that is immutable!

Jideofo:   Cut off the thrash. Knowledge is dynamic. What you have just said only confirms that theology is not knowledge. It is not alive. It’s neither irritable nor adaptive to the ever-changing environment of today. It does not grow despite opportunities to do so. Thus it disobeys the very elementary laws of biology you have just enumerated a few minutes ago!  Let’s make progress. Kenez, please complete your elaboration on the variable that is missing. I seek to know more and more so as to update my knowledge jo-oh!

Kenez:   Do all things die? If the answer is in the affirmative, then your biology teacher was also an OT!

Jideofo:   Thank you my dear, you are correct. Then, what that means is that both birth and death are two more characteristics that must be added to our antiquated ‘Nature Study’ lesson notes. So we can now state that there are nine characteristics of all living things! So I need to add some initials to my mnemonic, namely MR. B.D.NIGER or simply MR. NIGER, B.D.  I think I prefer the latter, and so is it!

Kenez:   Now that you have updated your rudimentary biology, Jude, can you continue the discussion?

Jude:   Yes, why not! Every living thing grows. A newly planted seed springs forth into a germinated seedling, which soon becomes a plant, then, a tree! It later grows into a giant tree, flowers and so produces fruits with new seeds, which will in turn bring forth a new species of its kind!

Jideofo:  You have not talked of ‘growth’ alone! You have moved from ‘growth’ to ‘movement’ to ‘reproduction’ and to another ‘birth’! That’s a complete life cycle you’ve just described!

Kenez:   That’s great! So, that every living thing has a life cycle will be our first natural law! That’s a starting block in a race of many miles, my dear!

Jideofo:  In the same vein, that every living thing has a date of birth or germination shall be the second natural law for all biologists!

Jude:   Then it follows that the third natural law shall then be: every living thing needs to take in water and air to begin its growth from one cell to two to four, eight, sixteen and so forth in a geometric proportion to attain a recognisable size.

Jideofo:   That’s very interesting. Every one here knows the basics in elementary botany, zoology and therefore biology, which is a combination of the two!

Kenez:   Did both of you notice that movement has already been touched by Jude when he said that the germ cell increases in size from two cells to four etc.?

Jude:   That’s not all. I included nutrition when I mentioned ‘take in water’ and/or ‘air’ another basic characteristic of all living things, which implies respiration!

Jideofo:   Whoever made us deserves a pat on the back. See how interwoven and interdependent the actions are, that must function contemporaneously to sustain life! And that, so far, is for a minute seedling.

Kenez:   If at this juncture, we are obliged to add the aerodynamics, hydrodynamics and thermodynamics involved in all we have said so far, you will then begin to appreciate the Super-intelligence that wove them all into a systematic chain of events that must of necessity occur together to initiate life, sustain growth and preserve the delicate organism!

Jude:   Let’s not confuse our audience at this point of our introductory statements on the nine characteristics of all living things. Softly, softly, my dear ones!

Jideofo:   I agree completely with Jude. The next natural laws that follow are: all living things excrete or exhale waste products, and that they respond to the stable or ever changing environment in which they find themselves.

Jude:   We might as well complete our enumeration by adding the eighth and ninth characteristics, namely: that all living things will reproduce when reach the age and maturity required to perform that procreative activity before they go the way of all protoplasm/flesh, which is death!

Kenez:   We have all assumed that our audience knows the practical implications of these nine characteristics in their personal lives! But this is far from the truth!

Jude:   Your are quite right, we lost track of that. Not everyone is opportuned to have studied biology, even at the primary school level. Jideofo, could you please summarise the salient points we have rattled through, so that they may have very practical applications for the common man or the ‘Homo Faber’ to use your own words!

Jideofo:   Thank you, the  ‘Homo Faber has always been my constituency and will forever remain so!
·        The first practical application they must learn is that each human being is born, lives for a period of time and then dies.
Some die on the day they were born, some die a few days later and even some die right there in the womb. Yet each one has lived a cycle of life!
·        The second is that conception is the real date and time of birth, not the day one is pushed out into this cold world.
Only the Chinese and may be some other Eastern cultures are very conscious of this. They subtract nine months from the date of their actual physical birth when they write down their dates of births (‘D.o.E.’) in any official document, private or public!
·        The third is that respiration; nutrition, movement and excretion in human infants begin right there in the womb within the first weeks of the development of the foetus. The placenta assists them do these!
Their methodologies are programmed by the Creator to be similar and congruent in all respects. In simpler words, how unborn babies perform these primary life sustaining functions in the wombs of their various mothers are the same in all humans, but are only refined or modified after their individual physical births.
These modifications constitute what is termed ‘child-rearing practices’, which is the earliest introduction of cultural differences, the very first steps towards socio-economic class-consciousness, which marks the onset of the gradual initiation into ethnocentric preferences!

The next implication of the nine characteristics of all living things is:
·        The automatic responses each of us makes to the ever-changing environment we find ourselves in at any given time, place or situation!
This is termed ‘IRRITABILITY’, i.e. the innate ability to unconsciously make the right choices that will prevent any minute or serious damage to the self. This again, is programmed by the Creator and therefore is in-born in all of us, and so is internationally similar in every person irrespective of his/her nationality, creed and social status. It is the central nervous system that helps us make these involuntary but essential responses or actions to prolong life!
The last practical implications, procreation or simply reproduction comes on with advancement in age and maturity!
·        The ability to perform the required actions to mate and transmit life to a new offspring is again inborn, is never learnt internationally and is exactly the same for all races, species, cultures and religions!
No one ever taught the lower animals the art of copulation or its variety of performance. The dogs do it differently from birds, insects, amphibians and other terrestrial animals. But the end result is the same in all animals, (protozoan or metazoan, i.e. unicellular or multicellular) and that means that new infants (neonates of each species) are born to replace the dying ones, and so replenish the species!

Kenez:   That’s very encyclopaedic my dear, (clapping his hands in appreciation), now I am beginning to understand why Jude calls you a bookworm!

Jude:   You have not seen anything yet! Wait until you step into his speciality, then and only then would you realise what a demagogue we have here!

Jideofo:   What was that supposed to mean? Have I committed any offence by obliging your request?

Jude:   Don’t get me wrong, friend! My statements are complimentary. I am only amplifying your talents that Kenez is yet to appreciate! “Demagogue” simply means “ a popular leader of the people who appeals to their sentiments” and that’s your role! Remember you claim the masses as your constituency, don’t you?

Kenez:   On a more serious note, where does this lead us with respect to OBEDIENCE TO NATURAL LAWS which is the topic of this debate? Or have we lost track of the essence of the international applications of the nine characteristics of all living things?

Jideofo:   No, we haven’t. In a sentence: Those who obey the natural laws generally live longer lives than those who disobey them do. That’s the secret of longevity in all living things!
I learnt this from my grandfather Ezeloma Paul Mbaezue IZUOHA. He never went to any formal school as we do nowadays. Yet he was wiser than any Greek philosopher I have read of was! He only lived by natural laws he deduced from observation, the truth he inducted from traditional customs, native norms and mores of his people.
And he lived to be a hundred and twenty years before we accorded him a well-deserved funeral as the ‘OKPARA’, a title reserved for the oldest male in every Igbo community! A tortoise or an elephant lives longer than every human does, if allowed to do so by the most destructive animal in creation-Man! The reason for their extraordinary longevity is simple. They live by and obey all the natural laws in creation!

Jude:   So that accounts for the longevity in Chapter 5 of Genesis! Before the flood, humans had not learnt to disobey nature as we do today! They ate the fruits and grains that God decreed for humans as their staple food. And these were taken raw, as fresh as when they were plucked from the trees! There were neither the mechanical/electronic gadgets for cooking of foods nor the alternative sources of electricity to deny them full-sleep at nightfall.
·        Every living thing that disobeys the Creator’s natural laws more especially the sleep timetable does so at its/his/her own risk, namely the loss of good health and the hastening of death!
Equally there were no refrigerators for preservation to deceive them into thinking that neither viruses nor stubborn bacteria hibernated in most iced foods and drinks we consume nowadays! That’s our undoing today. No thanks to modern technology!
·        According to the sage, Paul Mbaezue Izuoha;
“ Not consuming enough fresh leaves, fruits and spring water, eating decaying foods rather than freshly prepared ones and soups on a daily basis; are some of the remote reasons why we who live in rural villages out-live you people who live in urban cities! Moreover, the air you breathe there is always polluted with the smoke coming out your motorcycle and pleasure car exhaust pipes!”

Kenez:   So what both of you are saying is that,
·        The first benefit of obeying all the natural laws in creation is GOOD HEALTH AND LONGEVITY!
And that you learnt these from untutored villagers who lived all their life in natural settings observing the simple laws of creation!

·        The second is that since we are all conceived and born in the same way, there is benefit in embracing a universal outlook towards the brotherhood and sisterhood of all humans.
In a word, there are no natural inequalities in creation; therefore all contrary policies are man-made!
·        The third is the innate ability to adapt to differing environments be it internal or external, cold or hot, one’s culture or another and finally assimilating a new language,
This is easily the most important gift of all because it allows the human infant to grow up in any cultural setting, time zone or temperature, learn to think, talk and behave like those living within that cultural setting despite retaining the colour of its parent’s skin and other anatomical features! Watch the popular film “MR. BONES” in order to appreciate this gift of irritability at its greatest demonstration! By this, the Creator is stating unequivocally that no race; language or culture is superior to another! Racists and colonial imperialists should take note of this fundamental truth!

Jude:   That’s another demonstration of an analytic mind! Thanks my dear friends. But aren’t we missing out on the spiritual angle?
If you have ever listened to the lyrics of Michael Bolton’s “LEAN ON ME”, then the fundamental truth of the nine characteristics of all living things comes out as clear as crystals.
·        We need each other to survive and enjoy the gifts of nature, in other words, we will need a shoulder to lean on in times of difficulty, stress or sorrow!
·        Since we are all born in the same manner and nurtured as babies in similar ways right from the womb, we’d better swallow our ethnocentric pride and prejudices and co-operate to enjoy life to the fullest!
·        And finally, the most fundamental realisation is that we are brothers and sisters, children and heirs to the same Almighty Creator’s paradise of joy, peace and happiness, so we owe each other unconditional filial and fraternal love!

Does anyone doubt that such principles learnt from simple scientific laws that govern all existence can be the much desired, practical and wholesome foundations for a glorious Integrational Spiritan Movement, ISM, (OBEDIENCE TO NATURAL LAWS)?
 Such a spiritual fellowship can accommodate all races of mankind, all ethnic groups in every country and all ethical philosophies that guide the conduct of human affairs? This, and only this is the objective of the revolutionary trio of:


Jude:   Today we agreed to take a closer look at the natural laws embedded in agriculture. When anyone talks of agriculture in this part of the Africa, what readily comes to mind is crop farming and poultry! But technically it includes Animal Husbandry; Crop Farming; Dairy Farming; Forestry; Poultry Farming; and Soil Management! However, Agriculture, simply defined, is the art, science, and industry of managing the growth of plants and animals for human use. In a broad sense agriculture includes cultivation of the soil, growing and harvesting of crops, breeding and raising of livestock, dairying, and forestry.

Jideofo:  Thank you for that nice introduction, Jude. Modern agriculture today depends heavily on engineering and technology and on the biological and physical sciences. Irrigation, drainage, conservation, and sanitation— each of which is important in successful farming— are some of the fields requiring the specialised knowledge of agricultural engineers. Agricultural chemistry, instrument mechanisation, plants breeding and genetics have contributed immeasurably to farm productivity and efficiency and so have eased much of the backbreaking toil of the farmer.[3]

Kenez:  The relevant issue in agriculture that is of interest as a natural law is Photosynthesis, which according to Encarta® 98 Desk Encyclopaedia is:
 “A process by which chlorophyll-containing green plants, algae, and some bacteria capture energy in the form of light and convert it to chemical energy. Virtually all the energy available for life on earth is made available through photosynthesis.

Some photosynthetic bacteria use hydrogen sulphide (H2S) in photosynthesis, but the vast majority of photosynthetic organisms use water (H2O).”

Photosynthesis consists of two stages: a series of light-dependent reactions that are temperature independent and a series of temperature-dependent reactions that are light independent. The first series is called the light reaction, and the second series is known as the dark reaction.

“Light Reaction:
The first step in photosynthesis is the absorption of light by pigments. One of these pigments is chlorophyll, which is essential for the process. It captures light energy in the violet and red portions of the spectrum. Other forms of chlorophyll and other pigments absorb slightly different wavelengths of light and pass the energy to chlorophyll to be transformed into chemical energy.
Photosynthesis takes place within cells, in organelles called chloroplasts. Energy absorbed by the pigments is transferred to a special form of chlorophyll called a reaction centre. There a number of reactions occur, including the production of energy-rich adenosine triphosphate, (ATP) and the energising of the coenzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADP), which is then reduced to NADPH2. The light reaction ends with the energy yield stored in the ATP and NADPH2.
Dark Reaction
In the dark reaction the energy stored in the ATP and NADPH2 is used to reduce carbon dioxide to organic carbon through a series of reactions. At each turn of the cycle one molecule of carbon dioxide is initially combined with a five-carbon sugar to form two molecules of a three-carbon compound. The cycle eventually produces a three-carbon molecule. Two of these molecules combine to form a six-carbon sugar, glucose, regenerating the five-carbon sugar.
·        The net effect of photosynthesis is the temporary capture of light energy in the chemical bonds of ATP and NADPH2 through the light reaction, and the permanent capture of the energy in glucose through the dark reaction.

·        Water is split during the light reaction. Carbon dioxide is reduced in the dark reaction to provide the basis for the sugar molecule.

·        The complete, balanced equation for photosynthesis involving water is:

6 CO2 + 12H2O = C6H12O6 + 6O2 + 6H2O[4]

It is this manufacture of sugar, the energy-giving substance in all living things that makes the study of photosynthesis the king of all research efforts in agriculture, agronomy, horticulture and every other branch of agricultural engineering!

Jude:    At first sight and interaction, one would mistake you for a sophist of the first class order. But now I can see that you and my college mate here, whom I prefer describing as a ‘bookworm’ are bed-fellows as far as voracious reading and consequently the possession of an enormous vault of information in all departments of general knowledge is concerned!

Jideofo:    Kenez please, don’t mind his interruption, conclude your thesis on the natural chain of events that the Great Designer uses to feed all his creatures; large or small, literate or illiterate, tame or wild and finally human or subhuman!

Kenez:   Yes, the issue is again the equality of all living things and therefore the egalitarian attitude we should all posses when dealing with all other living things! We all depend on the plants for all our food. Flies, mosquitoes, rats, cats, birds, bats, snakes, frogs, toads, turtles and even the whales in the oceans do!

Jude: That’s not possible my dear Kenez, do you mean that whales eat plants like cows and goats?

Jideofo:   You can now see why I call you either a simpleton or a religious fanatic! Why not update your information data bank by reading scientific books rather burying your head in the Bible? What Kenez is saying is that every living thing depends on a food chain designed by the Almighty Creator that ends at the doorsteps of plants! Plants wear the crown of sustaining all life! The Creator made them the ultimate manufacturers of all that we eat!
This is how it works my dear friend; omnivores like you eat cooked meat, roots, fruits and leaves of plants directly; carnivores eat the raw meat of the animals they kill; which invariably are herbivores that directly eat the raw leaves of grasses and plants! So it is with the animals in the rivers and oceans. All the whales, sharks, crocodiles, sea lions and hippopotamuses do the same as humans or apes, the herbivores and the carnivores!
We all depend on the chlorophyll in the leaves of plants above or below sea level. They absorb the power of sun, which they use to combine carbon dioxide and water to manufacture the variety of sugars stored in their roots, stems, branches, fruits and seeds that we eat to survive! Nutritionally, they are our ever-ready mothers, so to speak! They feed the world!

Jude:   Thank you, my friends. That is the benefit of having learned friends like you! Like I said before, my knowledge of biology stopped at the secondary school level, so I did not learn about this interdependence of all living things. My mind tells me that there must be something we also contribute to the sustenance of these plants, am I wrong?

Jideofo:  That’s an educated guess and it shows that you’re gifted in the sciences but were unopportuned to devote more time to it! We provide the carbon dioxide they use when alive and the decaying nutrients or manure when we die and are buried in the ground! God provides the water they use via rainfalls, streams or rivers! So, all in all, God is our Almighty Father!

Jude:   Now, that completes the food chain both of you talked about some minutes ago. Wait a minute! They also supply the oxygen we breathe in order to be alive in the first place! So without plants we shall all die? The value of plants, grasses and the study of agriculture are therefore fundamental in understanding the wisdom of the Almighty Creator? If only all humans would appreciate this interdependence and how we are all equal in the eyes of the Creator God, there would be more respect for the various ethnic or racial groups in the world! This in turn would reduce social prejudices; political imperialism, syncretic religious practices and thereby bring about more harmonious co-existence of all humans without the need for segregationist policies! Really, all the other studies or branches of agriculture are summed up in this process of photosynthesis!

Jideofo:    There are so many other ways that the laws of agriculture convince us that we should all worship the Creator based on egalitarian principles. These are the laws of hydrotropism, phototropism, osmotic pressure and transpiration pull! We may not have the time and space to discuss these laws in any detail in this volume of ANGELIC VERSES, however we expect that our readers will find the time to look them up in standard textbooks of biology or botany!

Jude:   No, we ought to give them at least the basic definitions. You must realise that humans are very lazy animals, they may never bother to look up any of these references we give them!

Kenez:   I agree totally with Jude. At the least we owe them mere dictionary definitions. So here we go:
Hydrotropism: is the growth or movement in a sessile organism toward or away from water, as of the roots of a plant.[5] In simple words, that the roots of all plants grow towards the source of water is a natural law they always obey!

Phototropism: is the growth or movement of a sessile organism toward or away from a source of light.[6] In the tropics, such as in Biafra, to carry out the process of photosynthesis, plant shoots must grow towards sunlight. That’s a natural law every plant obeys!

Osmosis:   (a) is the diffusion of fluid through a semi- permeable membrane until there is a balanced concentration of fluid on both sides of the membrane.
(b) The tendency of fluids to diffuse in such a manner.[7] This simply means that liquids of lower concentrations must move through the pores in plant cells towards liquids of stronger concentrations, or until here is an equal balance on both sides of the membrane!
This is a natural law that ensures the movement of water in all directions in all plants!

Transpiration: The act or process of transpiring, especially through the stomata of plant tissue or the pores of the skin.[8] This really is the continuous operation of the process of osmosis, which sets up either the osmotic pressure or the transpiration pull! Another natural law that every plant must obey to remain alive!
So, you can now see that even plants are obedient to these eternal and natural laws that the Creator God put into his design for their survival. And so must we, the ‘Homo Sapiens’ species of animals discover ours and obey them for our own good and the good of other created beings, animate and inanimate!

Jude:   If all these laws are embedded in nature, why then are we manufacturing doctrines and dogmas in order to worship this Almighty Creator who made us and wrote these natural laws into our subconscious apparatus for ever and ever? We are the architects of our political and religious differences and wars! 

Jideofo:   Since you have both agreed to define the terms, we might as well explain what goes on in the leaves of plants that connect these definitions!
Whereas leaves must grow towards light to obtain the power needed for photosynthesis, roots must grow towards water to obtain the nutrients required for the formation of the sugars!
Osmosis, on the other hand, permits the movement of water upward against the law of gravity and also allows the movement in all other directions- down, right or left!
Now the most important of all is what happens in the leaf that deals with transpiration pull! The leaves of every plant or scrub you see is so vital to the energy supply of all living things that we cannot afford to neglect a detailed discussion of it.
I will refer you to the encyclopaedic definition for an unbiased expatiation of the term. It is a long essay that is crucial to our appreciation of the scientific wisdom of the Almighty Creator that we must exercise to patience required to read them all!
Leaf, is that part of a plant that serves primarily as the plant's food-making organ in a process called photosynthesis. A leaf is an extension of a plant's stem. Although most leaves are flat, broad, or blade-like, they also may be of many other shapes, including round, oval, or feathery. In size, leaves range from only several millimetres long, as in the water plant Elodea, to 15 to 18 m (15 to 60 ft) long, as in some palm trees.
The typical green leaf consists of two basic parts: a petiole and a blade. The petiole is a stalk-like structure that supports the leaf blade on the stem. It also serves as a passageway between the stem and the blade for water and nutrients. Another function of the petiole is to move the leaf into the best position for receiving sunlight. Many plants, such as grasses and corn, do not have petioles. In these plants, the base of the blade is attached directly to the stem.
The leaf blade is usually a thin, flat structure, consisting of an upper and lower epidermis and a spongy layer of tissue, called the mesophyll. The epidermis is a thin, colourless layer of cells that cover both the upper and lower surfaces of the blade. The epidermis prevents the leaf from losing excessive amounts of water and protects it against injury. Scattered throughout the epidermis are pairs of bean-shaped cells, called guard cells. Guard cells contain chloroplasts, which are tiny granules filled with the green pigment chlorophyll. Chloroplasts enable leaves to carry on photosynthesis because they are able to absorb carbon dioxide and sunlight. In response to heat and light, each pair of guard cells pulls apart.
Through the pore that is formed, carbon dioxide and oxygen pass in and out. When carbon dioxide enters, it takes part in photosynthesis, a food-making process that releases oxygen as a waste product. This oxygen passes out of the leaf. At the same time, oxygen also enters the leaf, where it takes part in respiration, a process by which a plant obtains energy. The process forms carbon dioxide as a waste product, and this carbon dioxide passes out through the pore. Water also passes out of the open pore in the form of a vapour. This process is called transpiration.
The mesophyll is sandwiched between the upper and lower epidermis. Running through the middle of the mesophyll and branching out to all of its cells are veins, which help support the leaf blade. The veins of a leaf are made up of two specialised tissues, xylem and phloem. Xylem conducts water and dissolved minerals to the leaf blade from the rest of the plant. Phloem carries food manufactured in the blade to the rest of the plant.
Chlorophyll gives green leaves their colour. The presence of additional pigments causes other leaf colours such as red and purple. In temperate regions of the world, the leaves of some plants change colour in autumn, when chlorophyll production decreases and the other pigments become visible. Leaves of most garden plants turn yellow in the autumn, but those of many trees take on brilliant orange or red colours. Most plants whose leaves change colour also lose their leaves in the autumn. Such plants are called deciduous. In other plants, such as laurels and pines, the leaves do not change colour and do not fall off in autumn. Such plants are called evergreens.[9]
Can you now comprehend the intricate processes that the Omniscient Creator wove into the leaves of every plant you see? Such knowledge should humble us!

Jude:     I wish I could say ‘yes’ with certainty but I’ll not deceive myself. This Creator God must be All Loving and Benevolent to have prepared all these processes in order to feed us year in year out! Can we next look at another universal law in nature?

Can any earthly Father or Mother provide a better and regular supply of food, water and fresh air to their children? Do we need any further proof that we are all equal and important to this Almighty Creator Father of all human beings? We are blood brothers and equal citizens of planet earth! We must retrace our apartheid or ethnocentric steps and allow egalitarianism be our moral code!
Is there more request of our Creator? ----------------------- Chefs Jude, Jideofo & Kenez.



Kenez:   If you have ever seen where roofs of houses were blown off during a thunderstorm or a real heavy rainfall, then you would comprehend the velocity of the ordinary air we breathe in and out, which is then called ‘wind’, ‘hurricane’ or ‘tornado’ because it’s now in motion. The term used by engineers and students of physics to describe the speed of the wind is ‘velocity’.

Jideofo:   To cut the long story short:
“Velocity, in physics, is the rate of linear motion of a body in a particular direction. Velocity is a vector— that is, it has both magnitude and direction. The magnitude of velocity, known as speed, is usually expressed in terms of distance covered per unit of time (usually the hour or second), such as feet per second or kilometres per hour.
Velocity can be constant, or it can be accelerated. Constant, or uniform, velocity can be determined simply by dividing the distance covered by the time taken to travel that distance. When an object is accelerated, the object's velocity vector changes per unit of time. Acceleration can change the direction of the velocity vector, or change the magnitude of the velocity vector, or change both the direction and magnitude of the velocity vector.” [10]

Kenez: Thank you for coming to my rescue, though unsolicited, I hope that our audience is attentive:
“MECHANICS, is that branch of physics concerning the motions of objects and their response to forces. Descriptions of mechanics begin with definitions of such quantities as distance, time, velocity, acceleration, mass, and force.”[11]
“FORCE, in physics, is any influence that accelerates an object. An object experiences a force because of the influence of a field. Force is a ‘vector’, meaning that it has both direction and amount. When several forces act on an object, the forces are combined.”
“The total force acting on an object, the object's mass, and the acceleration of the object are all related to each other by the second law of motion formulated by English physicist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton.”

“This law states that the total force acting on an object is equal to the object's acceleration times its mass. Thus, if a force acts on two objects of different mass, the one with a larger mass will have a lower acceleration. In the international system of units, the unit of force is the ‘newton’, which is the amount of force that gives an object with a mass of 1 kg an acceleration of 1 m/sec2.”[12]

“MASS (in physics), is the amount of matter that an object contains, which is a measure of that object's resistance to change of motion Mass is different from weight, which is a measure of the attraction of the earth for a mass and varies with the mass's distance from the earth. According to the law of conservation of mass, matter cannot be created or destroyed. This is true for chemical reactions but not for cases where atoms disintegrate.”

According to the theory of relativity, formulated in 1905 by German-American physicist Albert Einstein, the mass of an object changes as its velocity approaches that of light. Where such velocities are involved, as in nuclear reactions, mass can be converted into energy and vice versa.[13]

Jideofo:   The historical development of the laws of physics is that the Italian physicist and astronomer Galileo Galilee analysed motion in terms of the distance travelled from some starting position and the time taken. He showed that the speed of falling objects increases steadily. This acceleration is the same for heavy objects as for light ones, provided air friction is discounted.

“English mathematician and physicist Sir Isaac Newton improved this analysis by defining force and mass and relating these to acceleration. Newton's laws were replaced for objects travelling at speeds close to the speed of light by the theory of relativity formulated by German American physicist Albert Einstein. For atomic and subatomic particles Newton's laws were later replaced by quantum theory.”

Kinetics is the description of motion without regard to what causes the motion. To describe motion, the concepts of velocity and acceleration are used. Velocity is the distance travelled divided by the time, and acceleration is the change of velocity divided by the time during the change. Describing the motion of an object that is small compared with the distances involved is uncomplicated. If the object is large, however, the concept of the centre of mass, a point representing the entire mass of an object, may be used.”
Dynamics is the study of what causes motion. To understand why objects accelerate, force and mass must be defined. A force can either distort or accelerate an object. Distortion can be used to calibrate a spring scale, which can be used to measure the strength of a force: the greater the force, the greater the stretch.”
When calculating a total force on an object, it is necessary to add the forces as vectors. If an object is motionless, the total force must be zero. For instance, a book lying on a table is being pulled down by the earth's gravitational attraction and is being pushed up by the molecular repulsion of the tabletop. The total force is zero; the book is in equilibrium.”
Newton's Three Laws of Motion
Newton's first law of motion states that, if the vector sum of the forces acting on an object is zero, then the object will remain at rest or remain moving at constant velocity.
Newton's second law of motion states that a net force on an object will accelerate the object at a rate proportional to the strength of the force and in the same direction as the force.
Newton's third law of motion states that an object experiences a force because it is interacting with some other object, and that the force exerted by object 1 on object 2 must be equal to the force exerted by object 2 on object 1 but in the opposite direction. Newton's third law also requires the conservation of both linear and angular momentum.”
Energy ties together all branches of physics. In mechanics, energy must be provided to do ‘work’.
Work is defined as the product of a force and the distance an object moves in the direction of the force. When a force is exerted on an object, but the force does not cause the object to move, no work is done. If work is done lifting an object, energy has been stored in the form of gravitational potential energy. Many other forms of energy exist: electric and magnetic potential energy; kinetic energy; energy stored in stretched springs, compressed gases, or molecular bonds; thermal energy; and mass itself. In all transformations from one kind of energy to another, the total energy is conserved.”[14] 

Jude:   What both of you have succeeded in doing so far is getting me more confused than ever but at the same time allowing me to stand in awe towards the Almighty Creator who put all these laws that Newton and Einstein only discovered centuries later! If my opinions can represent that of our audience then the three laws of Isaac Newton is easier for the common man to understand. At least it explains to me the principle of a moving car. As a child I always wondered which was moving, the trees along the road daddy was driving on or we inside the vehicle. Newton’s law has explained it so well that my infantile ambiguity has been laid to rest! But by far the greatest profit I have made from all the encyclopaedic explanations; is that of zero force!

“If an object is motionless, the total force must be zero. For instance, a book lying on a table is being pulled down by the earth's gravitational attraction and is being pushed up by the molecular repulsion of the tabletop. The total force is zero; the book is in equilibrium.”  
Anytime I am reading in my clinic or working on my computer, I now know why the objects on the table are at equilibrium! Also, it explains why those at the edge of the table fall off more easily! Thanks to these laws we have not all fallen into space. Please, can any of you now expatiate on the common laws of gravity in very simple language so that a ‘Homo Faber’ can comprehend all you have been talking about?

Kenez:   I will use everyday events to detail how each of us obeys the laws of gravity willy-nilly! You are sitting down now, later you may stand and walk away from here. This is made possible by the law of gravity pulling you down all the while.
 It magnets every thing that has weight towards the centre of the earth’s crust. If it stopped doing so for a minute, you and I would fall off into space. All the buildings in this world; skyscrapers in USA, Britain and France to mention just a few will all crumble, so will all the mud houses, bungalows and storeyed buildings you see out there. Without the magnetic force of gravity holding us glued to the earth, cars, lorries, trailers, caterpillars, trains, helicopters and aeroplanes can not fly, all will crash!
On the oceans all boats and ships will sink! In short, without gravity all structures you can touch and see will collapse! Have I made any difference in your understanding of the essential law of gravity and its indispensability?

Jideofo:   You are giving far-fetched examples. Jude, my dear, suppose you wake one morning and find that as you are urinating the urine flies up into the air, what would you do? Or better still, if you threw a piece of wood in an attempt to pluck some mango fruits, both the mangoes you have successfully hit and your implement refuse to fall down to the ground, but instead continue to go up towards the clouds! What is happening and how would you explain such an unusual phenomenon?

Jude:   I will run back into my room, kneel down and pray expecting the imminent end of the world!
Jideofo:  That’s exactly what would be happening every time and every day if there were no laws of gravity to keep every thing in space and time!

Jude:  What is a tornado or the hurricane Kenez talked about at the beginning of this discourse?

Kenez:    From the same reference book we have been quoting from: “A tornado is a violent whirling wind, characteristically accompanied by a funnel-shaped cloud extending from a cumulonimbus cloud. A tornado can be from a few meters to about a kilometre wide where it touches the ground, with an average width of a few hundred meters. It can travel for distances ranging from short hops to many kilometres, causing extensive damage. The funnel is made visible by the dust that it sucks up and by condensation of water droplets in its centre. Most tornadoes spin counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere. They develop within low-pressure areas of high winds; wind speeds often exceed 480 km/h (over 300 mph). Tornado damage is caused by wind and by the extremely reduced pressure in the funnel's centre, which can cause structures to explode.[15] 
A hurricane, on the other hand is defined as:
 Migratory tropical cyclones originating over oceans in certain regions near the equator, particularly those arising in the doldrums in the West Indian region, including the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricanes consist of high-velocity winds blowing circularly around a low-pressure centre, known as the eye of the storm, which develops when warm, saturated air prevalent in the doldrums is underrun and forced upward by denser, cooler air. The diameter of the area affected by destructive winds may exceed 240 km (150 miles). From the edge of the storm toward its centre, atmospheric pressure drops sharply and wind velocity rises. Within the eye of the storm, winds stop and clouds lift, but seas remain violent. In the northern hemisphere hurricanes usually travel first in a north-westerly direction and then turn north-east. In the southern hemisphere they usually move first to the south-west and subsequently to the south-east.[16]
So you can now see how powerful the air we take for granted can be very devastating and destructive!

Jideofo:   Are we not sacrificing too much time on this aerodynamics of wind for others like thermodynamics and hydrodynamics.  Have we so easily forgotten or neglected ‘Archimedes Principle’ which predates those of Newton and Einstein?

Kenez:   No, we have not! Can anyone ever forget Eureka! Eureka!!” I think that is one Greek word I learnt even as early as during my primary education! I’m sure that even our overzealous religionist here knows that one!

Jude:  Of course I do. He was the great mathematician who bordered himself with creative inventions while his peers were busy becoming Epicureans! He gave us the “Law of Floatation”, which he discovered in a public bathtub and ran all the way back home to his study to record it that he forgot he was naked! It was presumed he had gone mad until his new discovery became the basic principle in boat construction!
            I know at least that meteorologists must study it and thermodynamics in detail. Pilots and navigators concentrate on aerodynamics, while civil engineers master fluid mechanics!  

Jideofo:   To date all laws in hydrodynamics owe their origin to that ‘Eureka episode’. Congratulations, Jude! All engineers study the three dynamics of aero-  (air), hydro- (water) and thermo- (temperature) as basics for any specialisations after their bachelor’s degrees! We shall pause here to look at other disciplines!

Kenez:   No, not so fast! How about the laws of flying those ordinary birds of the air know better than our Air Force pilots do, even though they never go to any Flying Training Schools or Colleges? Can any pilot beat the black swallow, (that graceful, swift-flying passerine birds of the family Hirundinidae, [17]), - in acrobatics or the royal eagle in striking (that large diurnal bird of prey of the family Accipitridae, [18]) accurately at targets? Even eagles pick fishes swimming in the clear rivers or the ocean whenever they desire to change diet! Can you compete with their eyesight or accuracy in diving?

Jude: These untutored creatures of the air do not have accidents while in flight. They do not have electronic gadgets nor navigators to assist them but see the huge number of human lives we lose every time an aircraft collides with another or crashes!

Jideofo:  Obedience to natural laws still remains the best option for spiritual fellowship! It will take time to convince the world but definitely nothing offers a better plan for the unification of all religionists and the evolution of the best way to live out our short spans of lives here on earth! Good day gentlemen!



 Jideofo:   I was quite impressed by Jude’s knowledge of Archimedes principle during the conclusion of our last treatise on engineering/gravity laws in nature! Kenez, do you share my view?

Kenez:   Don’t underrate anyone. Jude, here, is an intellectual! From the very first contact I ever made with both of you, I have always known that he could have become an engineering or medical giant, if he had not been brainwashed too early in life with pseudo religious indoctrination!

Jude:   Let’s make hay while the sun shines. The much I know of the topic we have for today, is that Chemistry is that branch of knowledge that seeks to codify the behaviour of gases and liquids used in our daily activities, medicine or industry.
But, to be factual, the first chemist I knew, know and will ever cherish is my mother! As a child, I enjoyed the sweet aroma of fried stew, - onions, pepper and tomatoes, - each Sunday as she prepared our staple lunch of rice and stew very plenty! So, every food preparation is chemistry in action.
In other words, I have been engaged in causing chemical reactions right from my childhood, e.g. urinating, defecating and fouling the air. They are all chemical actions, which disrupt the normal balance in the equilibrium of gases in our immediate environment thus bringing about chemical reactions in the space or atmospheric air around us and then other behavioural reactions from humans so affected equally!

(A round of laughter, applause and giggling explodes)

Jideofo:   There he goes, a very practical jester! Kenez, I forgot to tell you that my friend cracks expensive jokes. He is a palace clown of the highest order. In fact, back in the university, he bagged a D.Sc. (Honoris Causa) inJokiology and Applied Comedy’! So I am not surprised. However, on a more serious note, all he has said so far are factual, for every cooking activity is chemical laws in action!

Kenez:  You can say that again. Starting from the lighting of a stove, whether gas or kerosene version, the resulting combustion, black smoke, blue or yellow flames and the generation of heat and light are already chemical reactions! And any smell or odours perceived during the preparation of any type of food or during every kitchen activity marks a chemical stimulus to and a response by one or more of the five sense of the average human being! Jude, you are very correct there. Thanks for making our discussion easy for the common man or woman reading this section of our debates!

Jideofo:   But to satisfy the expectations of our more informed or educated audience as well:

Physical Chemistry,“ is a field of science that uses the laws of physics to explain the properties of chemicals and chemical phenomena.”[19]
This is the type we studied in Higher School Curriculum before the Biafra-Nigeria civil war.
“The main subdivisions of physical chemistry are chemical thermodynamics; chemical kinetics; the studies of gases, liquids, solids and solutions; electrochemistry; colloid chemistry; photochemistry; and statistical thermodynamics.

Chemical thermodynamics is the study of energy as related to matter. It examines the ways in which the internal energy and ability to do useful work are related to temperature, heat absorbed or evolved, change of state, changes in surface tension, and changes in volume or pressure.”[20]

Kenez:   The light and heat generated by combustion during cooking re-introduces the ‘thermodynamics’ we earlier mentioned in our discussion of the laws of gravity/engineering. We might now do justice to them:

Thermodynamics, “is a field of physics that describes such qualities of matter as temperature, pressure, and volume. It also takes in energy, heat, and work. When a physical system moves from one state of equilibrium to another, a thermodynamic process is said to take place. The laws of thermodynamics were discovered in the 19th century through a long series of painstaking experimentation.”[21]     A simple example that demonstrates this is how ice block melt when brought out from our refrigerators. Observe what happens!
Combustion, “is a process of burning or rapid oxidation of a substance with production of heat and, usually, light. Common fuels combine chemically with atmospheric oxygen, producing carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and water as the principal products, together with other substances that may be generated by minor ingredients of the fuel. Combustion also includes oxidation in a broad chemical sense, where oxygen may not be involved.[22] 

Light, “is a form of energy visible to the human eye. It is emitted by moving charged particles. Light sometimes behaves like particles, called photons, and at other times like waves.”[23]

Light Emission
Electrons circling the nucleus of an atom may emit light. Electrons can circle atoms only in certain patterns called orbitals, and electrons have a specific amount of energy in each orbital. If an electron moves from a higher orbital to a lower orbital, it releases its energy, sometimes in the form of a photon. The energies of the photons an atom can emit make up the atom's spectrum.”[24]

Heat, in physics, transfer of energy from one part of a substance to another, or from one object to another, because of a difference in temperature. Heat flows from a substance at a higher temperature to a substance at a lower temperature, provided the volume of the objects remains constant. Heat does not flow from a lower to a higher temperature unless another form of energy transfer, work, is also present.”[25]

Jude:   What have you achieved by all those jaw-breaking definitions? You want to sound mysterious to the common man, is that it? Why not come down to those things they do everyday that obeys the laws of chemical reactions? What causes indigestion, food decay or poisoning and/or over-saltiness? These are some of the issues we should explain in simple terms.
If we have the ordinary folks at heart, then we must come down to their level! 
Why not explain what happens when they bathe with ordinary soap, like this-
·        That the water combines with the chemicals in the tablet of soap to produce the lather, which attacks the bacteria and dirt on their skins to wash off the sediments of salt and sweat on their bodies.
·        That during their meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner, that the food they eat, which are actually a combination of chemical molecules of proteins, carbohydrates and fatty acids.
·        That these combine during mastication with other digestive chemicals produced by the glands God the Creator endowed them with at birth to set off a long chain of chemical processes biologists call: ‘digestion’.
Such simple statements are what I call the mastery of any branch of the sciences or the arts; namely; the ability to explain with ease the topic so that a semi-illiterate market woman can easily understand what is being discussed! Until we can do that, let us postpone this debate, please.

Jideofo:   ‘Concedo in aeternum’ my theologian! I agree completely. Kenez, over to you. Translate all you have quoted from the encyclopaedia into everyday language. Make them intelligible so that our dear grandmothers, wives and sisters at home who never read physics can follow! Show them how chemicals obey natural laws!

Kenez:  That’s not a hard task at all! Let’s start with the lighting of the liquefied gas stove, as an example: 
·        The gas that comes out of the cylinder is a chemical in a liquid form but changes to a gaseous form as soon as you unscrew its nozzle.
·        It is lighter than the atmospheric air in the kitchen, so it rushes to the burners through the rubber tubing and is ignited when you strike a matchstick or the lighter.
·        The head of the matchstick, which looks very much like gunpowder are solid chemicals glue together in the form of an explosive and so sparks into light and gives the flame, that’s combustion!
·        The gas, which is a hydrocarbon combines with the oxygen in the air to give the by-products of heat and blue flame, which is the colour of the hottest flame there ever was/is! It is this ‘heat that really flows from a substance at a higher temperature (the blue flame) to a substance at a lower temperature (the water in the pot), provided the volume of the objects remains constant.” The heat gradually puts the water in very high motion. That is the boiling that flows into the pieces of yam, the grains of rice or vegetables in the pot.
·        In like manner: the extra water, meat, fish, onions, tomatoes, salt or oil added to the boiling ingredients get cooked through this process that obeys the law of thermodynamics, which states:
 “When a physical system moves from one state of equilibrium to another, a thermodynamic process is said to take place.”  This is the end of the story!

Jideofo:   Not so fast, my friend! What about the chemical compounds we eat at table? To answer that question we need to realise that each food is a collection of chemical molecules bonded together by obeying some fundamental laws of chemistry as ordained by the Almighty Creator. As we already are aware, there are four basic classes of all we eat:
1.     “Carbohydrate, any of many chemical compounds in which hydrogen and oxygen, in their proportions in water, are combined with carbon. The formula of most of these compounds may be expressed as Cm(H2O)n.”[26]
2.     “Protein, Any of a group of complex organic macromolecules that contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and usually sulphur and are composed of one or more chains of amino acids. Proteins are fundamental components of all living cells and include many substances, such as enzymes, hormones, and antibodies that are necessary for the proper functioning of an organism. They are essential in the diet of animals for the growth and repair of tissue and can be obtained from foods such as meat, fish, eggs, milk, and legumes.”[27]
3.     “Fatty acid, Any of a large group of mono-basic acids, especially those found in animal and vegetable fats and oils, having the general formula CnH2n+1COOH. Characteristically made up of saturated or unsaturated aliphatic compounds.”
4.     “Vitamin, any of the organic chemical compounds required by the body in small amounts for metabolism, to protect health, and for proper growth in children. Vitamins also assist in the formation of hormones, blood cells, nervous system chemicals, and genetic material.[28] With an even number of carbon atoms, this group of acids includes palmitic, stearic, and oleic acids.[29] 

Jude:   Definitely you are forgetting water, which sustains all cells and lubricates all that we bite and chew. For me water is the number one chemical!



Kenez:   We are here once more to look at how obedience to natural laws can help us unify religious worship and observances world-wide! This time how obedience to health laws in creation elongates our individual life spans shall take the centre stage.

Jude:   We have already introduced that while talking about the basic chemical laws that routine cooking obeys. So all we need add here is the basic rules of hygiene and the values of a balanced diet.

Jideofo:   I do not share your over simplification of the topic in that way. Don’t you realise that it involves all medical knowledge about the intricate anatomy and physiology of the human body!

Jude:  You have again opened up with big words!

Jideofo:   There are certain technical terms that must first of all be used and later explained. Our audience needs to recognise these words later whenever they come across them elsewhere! ‘Anatomy’ is just the description of the body parts that can be seen/touched, whereas ‘Physiology’ is how this body parts work together to produce the actions needed to sustain life!
The eyeballs are only some of the anatomical parts used for vision to enjoy sightseeing, admire pictures, read books, walk along the road or drive a car/lorry successfully! Are you now okay with my simple words?

Jude:  Why not? That’s the way it’s supposed to be at n.t.p., meaning ‘at normal temperature and pressure’!

Kenez:   There are six basic survival instincts, drives or needs in all living things. They form the most fundamental of all the natural laws that all living things; animals and man inclusive; must obey to be healthy:
1.     the breathing / respiration drive
2.     the hunger / nutrition drive,
3.     the thirst / transpiration drive,
4.     the waste disposal / excretion drive
5.     the sleep / rest drive, and finally
6.     the sex / reproduction drive.
Some biologists prefer to use the term ‘instincts’ for animals;‘needs’for plants and‘drives’ for humans! Humans have learnt to suppress the sixth for religious or spiritual reasons, but not without some side effects!
The same applies to humans who deliberately reduce the number of hours they should sleep! Some end up at the clinic of psychiatrists or clinical psychologists.

Jideofo:   As a rule of the thumb, many authorities in the health sciences talk of the minimum survival time for any violation of this basic needs or drives. No human being can live without air for more than five minutes, without water for five days, and without food for five weeks. Of course no one survives without urinating in two days or defecating in two weeks!

Jude:   That’s a lot simpler, my friend. Thanks for that! So, what about the remaining drives; -sleep and sex? 

Kenez:  There are no hard and fast rules for those! Any one who refuses to obey nature suffers the commensurate consequences for his/her disobedience. All I can positively tell you for now is that a prolonged violation of either of them lands such people at our clinics with mild neuroses or other serious health problems! You can’t cheat nature is a popular adage.
We must, however, not forget the greatest of all our natural endowments; the regenerative ability to replace damaged cells and fight infections. And lastly to crown of it all, God’s gift of the IMMUNE SYSTEM!
Jude:   You can not dismiss the immune system with  just a backhand stroke! It is the most important of all the survival kits that animals posses! I have never seen a goat or a dog attending a clinic, either for antenatal or delivery nor other major or minor health problems that take us humans to hospitals! That super gift of the Almighty Creator needs a detailed discussion.

Kenez:  You are quite right there. We shall consult our reference book for a very brief introduction only:
“Immune System is made up of a group of cells, molecules, and organs that defend the body against invaders causing disease.”
 “There are two types of immunity: innate and adaptive. Innate, or nonspecific, immunity is furnished by barriers such as skin, tears, saliva, and mucus. These barriers hinder the entrance of disease but can rarely prevent it.  Adaptive, or specific, immunity occurs when an invader does attack the body.”
“Adaptive immunity has four distinguishing qualities: it responds only after the invader is present, it is specific, it displays memory, and it does not usually attack normal body components.”
“Adaptive immune responses are reactions to antigens, structures on the surface of the invader. The two types of adaptive immune responses are humoural and cell-mediated. In humoural immune responses, proteins called antibodies, which can destroy antigens, appear in the body fluids to resist invaders that act outside cells, such as bacteria and toxins. In cell-mediated responses, cells that can destroy the antigen become active to resist invaders that reproduce within other cells, such as viruses.”[30]

Jideofo:  That’s very interesting. Now reduce the vocabulary to the level of our grandmothers, mothers and wives, as Jude would say! In other words, translate all that our reference book has informed us about the immune system into a simpler language!

Kenez: It simply means that nature has giving us different ways of protecting ourselves from illnesses.
Natural barriers such as skin, tears, saliva, and mucus hinder the entrance of disease, but the most interesting of the immune system is the ability of our body to muster ‘soldiers’ that fight and defeat invading bacteria, viruses and toxins! These soldiers are called ‘antibodies’ and fights to protect and elongate our life spans! Oh, what a wonderful gift from God!

Jude: Let me interrupt this purely scientific arguments and show you what a non-scientist of old thinks of health: Come with me to the Book of Sirach 30:v 14:
“v.14: It is better to be poor, but strong and healthy,   than to be rich, but in poor health.

v.15: A sound healthy body and a cheerful attitude are  more valuable than gold and jewels.

v.16: Nothing can make you richer or give you greater happiness than those two things.

v.17: It would better to be dead, asleep for ever, than to love in the misery of chronic illness.

v.18: The finest food means nothing if you are too ill to eat it; it might as well be offered to an idol.

v.19: But there is no point offering  food to an idol; it can’t eat it or smell it. It is just the same with someone that the Lord has afflicted.

v.20: He looks at his food and sighs, like a castrated man hugging a girl.
                      A burst of laughter! 

Jideofo: My God, look at what this clown has interjected into a serious discussion. Kenez, you are now a witness of the depraved minds of religionists of Jude’s calibre. They intersperse biblical knowledge with pornographic concepts!

Kenez:  I don’t see where Jude has stepped out of line. He only quoted what is there in the bible narrative. He did not manufacture the idea or the words. And if everything in the bible is inspired, as they are quick to claim, then this pornographic joke came from the same source as all the other edifying words! 

Jude:  Don’t mind the hypocrite! He was the one that showed me that verse back in the 1960s when we were still teenagers in secondary schools. You can then imagine how much more of such quotations he has garnered to date! If I am a clown, then you were my teacher!

Kenez: The issue here is whether the biblical scholar supports or rejects our theses? In my opinion, all he said in verses 14 and 15 are true and are the rewards of obedience to the natural laws regarding healthy living! 
Jude: Verses 17 and 16, read in that order brings out the reason why I quoted the passage in the first place!
Jideofo: The issue at stake is, does obedience to all health laws always guarantee health? Let’s concentrate on what every living thing needs do in order to maintain good health, later we shall read what Jesus, Son of Sirach says about medicine in chapter thirty eight. For example, nutritionists and dietitians calculate the amount of calories each individual needs to maintain good health. This is usually based on the age and weight of the individual in question. Will someone read from our reference dictionary please!
Jude: I will gladly do that. I need to inform my friends of these rules of good health. This is a selective definition from Microsoft Encyclopedia: --
 A calorie is a metric unit of heat measurement. The small, or gram, calorie (cal) is usually specified in science and engineering as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 g of water from 14.5° to 15.5° C. The temperature interval is sometimes specified in other ways. A large calorie, or kilocalorie (Cal), usually referred to as a calorie and sometimes as a kilogram calorie, equals 1000 cal and is the unit used to express the energy-producing value of food in the calculation of diets.[31] 

Kenez: That’s great, Jude, you neatly ignored the
Engineering concepts that would confuse our
audience! The constituents of the foods we eat are mainly carbohydrates, proteins and fatty acids itemised in detail thus:
·        roughage, bulk, fiber
·        vitamins minerals, salts, calcium, iron,
·        proteins, amino acid
·        fats, oil, cholesterol, saturated fats,
·        polyunsaturates
·        carbohydrates, starch, sugar, glucose, sucrose, lactose, fructose, sweet thing
·        additives; preservative, artificial flavoring[32]
A good combination of these in our daily meals is the essence proper feeding and the avoidance of obesity, which is a condition of increased body weight caused by excessive accumulation of fat.[33] We cannot omit the regular ingestion of ample quantities of water! This helps the kidneys do their sanitation duties!
Jideofo:   In other words, we are talking about;
“Physical Fitness, which is the ability of the human body to function without undue fatigue and with ample energy to engage in leisure activities. Physical fitness is usually measured by periodic tests measuring strength, endurance, agility, coordination, and flexibility. Stress testing is also used to analyze fitness.
A person's level of physical fitness can be influenced by regular, systematic exercise. Exercises that demand total body involvement improve and maintain fitness most effectively— for example, jogging, running, swimming, vigorous dancing, cycling, and brisk walking. Generally, engaging in longer periods of exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease. Proper nutrition is important to physical fitness, because energy expenditure depends on nutrition. If diet is inadequate, the fitness level will drop.”  [34] 
There is little or nothing to add to that encyclopaedic information is there? The proper observance of nature’s dictates ensures longevity for the wise one who religiously obeys the natural laws that God, our Almighty Father and Creator put into the universe!

Kenez:  In line with that observation, we can also add here that: “Preventive Medicine is a medical specialty that promotes health and prevents illness. Historically, the first preventive strategies were based on the findings that many diseases are transmitted by organisms, and that transmission can be stopped by public hygiene measures and by immunization. Also concerned with chronic disease, preventive medicine has developed screening programs to identify people with high blood pressure, breast cancer, or cervical cancer. Governments have attempted to prevent disease by limiting air pollution and water pollution and by prohibiting the use of food additives that cause cancer in animals. Federal regulations in most countries promote safety in the workplace, for example, by requiring the removal of accident hazards and by limiting employees' exposure to chemicals and radiation. Individuals can also work to improve their health, by such methods as maintaining a nutritious diet, getting sufficient sleep and exercise, and having periodic medical and dental examinations.[35]
All we have said so far indicate that we owe ourselves the obligation of keeping our human body in the optimal condition that ensures long life, success and happiness! Just as mechanical machines, cars and lorries are regularly serviced to give us good performance; we need to do the same for our human machines!

Jude:  Now we can read the quotation Jideofo pointed out. And the most appropriate person to do that is himself, so over to you, pagan philosopher!

Jideofo:  The Book of Sirach, 38:1-15 GNB edition:
                “ Sickness and Medicine”
v.1: Give doctors the honour they deserve, for the Lord gave them their work to do.
v.2: Their skill came from the Most High, and kings reward them for it.
v.3: Their knowledge gives them a position of importance. And powerful people hold them in high regard.
v.4: The Lord created medicines from the earth, and a sensible person will not hesitate to use them.
v.5: Didn’t a tree once make bitter water fit to drink, so that the Lord’s power might be known?
v.6:  He gave medical knowledge to human beings, so that we would praise him for the miracles he performs.
v.7:  The chemist mixes these medicines, and the doctor will use them to cure diseases and ease pain.
v.8:  There is no end to the activities of the Lord, who gives health to the people of the world.
v.9:  My son, when you feel ill, don’t ignore it. Pray to the Lord, and he will make you well.
v.10: Confess your sins and determine that in the future you will live a righteous life.
v.11:  Offer incense and a grain-offering, as fine as you can afford.
v.12:  Then call the doctor—for the Lord created him—and keep him at your side; you need him.
v.13:  There are times when you have to depend on his skill.
v.14:  The doctor’s  prayer is that the Lord will make him able to ease his patients’ pain and make them well again.
v.15:  As for the person who sins against his Creator, he deserves to be sick.

Jideofo:   Take cognisance of verses 10 and 15, for new perspectives of the causative factors of illness are introduced. Those were the reasons for my citing the reference in the first place. We need to know that there are metaphysical causes of illnesses!

Jude:  That’s interesting, tell me more about it!

Jideofo:  Look at the first reported case of illness in the Bible, for a practical example, Cain was warned before he committed the first ever-reported murder or homicide! See Genesis 4:3-16, with emphasis on verse 6-8. The result is clearly enunciated in verse 10 -11 by God Himself!

Kenez:  How I would love to agree with you, but I can’t! The depressive illness suffered by King Saul makes a better example. Read 1st Samuel Chapters 15 & 16 especially 15:22-23 and then 16: 14 & 23. Our audience is advised to read these verses at their leisure so we can move over to other natural laws that man must obey for healthful living!

Jude:  In other words, both of you are saying that most psychosocial illnesses are the punishment God sends to those who wilfully violate his laws! Then the ten plagues in Egypt fall within this ambit or are they any differences between individual sins and group ones?

Jideofo:  Yes, my dear, all illnesses that are not as a result of disobeying dietary regulations and health laws or hygiene are the consequences of the violation of other metaphysical laws of the Almighty Creator!



Jideofo: Why are some of us short and others tall? Why are some ugly while others are handsome? Why are some smart and intelligent when others are dull and ignorant? Or in other words, Jude, why are you so religiously inclined while I am not?

Jude: Because you’re the offspring of a demon and a great grandson of Cain! That’s all!

Kenez: On a more serious note, Jude, don’t take offence, he might be introducing a vital topic, and so, please attempt his question!

Jude: There is nothing more to add. We have already dealt with this issue in our Volume Two of ANGELIC VERSES, or are we eating our words? Remember we have exhaustively deliberated on about birth defects in neonates!

Jideofo: This issue is not as simple as that one. Here, we are talking about the genetic inheritance of physical traits that manifest and those that are hidden, which scientists call dominant genes and recessive genes.

Kenez: You can now see, Jude, I warned you that your friend had something up his sleeves. I have learnt to expect a bombshell from him anytime he initiates a diatribe.

Jideofo: And, I, on my part had warned him to think for himself, instead of swallowing other people’s theories, dogmas and doctrines without a critical evaluation. So my friends we now come to the real natural laws as discovered by a priest and a catholic monk. I’m quoting verbatim from an Microsoft encyclopaedia:

“MENDEL’S LAWS, are principles of hereditary transmission of physical characteristics. The Augustinian monk GREGOR JOHANN MENDEL formulated them in 1865. Experimenting with seven contrasting characteristics of pure-breeding garden peas, Mendel discovered that by crossing tall and dwarf parents, for example, he got hybrid offspring that resembled the tall parent rather than being a medium-height blend.
To explain this he conceived of hereditary units, now called genes, which often expressed dominant or recessive characteristics. Formulating his first principle (the law of segregation), Mendel stated that genes normally occur in pairs in the ordinary body cells, but segregate in the formation of sex cells (eggs or sperm), each member of the pair becoming part of the separate sex cell. When egg and sperm unite, forming a gene pair, the dominant gene (tallness) masks the recessive gene (shortness).
To corroborate the existence of such hereditary units, Mendel went on to interbreed the first generation of hybrid tall peas and found that the second generation turned out in a ratio of three tall to each short offspring. He then correctly conceived that the genes paired into AA, Aa, and aa (“A” representing dominant and “a” representing recessive).
Continuing the breeding experiments, he found that the self-pollinated AA bred true to produce pure tall plants, that the aa plant produced pure dwarf plants, and that the Aa, or hybrid, tall plants produced the same three-to-one ratio of offspring. From this Mendel could see that hereditary units did not blend, as his predecessors believed, but remained unchanged from one generation to another.
He thus formulated his second principle (the law of independent assortment), in which the expression of a gene for any single characteristic is usually not influenced by the expression of another characteristic. Mendel's laws became the theoretical basis for modern genetics and heredity.[36]
Although his discovery was not appreciated at his time, it remained and still remains the best example of what scientists need to do now to unearth ALL the NATURAL LAWS that will guarantee ONE WORLD RELIGION! That is my thesis. QED!

Kenez:  The science of genetics began in 1900, when several plant breeders independently discovered the work of the Austrian monk Gregor Mendel, which, although published in 1866, had been virtually ignored. The same may be the fate of these our youthful vituperations, a.k.a “HOT CAKES”!

Jude:  In that case, I withdraw my earlier negative answers to Jideofo’s honest questions. It is however interesting to learn that it was a religious man that was the first scientist to discover this all-important natural law!
Jideofo:  Exactly, my dear, and that’s why I’ve been insisting that you think for yourself, for that is the first step to a mastery of the world and the laws God put into existence for the benefit of all mankind, not dogmas and doctrines manufactured by humans!
Kenez:  Now that we are ready to look at some of the discovered and confirmed natural laws, can anyone volunteer to research and give us a catalogue by our nest meeting?

Jideofo:  See how quickly our friend here wants close the discussion when it is only beginning to become interesting?

Jude:  Let’s begin to list the common ones we know already before thinking of a comprehensive list which is what I think Kenez meant! For example, without my being a professor of physics, I know that every liquid has a peculiar boiling point. So, even non-humans obey these natural laws!

Jideofo:  Thank you, my friend that’s the spirit!

Kenez: Then you have asked for a basket full:
·        every living thing breathes in air to live,
·        every living thing needs water to survive,
·        every living thing eats something to stay alive.

Jideofo: No, no, I think we have dealt with those ones in the previous chapters, we are here talking about genetic inheritance!

Kenez: Even so, I will still continue:
·        you can only be a sickler, if you are an African and both parents are As-carriers,
·        you can only be colour blind if the genotype of both parents have the recessive trait for it,
·        you can only be a male it you inherited a Y-chromosome from your father at conception,
·        and as a corollary, you could only be a female if you inherited X-chromosomes from both parents!

Jude:  So Jideofo could only have been a near-atheist because he inherited the recessive genes for religiosity from both parents at conception! But at the same time, he must have inherited the dominant genes for high IQ from both parents for his ingenuity in intellectual feats, for example, as a grade one sophist!

Roaring laughter erupts everywhere


« Kenez:     Let’s disperse, jooh! You are both missing the point I’m raising.  Abel had a different super-biological father from the super-biological father of Cain – hence the differences in their character, occupation and respect for their Grandfather GOD!  This was clearly demonstrated and tested by the first sacrifices they offered from the first fruits of their occupation at harvest time! 

Cain’s true father is the destroyer, a killer, and a liar right from the beginning. Please go and re-read the Gospel of John; Chapter 8: vv. 31 - 47 especially verses 42 - 47, and you will see where Jesus exposed it all!  And may be to resolve that, another ‘holy’ angel had to counteract what the serpent had done by fathering Abel.  But quickly Cain’s father advised his own evil son to eliminate Abel and so populate the whole world with only his own evil genes, and to date he still does!

So to date we have evil children possessed by demons right from their birth of which, King Solomon said were “crooked” and that “no one can straighten out what God has made crooked”. Read the Book of Proverbs for more.

Then this final nail on the coffin of the subterfuges or fabrications in the narrative of the creation story. This is the joker in my incontrovertible thesis, which states: 

·        “Both Cain and Abel were sons of Eve but not sons of Adam!”
·        Both were named by Eve, their mother! (Read the GNB edition that is more authentic, honest and clearer on this issue.)
·        Adam’s gonads matured at 130 years and he fathered a son  “in his image, in his own likeness, and he named him Seth!”
For this, come with me to the concise epistle of Jude, the brother of the Lord and an Apostle, which has only one chapter. Now read and explain to me verses 14 – 18! That’s the final proof that though Eve was the mother of Cain and Abel, Adam was not their biological father, hence he refrained from giving them names! Eve did. And she explained how she got them, “ from the Lord I’ ve gotten a son’! Her words not mine! Again see 1st Chronicles 1: vv. 1 – 4. Could the historians have forgotten that Cain and Able appeared in the Genesis story? No! They wrote the authentic chronicle of the descendants of Adam!

From this perspective I’ve always stated without any shred of doubt in my mind that Jesus, the Christ was the second Abel, not a second Adam. Jesus was a seed of the woman promised, whereas Adam came from the dust of the earth! Only a supernatural birth could counteract what the serpent had done! Moreover, for reincarnation to be foolproof, the circumstances of birth of the proteges will have to be duplicated not replicated! Do you get the slant on my thesis?

However, let me place it on record here, that on my own as a mortal man, I could not have deciphered these camouflaged narratives. I never set out to do so. All I did as a teenage student in 1963, was to ask my Irish Rev.Gentleman who took us in Bible Knowledge:

“Rev. Fr. who taught Cain how to commit murder?

And he was very honest by replying:

“ My dear Jude, I never thought about that and I’m not sure! However I will try to find out.”
He did not tell me his finding till the outbreak of the civil war in 1967 when all expatriates left our homeland for theirs!

I participated in the ensuing civil war as an adolescent field officer in the Biafran commandos. I grew up seeking honest answers to that pertinent question subconsciously until one early morning in the year 2001 when God’s Holy Spirit decided to give me these answers I’ve shared with you! They are his, not mine!

My thesis therefore is;
·        There are two species of mankind; the free ones -sons of Adam through Seth and the slaves -sons of Satan through Cain.
·        Jesus, the Christ told us so in plain language, when he argued with his great grandsons about their claim of being Abraham’s children.
·        The first grandchildren of the Snake and the real descendants of Cain, the fist murderer in the Bible, are detailed in Genesis Chapter 4, verses 17-2;, Enoch, Irad, Mehujael, Methushael, Lamech, the first polygamist, then Jabal, Tubal Cain.  QED!

Prof. J. J. Kenez, a.k.a. Chefs Jude, Jideofo and Kenez
ISM -the modern fellowship for modern scientists recommends the following virtues or social ethics to all who  a better world order and the peaceful existence of all humans on this planet.


(A) CHAPTER 40, VERSES 18 – 27:


v.18:  Having independent means or working for a living – both can make life pleasant, but it is better to find a treasure.
v.19:  A man’s name can be preserved if he has children or if he establishes a city, bur finding Wisdom is a better way.
Owning livestock and orchards will make you famous, but it is better to have a wife you love.

v.20:  Wine and music can make you happy, but a happy marriage is even better.

v.21:  Flutes and harps make fine music, but a pleasant voice is better than either.
v.22:  Gracefulness and beauty please the eye, but not as much as new growth in the spring.

v.23:   You can’t go wrong with a good friend or neighbour, but an intelligent wife is better than either.

v.24:  Brothers and sisters are good to have in times of trouble, but it will be an even greater help if you have made a practice of giving to the poor.

v.25:  Gold and silver provide security,
but good advice is better.

v.26:  Wealth and strength five confidence, but the fear of the Lord can give you even greater confidence. When you fear the Lord you need nothing more; it is all the support you need.

v.27:  The fear of the Lord is like a rich garden of blessings; you could not want a more glorious shelter.

(B) CHAPTER 41, VERSES 14 – 23:


v.14:  My children, do as I teach you and live at peace. Wisdom that is not expressed is like a treasure that has been hidden – both are useless.

v.15:  A person who covers up his foolishness is better than one who keeps his wisdom to himself.

v.16:  My children, listen and I will teach you the circumstances when it is proper to be ashamed. Sometimes it is entirely out of place.

v.17:  Before your parents,
         be ashamed of immoral behaviour.
        Before a ruler or an important person,
       be ashamed of a lie.

v.18:  Before a judge,
         be ashamed of criminal behaviour.
        Before a public assembly,
       be ashamed of breaking the laws.
       Before a friend or partner,
      be ashamed of dishonesty.

v.19:  Before your neighbours,
         be ashamed of theft.
       Be ashamed of breaking a promise,
 Of leaning on the dinner table with your elbows,
Of stinginess when you are asked for something,

v.20:   Of not returning a greeting,
          of staring at a prostitute.

v.21:  Of turning down a relative’s request,
         of depriving someone of what is rightly his,
        of staring at another man’s wife,

v.22:  Of playing around with his slave girl
         (keep away from her bed!)
        of insulting your friends,
       of following up your gifts with criticism,

v.23:  Of betraying secrets.
These are times when it is proper for you to be ashamed, and people will respect you for it.

These are interdisciplinary, inter-ethnic and international ethical codes of conduct for all peoples at all times and places. God bless!   Professors J.J.K.

Read on to Chapter 42 and see other things you should not be ashamed of. These are the ones you should take pride in! Then read Chapter 40: 1-17.




This inspiration came at 03.45 hrs on 22 November 2003 as I woke up to ease myself. It asked:
“Kenez, can’t you see the link between the story of creation in the very first chapter of the Christian Bible entitled ‘Genesis’ and the origin of ‘Conscience’, the ‘Divine Guardian’ or call it the ‘Inborn Spirituality’ resident in every created being?”

After brushing my teeth at 0400 hrs, I quickly switched on my computer next door to my bedroom and impatiently waited for it to boot out. I was worried that I might lose the prompting of this inner voice trying to communicate novel ideas to the whole human race through me at that quiet hours of the morning. This has always been the routine since 1970 when I graduated as a ‘neophyte philosopher’ and began to explore the genesis of such multifarious human problems as poverty of the mind, racism, religious fanaticism, social prejudice, hatred, personality disorders, terminal diseases, human sorrow and untimely deaths.

Then, for my morning prayers, I just sang along with Elvis Presley, the first track of his debut audio CD that is entitled ‘HOW GREAT THOU ART’. This has been another habit of mine since I got the lyrics of that popular song. Listen to it if you can. It will put you in the same frame of mind that I was when I scribbled this piece. It is a rewarding experience that you should not allow to slip through your fingers. You will truly enjoy it. Believe me!



Just like the first day of the creation story, “let there be light!’ we become aware of the difference between good and evil early in life. As new born babes, we all had that painful entry into this cold world that made us cry ‘abba’ or ‘aa-ha-a’ or ‘eh-wee-he-e’! Whichever way you spell it, that was your baby’s version of the now famous Archimedes’ EUREKA!’--- ‘ I have found it!’


It was your first day of spiritual enlightenment. After nine months in the warm amniotic fluid and dark environment of your mother’s womb you came into this world of light with a shrill cry of divine wisdom! Now read the creation story in the bible and compare notes. Do you see what I mean? Please always use GNB edition for all my references. (At least it states categorically that it is ‘In today’s English Version’ and it will ensure that you appreciate my line of reasoning better? Don’t you think so?)

One advertising company used a chick coming out of its own eggshell to depict ‘a New World’! And so it is with us! The first day of spirituality is when we differentiate what is good and ennobling from what is bad and degrading! The ability is there in us. We are all born with it! However it takes some people only a few months to achieve it while for others it may take many years to arrive at this first step of divine enlightenment. As daylight at noon is so very different from darkness at midnight, so is goodness so different from evil!

The difference is so clear, so apparent that you would be subhuman not to have noticed the contrast between light and darkness! Other animals don’t do so at birth. Or do they? If any does, my dearest reader, that’s the first step to spirituality. Even the same goes for plants as well! After all they equally respond to light. Ask biologists or consult encyclopaedias. Seek for the meaning of ‘phototropism’ and ‘photosynthesis’. In conclusion, the first step to holiness is the ability to see the truth, stand for the truth, speak out the truth, propagate it and if the need arises, die defending the truth!


This is equally in line with the event on the second day of the creation story in the bible. The dome that separated the waters above from those below is coterminous with the duality of the human person. The metaphysical soul from above is differentiated from the corporeal body that feeds on nutrients obtained from the physical environment below. So the question then arises, what should be fed to this soul that is metaphysical i.e. the nonmaterial but human soul?

The answer to that all-important question forms the foundation of spiritual insight in all babies born of good parentage. The roles and duties of parents include giving moral instructions to their children besides breakfast, lunch and dinner! The breeding of immoral imbeciles result when this is neglected. In future, the parents will regret having failed to instil in their wards the innate social ethics of humankind or at least those of their immediate community!

This narrative reminds us that father and mother joined together approximates the Creator as far as the procreation of their offspring is concerned. Just as God saw the need to separate the waters above from those below, so must parents combine their efforts at separating inspirational motives from animalistic instincts in the daily activities of their children. Any parent who is not prepared or disciplined enough to perform this all-important duty must refrain from reproductive activities.



On the third day of creation God made land appear which He called ‘Earth’ and collected all the waters below the firmament together to form the ‘Sea’. He didn’t stop there, rather He went on and ordered ‘the land to produce all kinds of plants, those that bear grain and those that bear fruit” and it was done. You need only meditate a little to gain the insight of the practical implications of the events of the third day of creation!


After stages one and two, the child is not only expected to obey all the rules of conduct but at this level should engage in positive and productive conducts that will be beneficial to all around him/her. This graduation is not only expected but is implicitly mandatory! So, what does the duality of ‘grain’ and ‘fruit’ symbolise? That is the next idiomatic expression that needs a solution. You should at this level/time suggest answers to that riddle. If you cannot, then regard yourself as an infant in all ramifications of the word!

May be I might as well, at this point, introduce you to King Solomon’s famous methodology for becoming the wisest man that ever lived or will ever live. Make out time and read in detail the contents of 1st Kings 3: 4 –15. Then if you have access to the complete bible edition, please do a comparative meditation by reading the whole of Chapter 9 of the Wisdom of Solomon. That is not all. Kneel down in the early hours of the morning when every other person near you is asleep and imitate him. You might thereafter gain insight into most human problems with a greater ease than before! However I must warn you that you must be truthful in all your business undertakings and social relationships to arrive at this summit of divine favour!


At this point, re-read the story of creation from my favourite GNB, which for bible scholars translates into the Good News Bible edition. This is really very important to make sure you are operating on the same intellectual frequency with me or else you may not benefit maximally from these introductory steps in practical spirituality! Having done that I do not need to quote in detail anymore for you to be carried along with my analytical lectures!



The greater light that rules the day is God’s power that illuminates every being; allows animals to see and feed on plants that equally use the sun’s rays to perform photosynthesis. God allows this food chain to operate eternally. Nothing can hide from the heat of the sun at noon, and so is God’s all-knowing omnipotence. He alone shines the light of spirituality onto your being. No one can hide from His searchlight for good thoughts, words and deeds.


The lesser light that rules the night denotes God’s benevolence even in the midst of the torments of life which darkness symbolises in the narrative. The stars should remind you that some great souls had triumphed over the trials of life and so merited divinity as a well-deserved compensation for their faithfulness and perseverance in spirituality while they lived on planet earth.


You too can become a star to shine and show the path to other pilgrims on earth if only you would advance in spirituality. The ‘grains’ in the third day of creation represents all that you eat to feed your corporeal being whereas the ‘fruits’ signify the productive virtues you should manifest as a spiritual being made in His image and endowed with the Almighty’s grace.



This one is so simple to interpret that I will give you this opportunity to find out if you have prayed for wisdom and been granted a little insight! Think deeply! In other words, learn to meditate in a noiseless place and at a quiet time of the day when you can easily lay aside the busy schedules of mundane life. Some prefer the dead of the night for this devotional exercise. Make your choice! It draws the line between moral imbeciles and children of the Almighty! Listen to your heartbeats. Count them and discover how many beats you have in a minute.

Do the same for your breaths and record them. If you can purchase the medical equipment to monitor your blood pressure do so for a whole week and find out the average. Do the same for your body temperature and pulse rate. Now compare them with the results of a close relative or confidant who has done the same research.

You will then begin to appreciate the accuracy of the greatest machine in the universe that does not run on batteries or electricity yet is very regular from birth to death! Your body is the finest piece of art and engineering feat in existence to date. Who made you? If you buy an electronic gadget, say a digital camera or the latest computer in the market; you would thoroughly read the manual on how to operate it so as to derive the maximum benefits from it, wouldn’t you? Have you done so for your body? Where is the scientific manual for men and women to operate their bodies in accordance with the objectives of their designer/sculptor/engineer?



Before God created man, He had commanded all kinds of fishes, birds and terrestrial animals to be in existence. They had even begun to reproduce their kinds in great numbers, but none was like God! Re-read in Genesis 1: 26 – 31 what God said before man was fashioned out of the dust of the ground and given the breath of life.  What does ‘they will be like us and resemble us’ portend?

Why was our creation with a purpose? Why was artistic sculpturing needed in the creation of Adam? Have you ever bordered to rationalise that part of the narrative? In the creation of all the other beings in existence, only verbal commands were given and those could only have been by a single deity. Three deities could not be giving commands contemporaneously, could they?

But in the case of man, a ‘plurality of the deity’ was introduced. Was the original script doctored to bring it in line with the later doctrine of the Trinitarians? If there was/is AN ALMIGHTY GOD, where and when did He suddenly begin to need assistance and a consensus of opinion ‘to make man in our own image and likeness’? Note the subtle introduction of ‘OUR’, which never appeared in any other part of the creation narrative!

The greater light that rules the day is God’s power that illuminates every being; allows animals to see and feed on plants that equally use the sun’s rays to perform photosynthesis. God allows this food chain to operate eternally. Nothing can hide from the heat of the sun at noon, and so is God’s all-knowing omnipotence. He alone shines the light of spirituality onto your being. No one can hide from His searchlight for good thoughts, words and deeds.




The power to be in control over all the other created beings was even decided by a group of deities before the moulding of ‘Adama’ which literally means ‘from the soil’? Again, if the contents of Chapter 2 are taken into consideration at this point, why was Eve an after-thought? What was the sex of the original Adam? Was Adama a ‘he’ or a ‘she’ or a hermaphrodite?


Answers to these questions will definitely open to you new vistas of knowledge. Explore and exploit them. Become wise as your heavenly Father is! These are the inspirations of the Holy Spirit to right the wrongs of misguided humanity that has been wallowing in oceans of doctrines and dogmas inconsistent with the Word of God. In addition the notions are in contradiction to all known logic and the rationality of scientists living in the present epoch of human history! Armchair philosophers can no longer take ‘Homo Sapiens Sapiens’ for a ride or by an insignificant group puerile theoreticians who call themselves theologians! 


This is the essence of spirituality in mankind. You are endowed with enough knowledge of the Almighty right from birth. Unlock them now and live life to the fullest! All it will cost you is solemn meditation. An attempt has been made to unravel these theosophical riddles in the three publications entitled “ANGELIC VERSES”.  Do you love God, Our Omnipotent Father? Then you must diligently search for them and peruse the ‘plain truths’ neatly wrapped into a trilogy by three exuberant adolescents: Jude, Jideofo and Kenez. It might be of tremendous help in your search for this pristine spirituality! Happy reading in advance, and May God, the Creator, bless and guide you exploration!

Professor J. K. DANMBAEZUE, Doctor Doctoribus of ISM.
The Spiritual Leader for Modern Scientists/Humanitarians

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