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THE KENEZIAN CREED ...........................................................................................International Worship of the Almighty Creator by All Rational Human Beings 1. I am old enough to know my natural father and mother besides recognising the biological roles they played in my physical manifestation on this plane of existence. They were definitely instrumental in my earliest survival and reared me as best as they could. Now; I am I, you are you, we are us; therefore I affirm that I exist! 2. I am aware that I had a beginning as a living corporeal being and will naturally come to an end as other animate beings I have observed do come to a definitive end. I need food, water, air and sleep to survive as an individual entity and love, education and social interactions to grow, develop and mature properly in a human community, therefore I accept that all finite beings like myself are governed by certain Natural Laws. 3. The macrocosms that I observe; the sun, the moon, mountains, canyons, rivers, oceans, and seas obey these natural laws daily as well as whales, elephants, rhinoceros, hippopotamuses, giraffes, ostriches, and other huge reptiles. These laws existed before our arrival here, are enforced all the time and will continue after our individual deaths; therefore I am convinced that they are Eternal as well as Supernatural. 4. Every law has a lawgiver, so these natural, eternal and supernatural laws must equally have a Natural, an Eternal and a Supernatural Lawgiver or givers. If the latter, there must be a hierarchy and at the apex of these lawgivers must be one Supreme overseer that is the ultimate law itself and therefore I refer to it as the Ultimate Lawgiver whom all else must obey at all times. To IT/HIM/HER I owe my existence, my breath, my blood, my food and my life. IT/HE/SHE is my Greatest Being that must be obeyed and worshipped! 5. I have equally observed actions and reactions; motions produced by winds, time and space interactions and those immanent motions that are inherited by all living entities. They obey definite laws of gravity, temperature, time and space. Therefore I concede that these laws exact commensurate punishment for any and every violation of their dictates. Some punishments are immediate while some are delayed but definitely actions and reactions as I have realised are equal and opposite in nature. This Supernatural and Eternal Lawgiver rewards for obedience to these laws and so must be the Ultimate Cause of these motions for the daily enforcement of His Natural and Eternal Laws to ensure eternal harmony in the universe. 6. The force of gravity, the energy of light, the speed of sound, the velocity of wind, and the devastating fury of all the relentless elements in creation; thunders, fires, floods, storms, volcanoes, earthquakes and cyclones exhibit the magnitude and the energy of the One who initiates, maintains and controls them. The limitlessness of time, space, sound, light and darkness force me to concede that this Eternal Lawgiver is not only Infinite and Expansive but also All Powerful! 7. When I study the skies at night or the seasons and climates, the vegetation and the desert, the lagoons and the islands, the hills and the valleys, and most especially the beauty of sunrise and sunset, I marvel at the precision, regularity and complementary nature of these phenomena and therefore fully appreciate that whoever put them there, cares and caters for them on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly bases and must therefore be a Benevolent Custodian, and an Accurate Time Keeper! 8. Positivity and Negativity exist in all forms of life; microcosms, macrocosms, material and non-material beings thereby producing some real currents, emotions and instincts that are equally subservient to these ever-present natural and eternal laws. These make life worth living, for they constitute the basic motivations for the survival needs of every genus and species of life on planet earth, and so all pro-creative activities obey these Natural and Eternal Laws! 9. When I observe living beings; their beauty and ugliness, their variety and numbers, their shapes, sizes, modes of feeding, defending and surviving in hostile environments and most especially their innate abilities at reproducing themselves, sexually and/or asexually, I declare that this Eternal Lawgiver is All Creative, All Beautiful, and an Impartial Judge! I am fully convinced IT/HE/SHE created all the finite beings around me. Therefore, permit me to call IT/HE/SHE our commonwealth Supernatural and Eternal Creator/Father/Mother! 10. Among the living things that move about on their own, I do observe that we all have the same basic structure, protoplasm and energy source. We equally possess identical feelings, functions and comparable life spans! We all need to prostrate and worship this All Knowing, All Powerful, and Infinite Energy Source that sustains all beings in the entire universe! And because there are no accidents in Nature when all His Natural Laws are respected and obeyed, I attest to this creed most solemnly and voluntarily: • *-THE UNIVERSE IS OUR INHERITANCE, ALL MANKIND MY BLOOD RELATIVES! • **--DOING GOOD AT ALL TIMES AND OBEYING ALL NATURAL LAWS IS MY CODE! • ***---SEEKING THE TRUTH, LIVING THE TRUTH, PROPAGATING THE TRUTH AND DYING FOR THE TRUTH IF THE NEED ARISES, IS MY RELIGION! Postscript: My respect, obedience and loyalty belongs to this Almighty Eternal Being as I extend my hands of love and co-operation to all other beings that I meet during my short span of life on this planet, since I now recognise them as my brothers, sisters and co-heirs of this Our Eternal Lawgiver, Father and Mother who created us all! This is the Genesis of Kenezianism .........................................................................................THE ENOCHIAN BEATITUDES ....................................1. Blessed are those who obey all the Natural Laws in creation, For theirs is the Kingdom of God, personally guaranteed by The Almighty Creator of the universe. 2. Blessed are those who recognise that all human beings are their brothers and sisters, For their portion is the possession of the true Egalitarianism. 3. Blessed are those who know that we all share the same air, water, blood plasma, sun and moon, For this native insight shall reward them with filial love and care for others. 4. Blessed are those who realise that we all walk and plant on the same ground, For social justice and the joy of sharing shall be their everlasting benefits. 5. Blessed are those who wake up early each morning thanking and praising God, For this acknowledgement shall bring them divine blessings and peace of mind. 6. Blessed are all that recognise that equality at birth is the L.C.M. of human life, For theirs is the philosophic insight that eradicates apartheid and abrogates racism. 7. Blessed are the wise who know that we return to this human equality at death, For theirs are the social virtues and simple lifestyles it inculcates in all wise people. 8. Blessed are the genuine proponents and practitioners of true family life, For, through lovely children and happy homes, they shall inherit eternal life. 9. Blessed are all who train themselves to restrain their thoughts and guard their speech, For they will be respected by and confided in by those who interact with them anywhere. 10. Blessed are the few who have conquered their appetites for food, drinks and sex, For true happiness based on control of their will power shall be crowns on their heads. BLESSED ARE THE TRUE DISCIPLES OF PATRIARCH ENOCH FOR • SUCCESSFUL LONG LIVES, • GOOD HEALTH IN OLD AGE, & • PHYSICAL ASCENSION INTO HEAVEN SHALL BE THE ETERNAL PRIZES RESERVED FOR THEM BY GOD! Inspired by the Holy Spirit and written down at 3.30 a.m. on the 11th of March, later improved on and modified till 9.35 a.m. on 26th July, 2004 by Rev. Prof. J. J. Kenez ......................................................................................... I. S. M. UNIVERSAL PRAYER .........................
The Animator International’s Version ................................................................................... Lord of the universe, the Almighty Creator God, I am your humble son, Jideofo Kenechukwu, born into the family of Sir Daniel Paul Mbaezue. In your Infinite Wisdom and Love you have created me for a purpose, Permit me to understand and fulfil the mission you have assigned me, May your Holy Spirit guide me to accomplish it in my short span of life. My Eternal Creator and Lord of the universe, I know that you exist, I observe also that all beings are interdependent, we need each other, Therefore, increase my loyalty and dependence on your benevolence. I love you as the Father of all that exists, I want to love other beings, As much as I love myself, permit me to truly achieve this increasingly! I worship you as my first beginning, I wish to do this as long as I live, I acknowledge your constant sustenance and care for me and all that is, Guide me by your divine wisdom, correct me with your eternal justice, Comfort me with your mercy and protect me with your limitless power, So that I may obey all the laws, you put in creation for our own good! I have a princely heritage in that I function at three levels of operations, In that tripartite functionality of thought, word and action I am like you. Grant me a large heart and mind to appreciate the universal knowledge That all humankind are blood relatives and co-heirs of this your ability, Therefore, we all are brothers and sisters, children of the same Father! Permit me to fix all my thoughts on you; my words to edify mankind, My actions to reflect my love for all humanity because I respect you, And all my trials and sufferings to be endured for your greater glory. I want to do whatever you ask of me, in the very way that pleases you, Thereby, obey all your natural laws for as long as you permit to live here. Lord, enlighten my understanding, strengthen my will, purify my heart And make me holy so as to resist temptations and repent of all my sins, Help me to rise above human weaknesses and to grow stronger in truth, So that with simplicity of heart and humane love I may care for others, And in caring for others may my worship and adoration be self-evident. Help me to conquer every anger with gentleness, greed by generosity, Apathy by true charity, selfishness by works of mercy and compassion, Help me to forget myself and thereby freely reach out towards others. Let my conscience be clear most of the time, my conduct without fault, My speech blameless, my thoughts edifying and my life well ordered. Make me very prudent in planning ahead for all, courageous in taking risks, Patient in adversity, honest at work and unassuming in times of prosperity. Keep me attentive at my prayers, temperate at table and sober in drinking, Firm in my holy resolutions, diligent in my good intentions/ labours of love. May my lifestyle be exemplary and reflect your infinite goodness for all to see. Put me on guard against mundane desires, protect me from every vanity And licentiousness, which can draw me away from obeying your dictates. Let me cherish your benevolence for all humanity and imitate your ways. Teach me to realise that the world is passing by and that nothing here lasts, That my true happiness is being a loyal citizen in your heavenly kingdom! At the dusk of my earthly life, help me to prepare for death with a proper focus On your fair judgement, for even guilty I still rely fully on your Infinite Mercy. Lead me safely thro’ the pangs of physical death to that endless place of peace, Where all those who have done your will on earth will be adequately rewarded, With the bliss of singing your praises in communion with your saints forever! Lord, search and find that I have kept the golden rules of the psalmist: Lord, who may enter your temple or worship at your sacred hill? • A person who obeys God in everything, especially the natural laws and as far as it is humanly possible, has always done what is right at all times and places. • Whose words are true and sincere, and therefore he does not slander others. • He does no wrong to his friends nor spreads rumours about his neighbours, • Rather he has compassion for the needy and always forgives his offenders. • He despises those whom God rejects, denouncing their hypocritical lifestyles. • Nevertheless, he honours those who respect and obey the eternal laws of the Lord. • He always does what he promises, no matter how much it may cost him, in terms of material or human resources. • He makes loans without charging interest and cannot be bribed to testify against the innocent. • Whoever does these things will always be happy and feel secure in your love. ............................................................................................DR J. K. DANMBAEZUE,   D.Sc.
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Jude Danmbaezue
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    Rev. Prof. J. J. Kenez, the Vessel of the Holy Spirit


    Are you a congenital liar? If you are, then read and re-read this write-up and save yourself! I have always been fascinated by the words of King Solomon, the Wise, right from my primary school years back in the early fifties. But as a secondary school student I could not decipher what he really meant by "No one can straighten out what God has made crooked". To date, many of my friends are confused with that affirmation, more so, when you counterpoise it with the Christian doctrine of repentance and/or the " born-again" syndrome of current Pentecostalism! Which, do you believe?

    Could Cain avoid murdering Abel, his only brother? Was Abram really blessed with the riches he deceptively acquired as dowry by renting out his beautiful wife to a heathen king? Did Jacob have an alternative to stealing his elder brother's birthright and the blessings for a firstborn? If Joseph was not sold to the traders that took him to Egypt, could he have become the second in command to Pharaoh? Was the subsequent four hundred years slavery of the Israelites pre-ordained so that Moses would be their leader through whom the Ten Commandments came our way? Could Jesus have saved humanity by any other method besides the miscarriage of justice by Pontus Pilate, his bloody stripes, his humiliating carrying of the wooden cross all the way to Golgotha and his crucifixion at Calvary? Had Judas Iscariot any option to the role of a betrayer, which ensured that the right Jew was the one arrested?

    Many theologians and Bible scholars have always refrained from telling the whole truth about the import of placing the genealogy of Cain in chapter 4 of Genesis and that of Adam in chapter 5. I do not share the opinion that they did not or do not know the implications, rather they have joined the early Roman Church Fathers in being economical with the truth! They have all indulged in fabricating doctrines and dogmas that enslaved many Christians by telling us half-truths! The Book of Chronicles, which remains the only official and authentic record of the ancestry of Israelites to date deposited in unambiguous terms, the genealogy of the ‘supposedly first human' Adam, thus:

    1 Chronicles 1: 1-3
    1:1 Adam, Seth, Enosh,
    2 Kenan, Mahalalel, Jared,
    3 Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, Noah.
    (from the New International Version. Copyright (c) 1973, 1978, 1984, by International Bible Society)

    Enoch is the seventh from Adam, isn't he? This nails the coffin on the erroneous assumption that both Cain and Abel were Adam's sons. Their names are absent, aren't they? Let us revisit the epistle of Jude;

    Jude 14-16
    14 Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied about these men: "See, the Lord is coming with thousands upon thousands of his holy ones
    15 to judge everyone, and to convict all the ungodly of all the ungodly acts they have done in the ungodly way, and of all the harsh words ungodly sinners have spoken against him"
    16 These men are grumblers and fault-finders; they follow their own evil desires; they boast about themselves and flatter others for their own advantage.
    (from the New International Version. Copyright (c) 1973, 1978, 1984, by International Bible Society)

    From Your Effeverscent
    Revolutionary Professor of Modern Thesosphy
    REV. PROF. J. J. KENEZ, D.Sc.